Mar. 27th, 2009

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Sanzo, Goyjo/Sanzo: Awesome yaoi-full mug and t-shirts. Design by P.L. Nunn. I just wonder how she gets away with it  since profiting from someone else's characters (copyright issues) is illegal. I wish she had some Sanzo/Goku items--I'd be all over those. I'm not much of Sanzo/Goyjo fangirl.

She's just not that into you
I thought this was amusing. I thought the writer bringing up the fact that a woman's low libidio may be problem to be solved while a man's high libidio is considered to not a problem (why not?) to be amusing. Why? 'cause they're men and they rule, dontcha know that? Women have to adjust themselves (makeup, plastic surgery, lose weight, etc. (take pills, figure out why/the cause of the woman's low libidio) to appeal to men. Men just have to shave and be themselves (overweight, hairy, etc.), right? Women'll love him anyway, right? And if his libidio's high, that's not a problem, right? He can't possibly do without, right? Why should he have take pills or figure out the cause of his high libidio? Where it came from and what to do about it? Why isn't his high libidio a problem and her low libidio is (in general and in society--a mismatch in a relationship can cause problems--but why does she need to solve her problem? Why can't he solve/control his problem?)

Top 10 Subtle Ways to Tell Her She's Getting Fat Infuriating yet somewhat amusing in a disbelieving kind of way. Seriously, how pathetic are these suggestions. I mean losing screws in a chair so that she'll collapse the chair when she sits in it?! Believe it or not, a woman knows when she's getting fat. We don't need someone ragging on us about our weight or bringing it up--that way lies a great deal of resentment. A couple of the suggestions are decent I must admit such as developing better eating habits, getting rid of junk food, and inviting her to participate in the exercise program that you developed for yourself. Be very careful there though. If you're about the same height, it's easier to exercise together but not being the same height can be painful. I'm 5'1 and when I exercise with someone 5'8 it's not really possible unless it's aerobics, weight training, or something similiar. Items like walking together are impossible while exercising. The 5'8 person may be walking fast but at 5'1 I may be at a job or run to keep up with them, which exhausts me faster than the other person (walking fast) and when we run together I get left behind unless the other person holds themselves back to let me keep up with them, which is very discouraging.

Leif Garret welcomes his fans to his fanclub
. It's hilarious. He sounds so bored and you can hear the pages turning as he speaks about wanting to hear from his fans, how welcome they are, etc.


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