Jul. 8th, 2009

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Naruto: I heart this Wild West pic of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura so much I've set it as my computer wallpaper. Naruto's a sheriff, Sasuke's a gunfighter, and Sakura's a saloon girl.

Naruto: That pic inspired this fic Of Guns and Glory by Sowell. A Naruto AU set in the Wild West. I can't believe I love it--I'd gotten tired of the Wild West/Old West stuff long ago (I live in Texas, soooooo cowboy/WW stuff is very common here). It's all kinds of awesome. Tsunade runs the saloon, Naruto's the sheriff who is investigating Sasuke who is tracking his brother Itachi (who killed the family) for some murders that have occurred in the area. It's SasuNaru. It's a multiparter (yay!) Go, read, enjoy.

I've been reading her other Naruto fic also. So far, I've not come across a bad one--not even the Kakashi and Sakura one. Listing of Naruto fic here.

xxxHolic: The Incubi: Part 1 & Part 2 by Lunargeography. Doumeki/Watanuki. A very funny & sexy tentacle sex fic with both of them keeping reasonably true to their characters! In a tentacle fic! Heh.

From the fic: "The slick head of a tentacle brushing fleetingly against the equally slick head of Watanuki's erection dragged a noise up from deep in Watanuki's throat, but he was going to finish his complaint, come hell, high water, or embarrassing Doumeki-elicited noises."   LOL. Wanna know what his complaining was about? Go read the fic and enjoy.

xxxHolic: ROTFLMAO. If you only read one of these fics, read this one-Pirate Transmission. Doumeki/Watanuki. Pirates! Tentacles! Sea shanties!!!!! It's too hilarious. I think it's one of the funniest things I've ever read! It's by lunargeography's beta, badmovie, who turns out to be her awesome husband! It's in the comments after part 2 of The Incubi. Why can't I find someone like that?!

From the fic: ""I find this not be to my likin'," Watanuki said, as more of them blasted tentacles came round and wrapped themselves round his extremity-bits, exceptin' the wooden one which fell onto the rocks as the tentacles lifted Watanuki into the air, in a sort of vertical spread-albatross. "It's rather constrictin', and the breeze be cold upon my pirate parts.""

I don't think you need prior knowledge of Naruto or xxxHolic to enjoy these fics.

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So, Pirate Bay has been sold and is going legit. Eh. Best of luck to them but I think the people who bought it will end up regretting it. I don't blame the PB founders in the least for selling it though for 7.7 million. I would have done so myself. I never used it much but I did think it was an excellent tracking site.

This is just too funny! Rose, et al. "The bra-strap injury: should men have lessons?" British Journal of Plastic Surgery, 2001. Yes, it's an actual research, published article. Hahahahahaha. I mean seriously?! Here's an entry that explains it--sounds fishy to me! Physical therapy for that?! Hah.


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