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Okay, so I'm late to the Merlin fandom. If you know nothing about it, all you need to know is that it's a British "modern" au retellling of King Arthur. Arthur is a prince, Uther is king, and Merlin is Arthur's manservant and the same age as Arthur. Merlin also has to hide his magic since practicing magic is against Uther's law and is punishable by death. Also? It's very slash and has it's own slash dragon. No, really, the dragon says things like the 2 of you have intertwined destinies, etc. All the time.

Anwyay, on to the recs:

Two for One by Greensliver: a retelling of the Sword in the Lake and how the Sword in Stone legend developed. Funny. I LOL'ed a couple of time reading it. I can so see that this is  how the legends developed.

"Sire, she did try to drown Merlin," Lancelot points out, which is nice; at least someone hasn't forgotten that Merlin nearly died trying to retrieve the thing. Or, all right, he didn't nearly die -- but he did inhale an awful lot of lake water, and that can't be healthy. "
Grave Mistake by kickflaw. I LOL'ed throughout the entire story.  A ghost, Blaise, awakened accidently by Merlin, haunts Merlin and makes rude, lewd remarks to him. I nearly died laughing.

“Immediately,” Blaise said, as Merlin made his way through the castle. “In his chambers. You know what that means.”

“It means that he’s a prat who can’t pour his own dinner wine. Shut up,” Merlin whispered, “please, not around Arthur. Please.”

“Why ever not? Oho! Do you like him, Merlin? Does our handsome prince get your knickers all wet?

And that’s when Merlin knew it was going to be a bad night.
Damsel in Distress by thehoyden. I LOL'ed reading this. Not the slash dragon of the tv show but another slash dragon as it turns out. Merlin's been kidnapped by a dragon. Hilarious.

The dragon insisted on spitting a small flame at the branches Merlin had gathered that evening for a fire, and he and Arthur ate bread and cheese while the dragon lolled about and made occasional comments about maybe having eaten too much.

"I told you not to eat that third cow," Arthur said heartlessly.


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