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The NASA moon did succeed after all. Excellent. I'm looking forward to reading about the results.

The Tron Legacy trailer is up. I'm so excited. I can't wait for it to be released. Looking back, I think Tron may be responsible for my love of futuristic looking vehicles, especially motorcycles.

Oh, yeah, there's a femslash blogtalkradio show/podcast, called Femslash for Fans, hosted by Allaine. I liked his Harley/Ivy fics (needs a little work on his scene transitions but the fics are otherwise recced) so I thought why not give his show a try?  I've listened to most of the shows and I like it for the most part. He tends to speak quiet and his guests, fanfic authors, louder so I have to play with the volume a little but it's okay. You can download the podcasts.  I've found femslash fandoms that I'm interested in such as PepSi (Peppa/Silva, which is based on a Spanish soap opera show........I've watched some of the clips so far and it's much better than US portrayals so far of a lesbian relationship). It is a soap opera though so expect typical soap shenangians. Too bad I can't find a slash version/podcast, so far anyway.

Is it just me or is NCIS LA a redone, wannabe Fastlane? NCIS LA is  way less sexual than Fastlane.  I like the characters of LA  but the show reminds of a NCIS version of Fastlane, which I adored and was extremely pissed off when it was cancelled. I still miss Fastlane's slash sub(over)text. No, really. The main pairing was also an African American and white guy (in slash and on the show--police partners). They acted like they were a long-term married couple. Their boss, a woman, refused to discuss her sexual orientations, which fueled my femslash tendencies (she shared a kiss with a criminal she was tracking and it didn't seem to upset her). Wasn't the greatest show but I adored it anyway. I'm liking LA much more than I expected to. I think I even like it more than NCIS (hate Ziva, HATE her, she ruins the show!) even though I adore Abby, Ducky, and Gibbs.

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ROTFLMAO. I'd never would have thought of Jane Austen and Zombies before but now I really wanna see it! "The news was announced in the recently released novel "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," which recounts the struggle of Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters to simultaneously annihilate the undead invading their idyllic community and to marry well. Were it just the zombies, the Bennet sisters would surely triumph, armed as they are with advanced weaponry knowledge and Shaolin martial arts training. Unfortunately, however, aliens, vampires, robots and dragons are also about to descend on the village."  

Let's not forget the Predator vs. Jane Austen movie either (pics!).

This has got to be the funniest movie review ever written. I made the mistake of reading it late at night and almost couldn't stop myself from waking up my roomie with my laughing. It's Michael Bay Finally Made An Art Movie, which reviews Transformers. I love the review and the movie.

I thought the Transformers: ROTF was funny. These movies, if done right, will probably be even funnier. Yeah, I loved T:ROTF, so sue me. I even kind of think it's better than the first one. Of course, I'm not looking for Oscar potential or even a lot of sense although I did follow the plot-- what there was of it. I'm looking for Transformers and this movie has plenty, much more than the first one and not just in number of them. I'm talking about being on screen, transforming, and battling and this movie has plenty of them, including number. I thought the movie was funnier than most movies billed as comedies and that the reviewers just need to get a sense of humor.

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Went to the doctor week before last. Spent $110 to learn that I had a viral respiratory infection and to not get any prescriptions. Bah. I'll be happier when my COBRA information comes so I file a claim and get some of my money back. I took Sambucus (black elderberry) to get over it. Mom's doctor is into alternative medication and that's what she told Mom to take for her walking pneumoniae the week before I got sick. I think the elderberry helped Mom and I get well.

Now, I've got a sinus infection. I had a nosebleed (a long one) happen last week. I was in the bathtub at the time thank goodness since it was easier to clean up that way. I bled so much it turned my bathwater a rust color.

Last week (the 18th) was my birthday. Yay. Didn't do anything for it other than be sick. Boy, I'm tired of being sick.Another year older and no longer to realizing my dreams and unemployed. Joy. Yesterday, I filed for unemployment insurance. I need to complete my workforce application registration. I missed an event (learning about music therapy) that I wanted to attend today since I couldn't find parking. Damn it.

Tomorrow, I'm running Mom's errands for her. I'm taking her car to be inspected, oil changed, getting gas, and returning stuff to Petsmart for her. The food she got for her dogs disagrees with them. The vet wants them to eat CD food, which the dogs don't like but the other brands of dogfood make them sick (Gertie gets crystals in her urine and pees everywhere when does and I think Boo's stomach gets upset).

Watched Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull today. What a meh, half-assed movie. Even the music was kind of meh--it didn't come across as powerful or dramatic to me. I kind of wished they hadn't made it if this was the best they could do.Indiana Skull movie spoilers: one major (?) one if you've not seen the movie )

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Life & Grad School & Mother........... )

Watched Nina's Heavenly Delights. It's about a woman who is estranged from her family (Indians living in Scotland) b/c she didn't want the arranged marriage and refused to marry him. She comes back after her dad, a famous chef, dies and finds out he gambled away the restuarant to a former classmate of hers (a woman). They develop a relationship. It's a sweet movie. My only complaint is the lack of subtitles, which would help to understand what some of the actors are saying (they really have a thick Scottish accent and I can't understand them). Overall B+ to an A.

Watched Eureka DVD season 1 disc 1. The show is fabulous and inspired. I really liked it. I like the sherrif who doesn't have a science background in this show about a town full of genius science types. I like the black scientist actor person. I know I've seen him in other roles and I'm pretty sure one of them was another science type role. I just can't remember where. I think he's my fave chara on the show. I'd like to see Rodney McKay in Eureka or House. Hah. That's be fun. 

Watched The Brothers Grimm. Eh. I can't make up my mind about the movie. All of the bug scenes, well, they "bugged" me. Ha. I kind of liked it  and kind of didn't. I liked the charas in the movie but I kept thinking clean up! Use some raid! I think I kept waiting for it to be better than it was. It just didn't fully engage me the way Dresden Files and Eureka (even more so)  did.

Watched Dresden Files season 1 disc 1. It was fun. I have a lot of questions. I think maybe you really need to read the books to fully understand what I going on in the eps. I'm sad to realize that the show was canceled after 1 season. That's always the way it is though and why I don't watch much tv anymore. The shows that I like usually have a short lifespan (Firefly, etc.) so why should I invest time in watching them? 

More and more I realize that tv shows only exist to promote the commercials, which is why low viewership equals cancellation. I despise commercials. No, I don't have a DVR or whatever. I tape my shows with a VCR and fast forward through the commercials. Significant time savings. I'm really getting into watching tv shows on DVD (no commercials, better picture quality and sound). I love my library: free books, free dvd rental, etc.).
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Yes!!!!!!!! I passed my portfolio (a major obstacle to graduating) on my 1st try!!!! I'm so excited. I thought I would be one of those who failed the 1st attempt and passed on the 2nd attempt. I really wasn't confident in my professional agenda section but evidently it was good enough. Now, all I have to do is pass with a B or higher my practicum class and my foundations of health science class, in which I just turned in my midterm exam.

I'm watching Kissing Jessica Stein. I'd forgotten how much I liked the movie. Went to a class today about how to set up/design a webpage. Definitely gave me ideas. Instructor had lots of free programs/options listed.
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2004-01-06 - 2:35 p.m.

The maternal unit sure can make one crazy……I rented three movies from Blockbuster last Friday. Rented Gen Y Cops, loved Gen X Cops, haven’t watched Y yet. Got Snow falling on Cedars—don’t bother watching it—it’s slow and boring—unless you want to watch a movie about what happened to the Japanese during WWII, being rounded up and sent to camps, etc. Not a very good romance or trial pic. Rented David Lynch’s Mulholland Dr. which I liked. Well, I like it up until the twist and the ending, that I didn’t like so much, but I still liked the movie. Mom had to rant on and on and on about what a waste of time that was, and if you liked it something was wrong with you, etc. So sorry, Mom, but I’m not a duplicate of you. Fortunately. Although I know you think I am. By the way could ya, please!, stop whining/complaining about everything under sun, Mom? She rants on and on about cars that park to close to her, afraid they’ll ding her car. I had to listen to her rant about that for 15 minutes after LOTR: ROTK (excellent movie, not up to the previous two). I’m sick to death and tired of listening to people, including myself, whine and complain about everything, especially when it’s the same thing repeatedly.

I’ve made up my mind. This year is going to be a great year. A productive year. I’m throwing out stuff finally instead of saving it. I finally got my check from Farmers for my car on Wed, Dec 31, deposited it Friday the 2nd, and it has to be held for 3 business days, then I’ll get the funds. Tomorrow, Wed, Dec 7th. Next to deal with is the medical claim side. Funsies. Not. Called and cancelled my extended warranty on the Sunfire, so I’m getting $289 back from that, in a couple of weeks. Yes! I’ve made the last payment on my sectional sofa, so now it’s all mine! I get to start paying for my new car next month, oh, the fun. It’s a metallic red Hyundai Elantra GT 2004, with leather interior. I like the car but am not in love with it. I really, really, wanted the GT Hatchback, but I couldn’t convince anyone to take me to a dealership that had them so I could look at it. So, I’m already mentally planning on trading this car off in a couple of years, just as soon as I’m not upside down on the loan. I got a call from the State Board of Insurance asking me to call them back. Haven’t yet. Doubt I’ll get any satisfaction other than that of getting them, A All American Plumbing, into trouble in the first place. Heh.

I’ve been cleaning out my magazines by reading them and throwing them into the recycling container instead of bringing them to work for the last week. Heh. I feel good. I usually bring to work so others can read them before they are recycled, but I’ve been resenting it too, even though no one compels me to bring them. They love the fact I bring them, but consider me a bitch…….so, I think I’m going to stop bringing them. Heh. They can bring their own material from now on; well, I still might bring my Discover mags to work, but that’s it. I’m going to sell my stuff I’ve been wanting to sell—even if I don’t make a profit, I’ll at least get some of my moolah back, right? I’m wanting to go through my nail polish and throw out the ones I don’t want anymore. I’m wanting to write up my resume. I’m wanting to find another job. I’m wanting to take the GRE. I’m wanting to go to grad school, but major in what? And where? I’m wanting to move!!!!!!!! Away from where I am. I’m thinkin’ Florida, California, Georgia, or Louisiana. Yes, LA, people. I told Mom once I wanted to move to New Orleans, and her response, “The murder capital of the US?! Are you crazy?” I like the Cajun culture, food, and music, so yes LA, people. I’d like to move somewhere on the coast, next to the beaches and ocean, and fun times……..If I stay in Texas, maybe Corpus Christie? The one time I was there, I liked it. Not Galveston, fun to visit, but not to live there. Everything shuts down early. And I mean early. Like 9:30 pm early.

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2003-09-24 - 1:14 p.m.

Yup, Amy's still here. She couldn't pass the physical for her Reserves, so she's not participating in the exercises for the next 2 weeks. Rats. I was lookin' forward to it. Her being gone that is. Two weeks Amy free. Le bliss.

Got my hair cut yesterday. Couldn't stand it anymore, Capt'n. Talk about a bad hair day. Dye it soon too. Roots icky now. Maybe blonde again. After hair cut, went with Mom to Good Eats to eat. Restaurant named right--good food there. I gained a pound back, I think, because of the cheeseburger I had. Mom had chicken fried steak. Yummers. I did exercise with DS again last night. No excuses. But I'm so tired and sleepy right now.

Finished the Weiss Kreuz boxset. Fun. Entertaining. Angst-filled. Very amusing. Need to find Gluhen and download it to watch it.

Now I need to watch Beserk vol 1 and 2. I'm going to watch vol 1 tonight and exercise.

I also need to watch the 2 movies I rented and return them to Blockbuster. Rented Desperado and A Midsummer's Night Dream. Desperado is the prequel to the movie out now, with Johnny Deep-Once in America or something like that. Dream has Michelle Pfeiffer in it.

I think I ate too much just now for lunch, so maybe a very light dinner. And Disco Sweat! I hope my new exercise tapes come soon--DS is boring me. I've even yawned doing it.

I did receive Galerians. The first vg, not Ash. Can't wait to play it, but first I must watch the stuff listed above.

Made responses to my mailing lists I'm one. Gack. Too many lists.

I own two, myself:

Kingdom Hearts and videogame yaoi, yuri, het discussion list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/khgamesdiscuss/

Samurai Deeper Kyo yaoi, yuri, het list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sdkml/

Feel free to join them if interested. Only if you know what yaoi and yuri is though. Or ya might have an unpleasant surprise.

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2003-09-18 - 8:04 a.m.

Well, one thing to be grateful for. My coworkers are pissing me off something fierce so it's helping me lose weight. I get mad at them and then go home and exercise....wheee! I keep thinking, if I'm thinner it'll be easier for me to be hired for another job, but I'm mainly doing it for my health. Yes, people, including employers, judge ya on your weight. Studies have shown thin people earn more money than fat people even doing the same job.

I'm also looking for another job. A Barnes and Noble is supposed to open up sometime in October here in town. I'm hoping to be able to get on there--part-time or full-time. I'm hoping if it's part-time that it'll work into full-time so that I can quit my job here. I'm hoping they don't pull a Foley's. Foley's just opened up in town a little while ago, and they brought all their employees from other stores--they didn't hire anyone from town! Assholes! I just can't stand my job anymore and it's b/c of my coworkers attitudes. Dealing with bitchy customers, state people, and coworkers is just too much stress for me. Not to mention bitchy, unhappy mom. Something's got to give. I like being able to, for the most part, set my hours, and the flexibility the job provides, but with no raise this year or next year due to the economy, no promotion potential either, why stay? Stupid economy, please recover so more jobs are available. I want my 5% raise that I was due this year, damn it. Just so ya know, that's the highest possible raise a person can receive. As far as I know, I'm the only person out here to get a 5% raise ever from my boss. She's very tough. I got it last year, and was due it this year too b/c of my evaluation, but due to the economy didn't get it. Won't get it again next year either b/c of the economy, we've already been informed of no raises for next year.

I can't stand my coworkers. Hell, yesterday I went to the walk in fridge to get something, tore the package down, and trashed it. Then, a few minutes later while I was having a bad nosebleed that I was having trouble stopping, Russ, asshole that he is, came in and lectured me about the packaging trash I'd put in the trashcan. Told me I should take it out! He acts like he's the only one who can use the damn trashcan in the front of the building. It's not his personal trashcan--it's for everyone. Asshole. He didn't even ask what was wrong or if I was okay and he saw me holding the damn bloody tissues under my nose! Just lectured me. You're not my boss, bastard, just a coworker.

About 15-20 minutes later after I'd gone into the fridge, my boss, the manager, not the immediate supervisor, walked that way, and the door was open! I really don't think it was me. I swung the door shut after I left the fridge, and it was nearly closed when I checked on it. It's a very heavy door that's always trying to swing shut, it's hard to keep open. Maybe a gust of wind caught it? I think more likely someone else went in after me, and didn't close it. I could hear her asking everyone who had done it, she didn't ask me, and I didn't volunteer since I don't think I did it. She really lectured a couple of other departamental employees, who go in and out of the fridge and leave the door open. They denied it though. Maybe it was my "fault"? I really don't think so though. As I said it was nearly closed, and it's a very heavy door that's always trying to swing shut.

I set up some tests Friday that could either be read back Saturday or put in the fridge for me to read back on Monday. My immediate supervisor, who I do like mostly, was "confused" by the plates, screwed up the read back, and trashed the plates instead of putting them in the fridge. What the hell? Really pissed me off. All that work ruined. Gee, thanks, moron. There was nothing confusing about it. He just doesn't like working anything but his job. He's pulled crap like this before, like "forgetting" to make solutions since he just didn't want to. Grr.

My current job is just so boring, and stressful. Dealing with super bitchy customers coming in to complain at me. Blaming me for their errors. Yeah, right.

Let's not forget the super rude voicemails I've been getting lately either. Hell, one bitch was reaming me out *in my voicemail* about how I talked too fast on the message and that telephone etiquette dictates I should talk slower, yadda yadda, yadda, after a minute or two of this, I just deleted the message, I don't even know what she wanted. Here's the moral for you people: If ya want someone to call you back, just leave your name, number, and a brief message about what you wanted. And don't snarl it either. If you can't be polite on the voicemail, why would I want to call you back? I do so *love* dealing with angry, nasty people. Not.

Oh, and people, it's not my fault if the telephone operator when you call information tells you the wrong number and you call my number. Don't take your anger out on me. I had nothing to do with it, and they won't correct it. I've tried.

The last month has been very stressful. Let's see, my outpatient surgery a couple of weeks ago came out well. I did have a tiny colon polyp(!) (at my age(!!!) I'm too young!! Thanks family genes!! NOT!!) and random biopiosies done and they came back begnin (non cancerous). They also went down my throat and looked at my stomach, no ulcers, and my throat looked okay too. I was out during the procedure. I do kinda remember thinking "Thank God that's over" after they got through with the throat/stomach part. I woke up during the colonscopy part. Probably the last 20 minutes of it. They blow air up your colon to expand it and see what's going on with the scope. The gas/air pains hurt, and sometimes the movement of the scope, but I thought it was very interesting to watch on the tv. Not every day you get to see your colon. I even saw it bleed when he cut the polyp off. Heh. Mom drove me home, but before we went home, I had her take me to the early voting. Boy, she gave me a weird look, "Are you sure you're up to it?" Yep. Voted. Went home, napped, felt bad. Missed work the next day.

Finished frantically trying to get everything updated for the lab inspection. Had my path red test to set up Monday, got 2 hours of overtime doing it. Lab inspection Tuesday. Whee. Passed with flying colors. No "findings" were found--nothing negative. One recommendation to put the word date in the QC manual in this particular phrase. Hehheheheheheh. That's Amy's job to maintain, not mine, since she's the QC person.

Then yesterday, got up, was getting dressed, doorbell rang, it was mom bearing news--I had a flat tire on my car. Totally flat--it was on the rim. Geez. She took me to work, then around 2:50 or so picked me up, she'd bought a tire compressor to inflate the tire. We inflated the tire, went to the tire station, was told it would be today before it got fixed by one employee. Went outside to see if mom knew of any other place that could do it today. Went back inside to set up appointment for tomorrow. The other employee waited on me this time, said they could do it this afternoon, but said it would be an hour or more. Fine I said. So I waited from about 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm. Got it fixed. The first employee told me since I had to wait so long, it was free! All right! I thanked him several times.

I started exercising a few days before my colonscopy. I remember when I first started going to my doctor, he weighed me in at 175 lbs. I'm trying to eat healthier, and exercise every day. I'm now down to about 158-159 lbs. Go me! I've been doing Richard Simmon's Disco Sweat tape just about everyday. I think Mom bought it sometime during the '90s. I try to do it everyday. Heck, last night I did it at 7:30 to 8:30 pm. I'm getting excited about losing weight. I want to get healthier. I want to feel better about myself. I don't want to do stuff at my current weight. It depresses me.

I need to make an appointment with my doctor to get a referral to an ear, nose, throat doctor. My sinuses/ears are bothering me. My right ear is ringing badly, and I can't get the pressure to equalize in my ears underwater. It hurts to even dive deep in a pool. I'd like to take up scuba diving. That woman on the show Adventure, Inc.? She's my hero...active, no nonsense, tough, take care of herself gal who is a divemaster. I can take care of my self, but a fist fight? Never. Handle dangerous situations? Never. I hate confrontations. I go out of my way to avoid them. Like not telling Russ what I thought of his little lecture on "my trash".

Loved the Pirates of the Carribean movie. I can't wait for the sequel. Johnny Deep has got to be my all time fave actor. I've loved him for years. This movie just makes me love him all the more.

I'm getting close to finishing watching the Weiss Kruez boxset. Fun show. Lousy animation at time though. Aya's my fave character on my show. He's just so angsty. He has legimate reasons to be that way, which is more than I can say for most of the rest of the cast like Ken....oh, I can't play professional soccer anymore........ooooooooh, yeah, I feel for ya, buddy. But I do like Ken. He's grown on me, but he's still the last one on my like list of the good guys for the show.

Then I need to watch Beserk one and two. Finally got my replacement DVD's from rightstuf. Now, if only they'd send my MKR2 replacement DVDs.

I don't want to spend any more money right now, the www.rightstuf.com makes it hard not to with the sale going on right now. Eyes sale. Contemplates credit card bill. Sighs. Undecided.

I want to sell/rent the house and take off. Where I don't know, but I want to live near the ocean, at most only an hour or two away from the ocean. I did after all major in marine biology at one point during college. Wish I'd followed through with it. Wish I'd followed through with a lot of things. Sigh. Too late now.

I want to take the GRE I just don't know what I want to major in. Do I want to study viruses, infectious diseases, wildlife biology, or something else? Truth to tell, I'm still interetested in biology but I'm sick of lab work. I've been doing lab work since 1996--boring lab work. Not research.

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2003-07-18 - 11:10 a.m.


I haven’t felt like doing much. My Dad died last month. Tuesday, June 17, 2003. It wasn’t totally unexpected. He’d had throat cancer. He was undergoing chemo, and it made him pretty sick. He’d almost died earlier a few days before, but he came through it. He was released from the hospital, then went back in a few days later b/c he had double pneumonia in both lungs. Granny called mom to tell her that Dad was back in the hospital and why on Sunday since she couldn’t get a hold of me. I was at work that weekend. We called around trying to get information from someone Sunday and Monday. Monday we were told he was being moved to a hospice, and that would take some time. Tuesday we were trying to get more information as to where he was, where the hospice was, no one was being helpful. I went to work both Monday and Tuesday and so did mom. Tuesday we packed to go down there on Wednesday. We’d planned on leaving early Wed, since it’s a 7-hour drive to where he was. I wanted to be there by 12:00. I’d called Maggie earlier to get directions to the hospital/hospice. She called Mom Tuesday night to say Dad had died. Earlier, they’d thought he wouldn’t die until the weekend. Sat or Sun. Maggie was on her way home from the hospital when I’d called her on her cell phone. She was going back down there Friday. She said then that Dad was in bad shape, and that he was doing good if he recognized you. The hospice had given him a shot for his coughing and it had relaxed his muscles and he’d just died then. Didn’t sleep much that night. One the one hand, it was kinda oh, well, and on the other it really hurt more than I thought it would. We’d never been all that close. I basically saw him once a year, maybe 2-3 a year.

His family is a bunch of assholes and as far as I’m concerned they can go to hell. I’ve disowned them after their behavior towards me after he died. No one called me about anything except for that one time by Granny. It was Mom and I calling them. We called trying to get information about where it was right? Got lied to. Told he was being moved to a hospice in Town S, he stayed in Town A and was moved to the hospice at the hospital. I’m told Kim (the oh, so precious, slut, former stepdaughter of his—no blood relation at all to the Anderson family. Dad was married to their mom for several years that’s it. Kim was already in college even when they got married. She’s a lying backstabbing bitch who goes after other people’s husbands. Yup, she’s been trying to fuck her way into the Anderson family for a long time. Keith’s wife hates her cause Kim has gone after Keith. Keith doesn’t like her either. Considering her behavior, I’ve often wondered if she didn’t fuck Daddy. Bitch even showed up for the Anderson Christmas trees/parties after Louisa—her mom—and Dad got divorced. She has her own Dad, why take mine? Even after Louisa and Dad were divorced for a long, long time, she still showed up. Bitch.) Oh, yeah, I’m told Kim had the call list for the funeral arrangements! Why her? She’s not a family member. But she and Maggie, snobby bitch—Maggie—are such good friends. Slut whore bitch never called mom or me. Mom called her brother, Uncle J, who lives in Town K and is friends with the Andersons to get the funeral arrangements Wed night. No one from Dad’s family had called us all day. Oh, yeah, Tuesday night, asshole 2 called (can’t remember his name right now) Mom to tell Mom Dad had died. Wednesday night I called asshole 2, to get florist information and directions to the church for the funeral. Ass 2 also let it be known, that there was going to be a family luncheon at the church at 12—the funeral was at 2 on Friday in Town S! No one ever called me about the luncheon to invite me. I would never have known about it if asshole 2 hadn’t been drunk that night. I said thank you for calling my mom Tuesday night and he said to me “Well, I didn’t want to call her, but J (Mom’s brother) said for me to call her since it was doubtful anyone else had to tell her about Burdett.” God! Can you believe he said that to me! And the obituary that was put into the paper has to be seen to be believed. Burdett Anderson is survived by his four daughters: Michelle Anderson, Melinda (current stepdaughter no blood relation), Kim, and Annette (Kim’s sister and both are ex stepdaughter)! No, I’m serious here. That was actually put into the paper. Kim and Maggie planned it together. Talk about a slap in the face. It was in the Thursday edition of the newspaper. I’d planned on going to the funeral, but I didn’t after that. I felt no particular urge to subject myself to any further nastiness on their part. The Anderson family did everything but tell me to stay away from them. The obituary just showed their true low class, country bumpkin, trash colors and had everyone asking questions. People were calling Mom and me and asking “I thought Burdett just had the one daughter?” since the obit confused them. Yup, that’s right. Mom said at least I got top billing. I’m surprised it wasn’t last myself. The obit from what I understand has caused a backlash even in the Anderson family. Maggie is trying to distance herself from Kim and trying to blame it on Louisa (Kim’s mom). Yeah, right. I understand Kim really gave them a show at the funeral by running around sobbing, saying “What’re we gonna do now that Daddy’s dead?” Daddyfucking bitch. Uncle Jerry says asshole 2 and his son Kevin stopped by Jerry’s place and asshole 2 said “I don’t know why Michelle wasn’t at the funeral. I know she was coming.” Kevin, his son, said “It’s obvious after that obituary. I don’t blame her for not showing up. I wouldn’t have either.” Heeeheee. And can you imagine Kim’s actual dad’s reaction to the obit? Being called a daughter of Burdett Anderson? I know she had a good relationship with HER father since she was always talking about him and looking forward to seeing him at Christmas, etc. Hell, if I was him, I’d disown the bitch. I know HER dad helped her by putting her through college, buying her a car, etc. EVERTHING MY DAD didn’t do for ME. And this is how she repays him? I said to mom “Well, does this mean I get to trade? If my dad’s hers, then is her dad mine? I’d be more loyal than the one he’s got.”

I had some sunflowers sent to the funeral, and I’m told by Granny that it was the best, most appropriate arrangement. It was sunflowers and wheat stalks. Dad was a farmer/combine driver for hire. Cynthia (Dad’s current wife) who has her family in Town S, and has already buried one husband in Town S insisted on having the funeral and burial in Town S even though she and Dad had only been married about 5 years, and all of Dad’s family is in Town K, TX 7 hours away from Town S. What a bitch. Cynthia also sent me a thank you card for sending flowers to my Dad’s funeral. NOT A SYMPATHY CARD, a THANK YOU CARD. Can you believe it? NOT ONE OF DAD’S FAMILY EVER SENT ME A SYMPATHY CARD!!! Even the bitchy relatives on Mom’s side that I’ve hardly ever seen sent me a sympathy card!!!!!!!!

I’m through with the family. I don’t care anymore. After Granny dies, I won’t have anything to do them anymore. I haven’t seen Granny either since he died. I want too. Last Sunday I called her number and left a message on the answering machine inviting her over to my house for lunch. She never called me back. I’m going to try again this weekend.

All in all, I’m very upset and hurt by Dad’s family’s behavior and by his when he was alive. I tried to connect with him, but I never did. Mom always said “Never doubt he loves you.” Oh, yeah, why not? I’ve never seen it in his behavior. Gee and I wonder where my issues with men come from?!

I’m trying to make myself communicate and get out of the house instead of staying in so……..On happier notes, I’ve seen League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Okay movie, fun, but it was more just introducing the characters for the sequel. Finding Nemo was fun and funny. Pirates of the Carribean I’m in love with. I adore it. I wouldn’t mind paying to see it again. Johnny Deep is just too funny, and the movie is good.

Reading Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix. Am I only one actually glad when that character dies? I don't like bullies. I was bullied enough in elementary and jr. high to know better.

I’ll be so glad when they are through with the construction at work. Now, they’ve ripped up the parking lot to repave it. Argh!


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