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I'm an adult over the age of 18. My interests vary since I'm somewhat fickle in them as I have the attention span of tsete fly and I usually go back and forth in interest (fandoms & pairings). I started out in online fandom in 1989 and have been known by different names (long since abandoned along with any fanfic under those names). I went from live-action (LA) USA tv shows/movies to anime (YYH, GW, etc.) to anime and foreign LA shows (Korean & Japanese, etc.)and now it's all 3 (USA, anime, foreign).

I listen to all types of music (j-rock, videogame music, rock, pop, classical, etc.). I'm an avid reader of books and fanfic. In fanfic, it's usually gen, shonen-ai/shoujo-ai, and yaoi/yuri. I read little het fanfic since I tend to prefer the original canon for het most of the time.

For those interested: Yes, I'm an adult who knows what slash, yaoi, yuri, femslash, mecha erotica (Bumblebee/Sam from Transformers, etc.), rps (real person slash), etc. are and what they mean. I'm over whatever age of consent you have in mind. Throw whatever acronym at me you have in mind at me and I'm 99.9% sure I know what it is. I'm not easily squicked and if I am, I'm a big girl and I use the back button. :-)

Friending me policy: Go ahead, if you want to. You don't have to ask. I don't bite. Much. :-) Just don't expect regular updates since I'm busy. ;-) If you want me to friend your journal back, you might drop me a note about it since I'm bad at remembering to look at who has friended me.

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