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ROTFLMAO. I'd never would have thought of Jane Austen and Zombies before but now I really wanna see it! "The news was announced in the recently released novel "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," which recounts the struggle of Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters to simultaneously annihilate the undead invading their idyllic community and to marry well. Were it just the zombies, the Bennet sisters would surely triumph, armed as they are with advanced weaponry knowledge and Shaolin martial arts training. Unfortunately, however, aliens, vampires, robots and dragons are also about to descend on the village."  

Let's not forget the Predator vs. Jane Austen movie either (pics!).

This has got to be the funniest movie review ever written. I made the mistake of reading it late at night and almost couldn't stop myself from waking up my roomie with my laughing. It's Michael Bay Finally Made An Art Movie, which reviews Transformers. I love the review and the movie.

I thought the Transformers: ROTF was funny. These movies, if done right, will probably be even funnier. Yeah, I loved T:ROTF, so sue me. I even kind of think it's better than the first one. Of course, I'm not looking for Oscar potential or even a lot of sense although I did follow the plot-- what there was of it. I'm looking for Transformers and this movie has plenty, much more than the first one and not just in number of them. I'm talking about being on screen, transforming, and battling and this movie has plenty of them, including number. I thought the movie was funnier than most movies billed as comedies and that the reviewers just need to get a sense of humor.


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