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2003-12-22 - 8:08 a.m.

November/early December:

Mom and I have agreed to not spend more than $100 on gifts for each other. My idea. She always goes nuts buying crap for me, so I feel I have to match her……grrrrrrrrr. She wants to get the Xmas decorations down this weekend. Ick. I don’t know. I’m just not in a Chrismassy mood again this year. I don’t feel putting up decorations this year. Such a Scrooge I am.

My Mom’s oldest brother died about a month ago. They weren’t close, but she liked and respected him. She didn’t go to the funeral, it was near Houston, and she was sick and had back problems. He had kids 4 yrs older than my Mom.

I don’t know how much damage/cost was done to the city vehicle. No one’s mentioned it to me and I don’t wanna ask to remind them why it was damaged. ^^;; The Monday after it happened though, the people were out there working on the gate, so hopefully it’s fixed and won’t behave like that again.

The cat killer, creepy guy, who lived in the trailer next door………well, the owners were notified that he had to move, so about 2 weeks after that, he moved I think. I’d still see him during the day, but not over there at night. Last week, the trailer was moved; it’s gone from the driveway, for now at least. I believe he killed my cat Lil Sis. Won’t even look Mom or me in the eyes. Bastard! It’s been several days since I’ve seen him. Don’t see him around much anymore. The owners came back and are living in the house—have been for a while. I miss her –my kitty--so much……...

Oh, guess what? No, no, guess!

I didn’t get a raise this year and won’t next year. Grrrr. I want my raises! I earned a 5% raise last year I didn’t get. Pisses me off. You only get those for exceptional years. Usually, it’s a 3% raise for satisfactory work. I’ve managed to pay off my car this year, and two more payments and my couch will be paid for—YES! Then, it’s my other credit card time. Whohoo! Hopefully, everything will be paid off by this summer. I’m trying to pay down the credit cards now, but it’s hard—I keep using them. I’m trying to pay in cash/check more now though than I was.


Wah. The Wed before Thanksgiving, Nov. 26, guess what? I was coming home from work, when at the intersection of Sherman and Kings Row, this idiot ran a stop sign, and now, my car, my gold Sunfire, is totaled. Wah. I’d just paid it off this past July, and I’d planned on keeping it for a while yet. 2-3 yrs anyway. I really, really didn’t/don’t want a car payment right now. I wasn’t badly injured. Mainly airbag burns on my arms/face/under my chin, bruises, back/neck/arm pain. Saw the Dr last Thursday, Dec. 4, and he prescribed some muscle relaxers, and ordered x-rays of my spine. They came back normal.

When the accident happened, it happened right in front of the fire station, so I guess they heard the crash, and pulled the fire engine out, asked me how I was, and called the police. The police ticketed Mr. Pena for failure to yield right of way through the stop sign (doesn’t mean he ran it, the officer said, me, huh?), and driving with an expired drivers license. It had been expired for a year, and it was the guy’s b-day. The officer told him, “Mr. Pena, due to your extensive driving history, you may have a few problems.” Joy, I got hit by an idiot driver. Just my luck this year.

The guy’s insurance, Farmers Insurance, is trying to give us the run around. B/c the accident happened at 4 pm Wed, and it was the holidays, I couldn’t get a copy of the accident report until Monday. Monday, we called Farmers and they assign us to a guy in Aiblene—300 miles away from me! Then, closer to home, they assign a real bitch to my case. She was rude to me and grilled me like I was the one at fault and in a courtroom on trial! She came out last Tuesday, Dec 2, to Denton to look at the accident site and wanted me to meet her at Danny’s Autobody shop. Why? She can’t take pictures of the car by herself? She’s offered $750 for pain/suffering. I’ll take it, but haven’t yet. She’d said on the phone that she could get me a rent car Tuesday, then Tuesday at the Autobody shop, she said she didn’t have the authority to okay it! Lying bitch. Talk about dressin’ like a slut too. Usually, you only see cleavage like that at night. Said she had to give the info to the Auto adjuster guy. We finally had to call him yesterday, since we hadn’t heard anything, and we get his machine, but it gets him to moving. He came out today, Tues, Dec 9, to the Autobody shop to look at the car!!!!!!!! Why? The bitch already had and taken pictures! They want me to go ahead and release the car, but I asked Danny and he said no, don’t, until you’ve got the check. Danny who owns Autobody is a great car fixer/repairer and a family friend. So, I’m not gonna release it.

My Sunfire, according to Kelly’s blue book is worth $7440 plus tax, title, license. I know this, this, arrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh, insurance company is gonna lowball me on the estimate. It had premium sound, powered moonroof, low mileage—21,000 miles on it. If I road tripped with Mom, we took her car—more comfy on long trips. Live within 10 miles of work.

Tuesday night, by the time we got through with bitchy, it was too late to go rent a car, so we rented one Wed., after work. Should’ve done so, Wed, Nov 26. Bunch of assholes. I had to work Thursday thru Sunday afterall. Then Monday thru Thursday. I started getting sore Sat and Sun. I asked for a subcompact to midsize car to rent, and Enterprise gave me a Dodge Durango! Nice, but boy, are they gas guzzlers. If it gets 10 miles to the gallon, it’ll shock me.

I test drove 5 cars last Saturday, the one I like best is the Ford Focus, but given it’s history of 7 recalls in 2001 and 2002, I’m really iffy on it. I’m thinking of test driving the Pontiac Vibe. I don’t know what to get……..whine…..I don’t want to! I don’t like 4 doors much, but I need to get one, probably. If I had a kid a few years, I don’t want to have to start over with a new car. My heart wants another coupe. I want sporty, reliable, good-looking transportation. Only problem is, I think most cars are ugly, and those that really do appeal to me are in the $20,000 plus range which is way out of my money range. Why do they make ugly cars under $20k? It can’t be cost really. I’m just talking body shape, not the fancy interior crap. Surely they can design a car with eye appeal for the same money as an ugly car. I can get a car in the 17-20k range, but I’ll need to put down 3-4 k from the insurance settlement to make the payments within my range. I thought about one of under 13k cars, like the Toyota Echo, but they don’t look big in the front, smaller than my Sunfire. I’m kinda afraid now since the wreck of little fronts. If I’d been in one of those little front cars, I think I’d be much more injured or dead now. My car front is so crumpled…..poor little Sunfire. Ya know, I’d never taken a picture of my Sunfire. Rats.

Thank goodness this year is almost over. It’s been an evil year.


Well, let’s see. After not receiving the insurance papers as promised last Monday, Mom called the insurance company Wed, and they tried to claim that we didn’t release the car and that they didn’t have the car. Yeah, right. Called Autobody where the car was, and they said it had been picked up last Friday, the 12th. Bunch of liars. Called him back and said the car was picked up. He, J R Vesaquez said that it takes 2 business days to show up, yeah, right, it had been 3 business days, and then he tried to back down from the offer he’d made already of $7320 plus tax and title for my car. Said it hadn’t been a firm offer. We said too late, it had already been accepted. I tried to call again a 3rd time later on, and got his voicemail which said he’d be out of the office until Dec 29th! NEVER mentioned this on the phone to us. Prick. Left an emergency number, which I called, got the voicemail on, left a message saying that unless I get those papers, I was calling the State Board of Insurance to complain, the Better Business Bureau, and the police to report my car as being stolen. Finally, on Friday, the 19th, when I got home from work, the papers for me to sign were in the mail. Filled them out, sent in my title and keys, and sent them back the next day, Saturday, the 20th, by certified mail, so they can’t claim they didn’t receive the papers back. Hopefully, I’ll get my check soon. Haven’t settled the medical side yet. I’m undecided. Mom thinks that I may have to pay for the xrays/full cost of the prescription muscle relaxers, so I’m waiting to see if it’s true or not. If it’s true, then his insurance will pay for it. Not me. They’ve offered $750 so far. Too bad the medical claim woman is such a bitch. Gives bitches a bad name.

I’ve spent slightly more than the $100 agreed on by Mom and me. But that’s okay. Finally finished putting up my tree last week. It’s all decorated and everything. We, Mom and I didn’t put up a tree last year, it was my idea, and I’ve had such a bad year, that it spooked Mom into putting up a tree herself. We’d just planned on putting up mine. Heh. Yup, it’s staying up until after the 1st. Mom said she’d always heard it was bad luck to take a tree down before the first of the year. Both trees are artifical. Mine’s big, bought it last year at Hobby Lobby. It’s nice. Looks good, I think. Got Mom’s packages wrapped yesterday while watching the Lost Boys. Yeah, vampire flick, real Christmassy, huh?

I'm trying hard to not be a Scrooge this year, but it's hard for me this year. I'm so ready for next year. Next year will be a better year, I know it! Nods firmly.

I had my exam on the 18 by Dr. Cooper out at Walmart. Not impressed, probably won't go back, but at least I can get a new pair of glasses/contacts. Have to get it before the year ends, which is why I think I'm going to get contacts now, and I'm wearing my trial pair to make sure they're okay to wear. Right eye the same, but the left eye prescription changed slightly. I'd forgotten about the exam and contacts and my insurance for this year for them is about to run out on the first. Have to hurry, hurry. Which is why I didn't go to Total Eyecare, I really like them, but it can be hard to get in and they have to order the glasses/contacts which can take a week or two. EyeMasters here I come!

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2003-10-01 - 11:25 a.m.

DD whose job I have now, quit in April 2000. This is basically a reminder for my resume I'm workin' on.

I like the show His Mysterious Ways when I remember to watch it. I like Declan, but I can identify with Miranda. I like her too.

I was so tired yesterday from lack of sleep, I took a nap from 5 to 7, and turned my light off at 9:30pm, but it took me a while to get to sleep.

I put Mervis in the garage to sleep, moved everything out there--her bed, food, etc. She doesn't scratch the door down the way she does in the laundry room.

I missed my exercise yesterday. I'm up a lb I think. Grrr. I'll exercise this afternoon.

Someone else reported the creepy guy living in the trailer in the driveway next to my house to the city. I called Monday, and the woman on the phone said that an inspector was going out to look at it, and that if he was still living there that a certified letter would be sent to the owners of the house for it to be corrected within 14 days. She said I could call back to find out what was going on after the inspection. Creep thinks he's being sneaky. He's now parking his truck down the street in front of a house a couple of houses down. Moron. I will report that myself. I'm gonna call and check tommorrow. I'm positive he's the one that killed my cat even though I've no proof. He just has this look in his eyes....

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2003-09-26 - 8:48 a.m.

Some son a bitch killed my little kitty cat, Little Sister. I hope you fry in hell, asshole. I live on a street with lots of traffic b/c of the two schools (elementary and jr high) but it's still a neighborhood, not a main street. There's a 4 way stop and I live in the third house from the stop sign. I came home from work Wednesday, got my mail, found out my house payment is going up by $60.00, didn't see my little kitty. She usually greets me when I come home, but sometimes not. I usually feed her when I get home. Went inside, paid bills, Mom came home, cooked dinner at my house, since her house is screwed up since it's being remodeled right now. Asked Mom if she'd seen Lil Sis, she hadn't. So we went lookin' for her. Found her dead in a neighbor's yard. The yard/house is the *one right next to the stop sign*. It looks like a hit and run possibly. So someone either ran the stop signs deliberately and couldn't stop---they're very obvious, or hit her deliberately with their car. Assholes use the two streets to freakin' drag race on it seems like. Oooh, 60 mph in a 30 mph with a school zone, I'm so impressed--NOT! Assholes. Or, someone hit her in the stomach with something. Her tummy was all bruised and bulging. I think that's more likely. There's a very creepy guy living in a trailer in the driveway of the house next to mine. The people that own the house have moved out of it. This creepy guy is maybe working on repairing the house. Mom and I don't like the look in his eyes. It's possible he killed my cat out of pure meanness. No proof though. Mom and I think she died in the early afternoon. The ants/bugs were beginning. I wrapped her up in a garbage bag to keep the bugs off her hopefully and we buried her in Mom's backyard, next to our little Yorkie dog, Lucky. I hope their having fun together in heaven.

I'd nearly forgotten to let her out that morning. I dearly wish I hadn't remembered to do so. Mom said since it was getting cooler, she'd thought that Sis should be kept inside the garage b/c of the creepy guy next door--until he left, anyway. I really think this guy might've killed her. She'd managed to survive the street and everything in her life and two weeks after this guy appears, she's dead. If he did this, I hope he fries in hell. There's no excuse for killing pets/animals for fun. She never harmed anything in her life.

Mom and I are going to the police/code enforcement/whatever since it may be illegal to live in a trailer in the driveway. We're going to find out, hopefully this afternoon.

Lil Sis had the sweetest personality. I loved her so very much. I spent the last 2 days crying and I'm still teary eyed. Poor little kitty cat, she had no luck other than finding me to take care of her. I would've kept her indoors but she loved the outdoors so much. She didn't get along with my indoor only cat, Mervis, they'd fight each other every time they saw each other. She loved to play on my and mom's roofs, eat grass, climb trees, etc. She was a very faithful little kitty. She hardly ever left either my yard or my mom's yard. She did cross the street to try to get this squirrell living in a tree though. A few times. Not all the time. She was scared of cars--when one started she's run. She was so funny, I've seen her back off dogs and chase dogs! The dogs ran from her! She was full of life and loved to play all the time. My little 6 lb, white/tan calico kitty. She had the sweetest face. My little indoor/outdoor cat. I'd put her up at night with all you can eat food to keep her safe from the other cats/humans.


Mom sent me some lovely flowers in this very unusual and pretty basket to cheer me up. Sent them to me at work. I'm gonna take a pic of them definitely. Sure wish my scanner/printer worked right now. I need to buy her a gravestone.


Mom's swearing no more outdoor animals unless we have a very high fence. She's sad too. Lil Sis would sit and help you with the gardening/yardwork.

She was a stray that found me while I was remodeling my house. She was nearly dead, living in the then rotted out chimney bottom. You could count her ribs by looking at her, she'd nearly starved to death. She was maybe a year and 1/2 old.

I am so upset that I don't have any pictures of her. I thought I had some on the roll I just developed, but I don't. I'm so very disappointed.

I had her maybe less than year. I will miss you so much, Little Sister. I hope you're having fun in heaven chasing Lucky around. You're the sweetest animal I've ever had. Everyone that ever met said so too. "What a sweet, charming, cat." You'll be missed by everyone.

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2003-08-20 - 11:30 a.m.

I'm so sick of bitchy people, myself included, that I could scream. People, if ya want a call returned don't be rude on the voicemail! It's that easy. I usually return it anyway but only after making you wait until the end of the day about 30 minutes before I'm ready to leave, so ha ha to you. And don't leave a message like "Damn it" or "I don't believe this." on the voicemail either. MY voicemail tells me your phone number, so the laughs on you. And don't believe what--that the phone company lied to you about the number? No, honey, it's not customer service, it's my number. Stupid phone company won't correct it either. And when I tell you you've got the wrong number don't be rude to me or I won't transfer you/give you the right one. It's NOT MY FAULT you've got the wrong number.

My poor kitty is sick. She's got an upset tummy--she's getting a lot of those lately. I should probably take her to the vet. I don't know what's causing it. I love her to death but I just don't know what to do about her. She's pooping on my rugs and only uses her litterbox to pee. Any suggestions to get her to use her box again? It's making me crazy. Since March, I've gone through 9 rolls of paper towels cleaning up after her. Sheesh.

My home computer is being cranky too. It won't stay connected to the Internet for very long. Disconnects me. *tears hair out*

Stress Level: high

Currently reading: The Hot Zone

Listening to: Radio: the Edge

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2003-05-22 - 8:23 a.m.

Well, one of my coworkers is quitting. Today is her last day. I'm kinda sorry she's leaving, but.........*does a dance of joy* mainly because now I don't have to listen to all my other coworkers complain about her anymore. Whee. I liked her, but she's too fundamentalist Christian for my tastes. I'm personally very liberal in my beliefs and attitudes. She was well, not nice, to our boss, who is a Muslim and a very, very nice man, just because he is a Muslim. I've a problem with religions that teach others that if that person is not of your religion then they are going to hell and not worth anything. Or that if you kill that religion's enemies then you'll go their heaven.

Went to class on algae for my company week before last. That was a 5 hour trip to the city. Went down Sunday, attended class Monday, drove back after the class on Monday, went to work on Tuesday as usual. The class on Monday went until 5:00 pm. Eyes glaze. Kinda interesting but I was just so tired due to insomnia and stress that it was hard for me to stay awake during the class.

Went to Galvez Saturday and came back on Sunday. It's a 6 hour road trip one way. So that's 12 hours in the car in 2 days. I went with Mom to her hair show convention on Sunday. I bought some hair stuff for my self. And some nail polish. Gotta love those conventions--the OPI Nicole nail polish is $5.00 wholesale to the manicurist, $10.00 retail, and I got 3 bottles for $10.00 plus tax. Whee. So far it's lasting on my nails a lot better than most polishes which start chipping almost as soon as I put it on. It's been almost 3 days now, and no chipping.

Have to work this weekend to cover quitting coworkers weekend. Sigh. I'm not feeling so good right now. Stomach upset. At least, I actually get Monday off since it's a holiday. Then, I get to do coworkers job again on Tuesday and mine. Oh, what fun. Not.

My kitty, Mervis is sick from me doing all this traveling. She stayed home, but her stomach is messed up bad. She ate Lil Sissy's food, not hers even though she had her food, and it upset her tummy BAD. She's feeling better though.


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