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2003-12-22 - 8:08 a.m.

November/early December:

Mom and I have agreed to not spend more than $100 on gifts for each other. My idea. She always goes nuts buying crap for me, so I feel I have to match her……grrrrrrrrr. She wants to get the Xmas decorations down this weekend. Ick. I don’t know. I’m just not in a Chrismassy mood again this year. I don’t feel putting up decorations this year. Such a Scrooge I am.

My Mom’s oldest brother died about a month ago. They weren’t close, but she liked and respected him. She didn’t go to the funeral, it was near Houston, and she was sick and had back problems. He had kids 4 yrs older than my Mom.

I don’t know how much damage/cost was done to the city vehicle. No one’s mentioned it to me and I don’t wanna ask to remind them why it was damaged. ^^;; The Monday after it happened though, the people were out there working on the gate, so hopefully it’s fixed and won’t behave like that again.

The cat killer, creepy guy, who lived in the trailer next door………well, the owners were notified that he had to move, so about 2 weeks after that, he moved I think. I’d still see him during the day, but not over there at night. Last week, the trailer was moved; it’s gone from the driveway, for now at least. I believe he killed my cat Lil Sis. Won’t even look Mom or me in the eyes. Bastard! It’s been several days since I’ve seen him. Don’t see him around much anymore. The owners came back and are living in the house—have been for a while. I miss her –my kitty--so much……...

Oh, guess what? No, no, guess!

I didn’t get a raise this year and won’t next year. Grrrr. I want my raises! I earned a 5% raise last year I didn’t get. Pisses me off. You only get those for exceptional years. Usually, it’s a 3% raise for satisfactory work. I’ve managed to pay off my car this year, and two more payments and my couch will be paid for—YES! Then, it’s my other credit card time. Whohoo! Hopefully, everything will be paid off by this summer. I’m trying to pay down the credit cards now, but it’s hard—I keep using them. I’m trying to pay in cash/check more now though than I was.


Wah. The Wed before Thanksgiving, Nov. 26, guess what? I was coming home from work, when at the intersection of Sherman and Kings Row, this idiot ran a stop sign, and now, my car, my gold Sunfire, is totaled. Wah. I’d just paid it off this past July, and I’d planned on keeping it for a while yet. 2-3 yrs anyway. I really, really didn’t/don’t want a car payment right now. I wasn’t badly injured. Mainly airbag burns on my arms/face/under my chin, bruises, back/neck/arm pain. Saw the Dr last Thursday, Dec. 4, and he prescribed some muscle relaxers, and ordered x-rays of my spine. They came back normal.

When the accident happened, it happened right in front of the fire station, so I guess they heard the crash, and pulled the fire engine out, asked me how I was, and called the police. The police ticketed Mr. Pena for failure to yield right of way through the stop sign (doesn’t mean he ran it, the officer said, me, huh?), and driving with an expired drivers license. It had been expired for a year, and it was the guy’s b-day. The officer told him, “Mr. Pena, due to your extensive driving history, you may have a few problems.” Joy, I got hit by an idiot driver. Just my luck this year.

The guy’s insurance, Farmers Insurance, is trying to give us the run around. B/c the accident happened at 4 pm Wed, and it was the holidays, I couldn’t get a copy of the accident report until Monday. Monday, we called Farmers and they assign us to a guy in Aiblene—300 miles away from me! Then, closer to home, they assign a real bitch to my case. She was rude to me and grilled me like I was the one at fault and in a courtroom on trial! She came out last Tuesday, Dec 2, to Denton to look at the accident site and wanted me to meet her at Danny’s Autobody shop. Why? She can’t take pictures of the car by herself? She’s offered $750 for pain/suffering. I’ll take it, but haven’t yet. She’d said on the phone that she could get me a rent car Tuesday, then Tuesday at the Autobody shop, she said she didn’t have the authority to okay it! Lying bitch. Talk about dressin’ like a slut too. Usually, you only see cleavage like that at night. Said she had to give the info to the Auto adjuster guy. We finally had to call him yesterday, since we hadn’t heard anything, and we get his machine, but it gets him to moving. He came out today, Tues, Dec 9, to the Autobody shop to look at the car!!!!!!!! Why? The bitch already had and taken pictures! They want me to go ahead and release the car, but I asked Danny and he said no, don’t, until you’ve got the check. Danny who owns Autobody is a great car fixer/repairer and a family friend. So, I’m not gonna release it.

My Sunfire, according to Kelly’s blue book is worth $7440 plus tax, title, license. I know this, this, arrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh, insurance company is gonna lowball me on the estimate. It had premium sound, powered moonroof, low mileage—21,000 miles on it. If I road tripped with Mom, we took her car—more comfy on long trips. Live within 10 miles of work.

Tuesday night, by the time we got through with bitchy, it was too late to go rent a car, so we rented one Wed., after work. Should’ve done so, Wed, Nov 26. Bunch of assholes. I had to work Thursday thru Sunday afterall. Then Monday thru Thursday. I started getting sore Sat and Sun. I asked for a subcompact to midsize car to rent, and Enterprise gave me a Dodge Durango! Nice, but boy, are they gas guzzlers. If it gets 10 miles to the gallon, it’ll shock me.

I test drove 5 cars last Saturday, the one I like best is the Ford Focus, but given it’s history of 7 recalls in 2001 and 2002, I’m really iffy on it. I’m thinking of test driving the Pontiac Vibe. I don’t know what to get……..whine…..I don’t want to! I don’t like 4 doors much, but I need to get one, probably. If I had a kid a few years, I don’t want to have to start over with a new car. My heart wants another coupe. I want sporty, reliable, good-looking transportation. Only problem is, I think most cars are ugly, and those that really do appeal to me are in the $20,000 plus range which is way out of my money range. Why do they make ugly cars under $20k? It can’t be cost really. I’m just talking body shape, not the fancy interior crap. Surely they can design a car with eye appeal for the same money as an ugly car. I can get a car in the 17-20k range, but I’ll need to put down 3-4 k from the insurance settlement to make the payments within my range. I thought about one of under 13k cars, like the Toyota Echo, but they don’t look big in the front, smaller than my Sunfire. I’m kinda afraid now since the wreck of little fronts. If I’d been in one of those little front cars, I think I’d be much more injured or dead now. My car front is so crumpled…..poor little Sunfire. Ya know, I’d never taken a picture of my Sunfire. Rats.

Thank goodness this year is almost over. It’s been an evil year.


Well, let’s see. After not receiving the insurance papers as promised last Monday, Mom called the insurance company Wed, and they tried to claim that we didn’t release the car and that they didn’t have the car. Yeah, right. Called Autobody where the car was, and they said it had been picked up last Friday, the 12th. Bunch of liars. Called him back and said the car was picked up. He, J R Vesaquez said that it takes 2 business days to show up, yeah, right, it had been 3 business days, and then he tried to back down from the offer he’d made already of $7320 plus tax and title for my car. Said it hadn’t been a firm offer. We said too late, it had already been accepted. I tried to call again a 3rd time later on, and got his voicemail which said he’d be out of the office until Dec 29th! NEVER mentioned this on the phone to us. Prick. Left an emergency number, which I called, got the voicemail on, left a message saying that unless I get those papers, I was calling the State Board of Insurance to complain, the Better Business Bureau, and the police to report my car as being stolen. Finally, on Friday, the 19th, when I got home from work, the papers for me to sign were in the mail. Filled them out, sent in my title and keys, and sent them back the next day, Saturday, the 20th, by certified mail, so they can’t claim they didn’t receive the papers back. Hopefully, I’ll get my check soon. Haven’t settled the medical side yet. I’m undecided. Mom thinks that I may have to pay for the xrays/full cost of the prescription muscle relaxers, so I’m waiting to see if it’s true or not. If it’s true, then his insurance will pay for it. Not me. They’ve offered $750 so far. Too bad the medical claim woman is such a bitch. Gives bitches a bad name.

I’ve spent slightly more than the $100 agreed on by Mom and me. But that’s okay. Finally finished putting up my tree last week. It’s all decorated and everything. We, Mom and I didn’t put up a tree last year, it was my idea, and I’ve had such a bad year, that it spooked Mom into putting up a tree herself. We’d just planned on putting up mine. Heh. Yup, it’s staying up until after the 1st. Mom said she’d always heard it was bad luck to take a tree down before the first of the year. Both trees are artifical. Mine’s big, bought it last year at Hobby Lobby. It’s nice. Looks good, I think. Got Mom’s packages wrapped yesterday while watching the Lost Boys. Yeah, vampire flick, real Christmassy, huh?

I'm trying hard to not be a Scrooge this year, but it's hard for me this year. I'm so ready for next year. Next year will be a better year, I know it! Nods firmly.

I had my exam on the 18 by Dr. Cooper out at Walmart. Not impressed, probably won't go back, but at least I can get a new pair of glasses/contacts. Have to get it before the year ends, which is why I think I'm going to get contacts now, and I'm wearing my trial pair to make sure they're okay to wear. Right eye the same, but the left eye prescription changed slightly. I'd forgotten about the exam and contacts and my insurance for this year for them is about to run out on the first. Have to hurry, hurry. Which is why I didn't go to Total Eyecare, I really like them, but it can be hard to get in and they have to order the glasses/contacts which can take a week or two. EyeMasters here I come!

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2003-10-01 - 11:25 a.m.

DD whose job I have now, quit in April 2000. This is basically a reminder for my resume I'm workin' on.

I like the show His Mysterious Ways when I remember to watch it. I like Declan, but I can identify with Miranda. I like her too.

I was so tired yesterday from lack of sleep, I took a nap from 5 to 7, and turned my light off at 9:30pm, but it took me a while to get to sleep.

I put Mervis in the garage to sleep, moved everything out there--her bed, food, etc. She doesn't scratch the door down the way she does in the laundry room.

I missed my exercise yesterday. I'm up a lb I think. Grrr. I'll exercise this afternoon.

Someone else reported the creepy guy living in the trailer in the driveway next to my house to the city. I called Monday, and the woman on the phone said that an inspector was going out to look at it, and that if he was still living there that a certified letter would be sent to the owners of the house for it to be corrected within 14 days. She said I could call back to find out what was going on after the inspection. Creep thinks he's being sneaky. He's now parking his truck down the street in front of a house a couple of houses down. Moron. I will report that myself. I'm gonna call and check tommorrow. I'm positive he's the one that killed my cat even though I've no proof. He just has this look in his eyes....

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2003-09-26 - 1:42 p.m.

Well, MG isn't working the weekend after all. I'm taking the Sat shift, which means 4 hrs of overtime. Yes! Money good! Even more interesting is that MG isn't working the weekend b/c he's not using the company's computers right now. Not allowed too. Hmmmmmm. Ponders this.

Tonight I'm going to watch Desperado and A Midnight Summer's Dream.

Don't know if the new gal's working out or not yet. She keeps askin' the same questions over and over. And takin' forever to do the job. Well, she's only been here for a week and a half. We'll see.

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2003-04-21 - 9:10 p.m.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. I discovered why my house felt warm and moist. I'd left my teapot on to boil to make tea and forgot about it. I'd boiled it all off. Tea pot, actually it's a tea cow, is now cooling down. Looks like some of paint cooked off onto my new, smooth glass topped stove. Fuck. Hope I can get it off. And I may need a new tea cow. Piss. The paint has holes in it on the cow. Grrrrr. I'm so pissed off. When's my luck gonna change? When is my memory coming back?! Tired of forgetting stuff damnit!

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2003-04-21 - 8:42 p.m.

Oh, yeah, in a couple of weeks, I get an all expenses paid trip to another city (one night/day) to learn about algae, exciting, huh? Not.

And then that Friday, Mom and I are going to a town on the coast where they're having a hairdressing show. Mom's a hairdresser, so it's a tax write off for her. I'm going to get the hell out of town for a day or two. I'm actually a licensed manicurist although I don't do manicures anymore. We're leaving on Friday and coming back on Monday, so I'm using vacation time for those days. I've not called in sick all year this year (a miracle I'm tellin' ya) and I've not had a vacation since early last spring/summer when Mom and I went on a cruise. It was fun, loved it, do it again. Swimming with the rays was fun.

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2003-04-21 - 8:19 p.m.

Ick. Life's been no fun lately. I've finally completed my employer's training last week. Passed the test. Now we get a luncheon in couple of weeks. Go us!

While I was studying for the test last week, I accidently screwed up some paperwork. eeek. Bad me. I admit it. It's sent out to our customers with their results filled out, only a few of them I forgot to fill out the results sections. So customer Superbitch comes in and bitches me out about this morning. She kept calling me incompetent. I apologized, and offered to fill it in for her, and she snarled, "No, I'm keeping it as evidence of your incompetency for when I complain to your boss and the state." Well, big whoop. My boss already knows about the errors--hell, she's the one who pointed them out to me, and she doesn't think it's a big deal. And I've already sent in the corrected paperwork to the state and explained it to them. Because I forgot to fill in the paperwork results and accidently at the beginning of the year wrote 02 instead of 03 on a date, I'm a big old incompentent bitch who doesn't know how to do their job. I'm contaminating the samples. That's why they're coming back bad. You wish, bitch. It's your fault. It's very hard to contaminate it at my end. And here's the thing: superbitch, after complaining of my incompetentcy, left her fucking samples for me to analyze. What the fuck is that?! Stupid cow. I came so close to deliberately contaminating those samples so they be bad, and she'd be in deep shit with the state.........but I didn't. I'm a nice, comptent person thank you very much. I'm not that petty. I've worked there for 7 years, 2 of those in job, and this is the first time this has ever happened. Hell, for the past 2 years, I've gotten the highest evaluations possible, but no raise this yr b/c of the economy. Fuck the economy, I want my 5% dammit. I am so damn sick of customer service shit I could kill them all--well, just the horrible ones. Everyone else I called about the results being missing was very nice about it. I've mailed them photocopies with the results marked on it to them along with a nice letter saying sorry.

I'm an introvert in customer service. Dear God, why me? Why do I always end up in customer service related jobs? I hate them so much. I hate their whining, their needs, everything. I'd quit right now if I could. But I need the paycheck and jobs are damn scarce around here right now. Hell, Wally World has had a hiring freeze for about 4 months now! The library clerk job had 56 applicants! Sheesh. Sigh. So I'm stuck with it. Maybe when the Barnes and Noble opens up here I can get a job there, even part-time, and worm my way up, and be able to quit my job. Yeah, it's still customer service, but at least I'd like the job I think--I love books and reading. The job I have now is soooooooooooooo incredibly boring even when you are doing stuff. Let's make media. Let's do paperwork. Let's pretend to be busy for the next 6 hours! Yeah, baby! Every day I'm there, I can fill my IQ steadily dropping down.

Oh, yeah, and last week, I accidently went to a porn site. I'm hoping it didn't set off the porn alarms on the tracking program at work. I was there for like 2 seconds, and got out of there as fast as I could when I realized what had happened. I'd stupidly typed www.virginity.com into the url. I was looking for sites related to virginity and abstinence programs, and got redirected to a porn site. ^^;;; Sigh. Such is my life these days.

I really need to get some sleep. It's so pathetic. Flipped my mattress back today. Maybe now I'll be able to get some sleep. Need to go make up bed.

Why did I buy this damn house? I'm so sick of this town I could scream. I'm so tempted to start a job crawl through the job sites looking for a job anywhere else, but now I have this damn house to pay for, and a shitload of bills to pay off. Grrr. May do it anyway.

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2003-04-08 - 1:08 p.m.

Well, not much going on. Just been busy. I've actually got enough bookcases now for my crap. Now, I'm sorting through and putting stuff on them. Ugh. What fun. Not.

Whee! Noir DVD 2 is out. Got to have it. Loved the first one totally. And have to get Raphexlon. Want it. Bad.

Just been working and not much else. I'm going on a job related trip soon. If the class on algae isn't canceled. Then the next weekend, I'm going to Galvez with my mom to a hair show convention. It's a tax write-off for her. I'm looking forward to seeing Galvez. Beaches! All in May.

I hardly wear makeup and yet I've got a ton of it and keep buying it. ^^;;; I wear it on the weekends but not for work. Work=nasty=boss doesn't care.

Finished betaing a 40+ page fanfic on Strife/Joxer. It was okay. Not what I expected from that author. Wanna go see a movie and well, just have some fun soooooooooo bad. Just no money.......or people to see it with. Everyone's busy. Sigh.

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Oh, what fun cleaning is today. BLG called in, her child is sick. RT has food poisoning. MG's usual day off for working the weekend--you're supposed to do the chores the day before if you're gone--he didn't. Sigh. So I did sweeping and mopping both. Sarah=trash, RB = dusting; boss lady did the breakroom and her duty is bathroom, so it's all covered. Wheee. I'm tired now. Ready for a nap.
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2003-02-21 - 8:51 a.m.

Well, I went ahead and did the sweeping today. I'll see how Sarah reacts to it since it's her job. I think I'm going to take it up with Alice since she does the cleaning schedule. When Sara sweeps, it needs to be Rus and BLG who do the mopping. Both RT and I leave too early to be the ones mopping after Sara sweeps. Not having a repeat of the Friday before last no way. uh-uh.

Mom was in a lovely mood too. God, even the sound of her voice is grating on my nerves. This time, it's the same whining about George (a female). Mom rents space from George. George is basically an uppity snob. Pisses Mom off.

Bought Soultaker vol 1, Noir w/artbox, and Hyper Police vol 1 for my birthday. Seen all of Hyper Police--it's amusing and funny. The last ep made me want to see more of it, but it's definitely not a go out and buy right now. I think it's probably a lot more funny seen with other people. It's about this catgirl who is a bounty hunter who has this wolf man in love with her who is also a bounty hunter and her sometime partner. It's also about Sakura, who wants to be a Nint Tailed Fox. She has 8 1/5 tails now. So she wants to eat Natsui (the catgirl) to gain Natsui's powers so that she Sakura can use Nat's powers to become a 9 tailed fox. And everyone else in the show thinks Sakura is in love with Natsui.

Noir I think I'm in love with. Love it. It's about 2 female assassins who are searching for their past. I even like the t-shirt that came with artbox.

Haven't watched Soultaker yet. Will. Also need to get the last of Serial Experiment Lain, Cowboy Bebop, and Outlaw Star. Can't wait for all of my house to be finished so I have lots more free time to do stuff in.

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2003-02-17 - 8:08 a.m.

Well, I created my first mailing list! Wheee! So far there's about 9 members--good, considering I opened it up Saturday night late. Hope more join. I want it to be a fun list.

Well, I worked the weekend of Feb 8-9. So I had this Friday off---whee! Badly needed. Even if the boss makes you take Friday off so that you're not paid overtime. Overtime would be very nice right now with all bills.

Dr. said Friday I have some sort of contact dermatitis. Mom thinks it's poison ivy. Don't know where I got into it if it was that. Mom said her mom was very allergic too it. Dr. gave me a cortisone shot---ick. Never again. Felt sick afterward on Sat. Nauseous. Headache. Really made my left knee hurt. Can't figure that one out. Made shopping hell. Complained about hair loss to dr. Got sent for blood test for iron and thyroid level. If normal, he's sending me on to a dermatologist who'll do further testing.

OH! Went to JcPenny's Sat. Bought my sofa! I've got a sofa. I've got a sofa. I've got a sofa!!!! My first sofa!!!! Now I just have to pay for it---ouch.

Went by the Cupboard on Saturday, bought some vitamins that are supposed to help with hair loss. Maybe that'll help it. Hope so. Cut 2 inches off my hair due to hair loss--the ends looked so ragged. Looks better.

Went to Home Depot Sunday. Bought blinds for windows. Mom is returning blinds cause they are too small and getting the right size. Mom bought a sofa at JcPenny's. Going back today to change her order.

Gave Mom a book of WWII photographs for Valentine's Day. She gave me a toaster oven for my house. I bought her book Friday at Hastings. Did a bad, bad thing too--bought me some Tokyopop mangas (Chobits vol 4(?), Dragon Knights vol 6, Island vol 7); Soultaker vol 1 dvd; Bouncer used (found cheaper at Gamestop by $6.00 later but I'd already opened it--grr) and Orphen, new but discounted, videogames. Total purchase $153. Yikes. Really shouldn't have spent the money. And then to compound the stupidity I bought 2 bottles of nail polish at Walgreens on Saturday, and wishing I'd gotten a third color. Sigh. Stress=buying for me I guess. Which is too bad b/c it just adds stress of how to pay for this shit! I have a car payment due tommorrow on my birthday! Damn! At least after the sofa purchase, I've kicked into fiscal conservative mode.

Haven't played Kingdom Hearts in a while--over a week. Been reading books checked out from library and watching stuff I'd taped up all week. Mostly caught up with the taped up stuff--or I was before I taped some more stuff. ^^;; Oh well.

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2003-02-12 - 7:39 a.m.

My entire body is so sore. Don't know why. I think it may be b/c my muscles are so tight--I really need to stretch them out. I finally got some sleep last night--can't wait until I'm in my own home. I slept from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am. Feel much better than I did yesterday, but still out of it. Didn't even hear the cat start scratching at 4 am the way mom did. A few more nights like this and I may be a human again. Maybe. I woke up with a headache. I may be trying to get a sinus infection or maybe it's allergies.

I had to work this past weekend. Sarah was pissed Monday b/c I evidently "messed up" and put some samples in the wrong incubator--no one told me the Sat and Sun samples went into the other incubator. She had to tell me in a angry tone. Good grief. Took what a minute or two move them? Big deal. Not that I did it; I was much too busy at the time she told me. Otherwise, I would have.

I like Sarah. Actually, no, I don't. I just keep telling myself and others I do. She gets on my nerves, and she can be likable though. She's just weird. She asked if I baked (yes), and now shw wants to get together to bake muffins! Why not a movie?! Weird. She's nice. She's very religious, Christian, blathers on and on and on and on when you ask her how her weekend was, twenty minutes later you're wondering why you asked, she's very detailed telling you how it was. She's also lazy or incompetent--I can't tell which. She's been in the position for about a yr--and she can't handle it. She's always whining about how much work it is and asking for help. I've worked that job for a yr. Doesn't take nearly as long or is nearly as bad as she makes it out to be. When I had the job, it was required that I be here at 8 am to get done by noon. Now, it doesn't matter. Sarah gets here between 10-11 am!! I can't imagine staying here that late in the evening to get my 8 hours in. Actually, since she needs help with the basic stuff, I think she lies on her time sheet and doesn't get her 8 hours in.

It's my belief that almost no one works their full 8 hours out here, they just lie on their time sheet. I know I'm guilty of it too to an extent. I may leave 10-15 minutes early sometimes b/c I have nothing to do to fill the time with. It doesn't impact my job, make me ask for help with stuff. It's b/c I have nothing to do and am so incredibly bored I can't stand another minute up here.

Oh, yeah, last Friday we were cleaning the work building (why my boss won't hire it out is beyond me). Me and R.T.=mopping; Sarah=sweeping. R.T. leaves early, she's a part-timer. Sarah arrives around 11 am to work; fine. Around 2, floors still not swept; R.T. says she'll sweep them. 2:30 comes around, R.T. left and didn't sweep the floors. Sarah finally starts sweeping around 2:40; I'm supposed to leave at 3:30; I really, really don't like working overtime on Fridays. Pisses me off. And I was hungry. She picks up this little broom, not the industrial big, wide broom, oh, no, have to use the one you'd use at your house. Bitch. So, since R.T. left I'm stuck mopping the entire work area by *myself*. Not happy in the least. She finally got the back area done, so I mopped that, and then I followed behind her with the mop. Mopping as she swept. Pissed her off. Poor baby. Not. She snapped at me, "Would you back off and give me some space? I need to finish sweeping here." Sure, I'll back off it's only 3:30 right now. I finally left at 3:40 pm. God. *rolls eyes* What's her excuse for not doing it earlier? Oh yeah, I forget, she can't get here any earlier since she just sleeps in b/c she stayed up so late the night before. Also, she wastes time, and can't do her job in an efficient manner. *heavy sigh*

To be fair, Chris actually did help me mop part of the back area (about half). His help was appreciated.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Buffy was new alright. I liked it, but I was a little lost. Initiative?! Spike's chip removed?! Willow/Kennedy a couple?! Evidently, I'd missed an ep or two thanks to damn UPN here. Two weeks ago--repeat; last week--basketball game==assholes. Pissed I missed my eps.

The teen, Nico, and his dad, Solomon, on Veritas are so cute. All of the cast is cute/handsome/pretty. The storylines are mysterious and intriguing.

I like Miracles too. Skeet Ulrich anyone? From Scream? Miracles is the darker of the shows, and is about an ex-priest investigating the supernatural happenings in the world. He's associated with this group that has been investigating these things for much longer than he has.

I hope these two shows don't get canceled. I'm enjoying them so far so they probably will.

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2003-02-11 - 9:26 a.m.

What is people who can't do their job? My so-called assistant (yeah, right) while nice enough is ethically challenged (she sneaks into movies without paying for them for one), and doesn't help me. She's supposed to go out and get water samples for analysis--okay fine--for 4 days a week. She's in the lab on the 5 day. She could help me then, but does she? NO. She won't even clean up after herself if she spills something! I have to clean up after her! What's wrong with this picture?! What can I say though? My boss likes her. sigh.

Yesterday was the day for lead and copper samples. The samples have to be collected all on the same day and the pH ran. She didn't get the tap or run the pH. *I* have to go over to the water plant, grab the sample, and run all the pHs. Grrrr. I'm informed of this at 2:30 pm by my boss, I'd planned on leaving at 3:00 and ended up leaving at 3:30 grrrr. No, it's not overtime. I was planning on leaving 30 minutes early to go do some stuff, and making up the time another day this week. Pissed me off majorly.

Then I get home, catching the last few minutes of Digimon Frontier (an important ep to the series it looked like and I forgot to tape it today double grrrr errr) and my mom calls during it and yammers on and on and on. Shouldn't have picked up the phone. Aunt Bet's surgery went well. Thank Goodness. Hopefully she won't have any more back pain. I'm glad but I'm pissed I missed Takuya's mental dialogue. It was important to the show and his character. I did remember to set it to tape today.

My boss's boss is in her office with the door shut. I hope everything is okay and no one is in trouble for anything. We just had our performance assessments for the yr. No raise this yr due to the economy. Pisses me off. I want my 5% raise. I got an exceeds in all categories for performance and that's how much the raise is for an exceeds. I deserve it after all the shit I put up with from my co-workers and the customers I have to deal with.

I just hope no one, okay me (like I care about my coworkers), is in trouble for something, like say internet use (most of my diary entries have been at work when I've had nothing to do). The tracking program on the computers monitors for porn sites, and sounds alarms in that case, but not in other cases, although it does track where you go on the web. No supposed to get personal email at work either. I do from one friend. Heh. Don't like it, fire me. Besides the money this job gives me to pay bills with, along with flexible hours, I could give a shit less about it. Graduate school here I come. I'm thinking a health care degree of some kind. Management, physical therapy, who knows?

I wish I was in a better mood, but I'm not. I too stressed out with the house, the bills (moving out is much more expensive than I thought it would be, not to mention taking much longer due to all the work needed on the house), lack of sleep (stress, cat scratching at the laundry door, howling, wanting out during the night), stressing about my hair falling out. Maybe my thyroid med needs upping. I'm hoping it's just stress. Doesn't stop soon, I'll go to the doc to check. I'm irritable all the time.

God, I want the customers to stop coming in. Sick of it. I'm supposed to leave at 12:30 and they all choose this day to bring their damn samples in. ARGH! If I wasn't leaving not so many samples would be brought in today I know it. Kinda like, the fecals are usually brought in in the afternoon after 12. I was looking forward to missing it this month since they're a hassle to deal with. Oh, no, they decided to have them here by 9 am this morning. How fuckin' thoughtful. Wouldn't have minded otherwise, been glad of it, but dammit I wanted to miss it this month. Of course, either way I'm the one to read them back tommorrow. Sigh.

Why does my swearing increase when I'm sleep deprived? Not a clue. Even when I'm happy and sleep deprived I cuss. blinks.

I'm going to have to cut about 2 inches off my hair, at least, to make it look decent due to my ends being so scraggly from my hair loss. I'm trying to decide if I want to cut it shorter into a different hairstyle. Not really. I think I look fat faced and I think short hair just emphasizes fat face. I really need to lose weight. I'm 5"1' and 170 lbs. I feel like I can't breathe most of the time. How people who weigh over 200 lbs live, I don't know. It baffles me. I can't stand it now. Can't wait to move into my house to start my diet. And start cooking for myself. Whee!

New Buffy tonight. Hurrah! Mad I missed Smallville last week. Pout. I'm really liking Veritas, the Quest and Miracles right now. They'll probably be canceled soon since I like the shows. Firefly, MDs, and a couple of others I've liked this season (new) have been canceled. Buffy's ending this yr I believe. Faith the Vampire Slayer is a possiblity. The actress has been approached about it---Eliza Dushku (sp). She's a fool to turn it down, but she's not jumping at it either. Stupid. The only thing she's famous for is low budget movies and being Faith on Buffy.

Wouldn't mind Kennedy the Vampire Slayer show either. She's a slayer in training who is hitting on Willow. She's a lesbian. Whee! I think the possiblity of Willow getting another girlfiend is sweet. I'm concerned that it's too soon after Tara though, but since this may be the last season, shrug. Heck, I'd finally gotten into the whole liking Tara thing, when they killed her off! I wasn't against Willow being a lesbian or bisexual, I just didn't like Tara that much. Yes, I've watched the show from season 1 and ep 1, and I'm emotionally involved in it. In a lot of ways Willow reminds me of me--bookworm, shy, sweet, can be spunky. Seeing her grow and develop (all the characters actually) has been great. Wish I had her abilities with a computer though! :) I'm really going to miss this show when it goes off; it's going to leave a void in my life, and what am I going to watch to replace it?

In case anyone is wondering, I created this place to vent mainly. And keep friends informed of what's going on in my life.

Better get back to work now. Have miles to go before I leave. :)

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Kingdom Hearts is going. Grrrr. It's so frustrating trying to get the dalmation chest behind the Magician's House. I can't get a camera angle on it, much less a decent one that lets me know where to jump. It's pray, jump, *splash* into the water, back to the the freakin' movin' platforms that you can barely see to jump onto so you go *splash* again. ARGH! I've probably spent a combined 2 1/2 hours trying to get this chest. I need it for the secret ending. Oh, well, if at first you don't succeed, try and try and try again.

I want a new Buffy episode! It's been weeks! It's so aggravating. Heck last week wasn't even a repeat! It was pre-empted by some basketball game! And what's up with showing shows are the Superbowl! I missed a pivotal Alias b/c they showed it after the Superbowl, which I don't watch! Grrr.

The bathroom in my house is all together now. The plumbing isn't leaking. My appliances (stove, fridge, microwave, washer, dryer) will be delivered and installed on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2003. YES! My house is getting livable! All right! Whohoo! Now, I've just got to pay for them. Ouch. About $2200 + tax. Ouchie. I'll need to buy a sofa, but otherwise for now, I think it's covered. I've a dining table mom bought me, chairs for table given to me by an aunt, some chairs mom will give me until I can afford to buy some, my bed (although I would like to buy a bedroom suite), furniture that I can use until I can afford to buy some.

Need to call my bank to make sure everything account wise is correct. I won the battle to get my $43.09 from Payflex. Payflex=medical savings account. Wonderful. No one is answering the phone at the bank. Grrrr. Damnit! I need to make sure my automatic salary deposit went through since they changed the routing numbers on me! Not to mention the Payflex deposit. Whew! Payflex and Salary went through! wipes brow. Forget to ask for account balance. sheepish look. Not calling back right now. Will later.

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2003-02-05 - 11:15 a.m.

Lil Sis got spayed. Thank goodness she wasn't pregnant. She was very miserable afterward. She meowed ow at me. It sounded she said ow. Broke my heart. Hard to explain to her why she's hurting so. She's doing better now. Been romping and raring outside.

Is it just me or is Hollow Bastion in Kingdom Hearts part 1 kinda confusing? That maze stuff with the gates. And what's up with the "temporary" ownership of the Keyblade by Sora?! Argh! How not fair to Sora. And then to give him a wooden sword! Grrrr! How awful. I felt terrible for him.

My bathroom on my house is done! YES! And I now have carpet, Dubloon color, Barrier Reef style, in my bedrooms! Paid for! And I ordered my appliances, my fridge wasn't in stock, so they'll come in some time this week. Exciting. Then, of course, I'll have to pay for them. Yech. Money's getting low. And here I am contemplating buying a second memory card for my PS2 since I'm now out of room on my one and only one due to playing KH. I don't want to save over KH files that I have right now.

I'm currently websearching for Fastlane pics from the lesbian episode, the one where Billy kisses the other girl. The other girl has a hairstyle that I like and that I'm really considering getting. I didn't tape the episode and I'm having trouble finding pics of the hairstyle. Most involve the kiss, which I don't really want to explain to my hairdresser, who is my mom, yes she's a professional cosmetologist. She'd probably think it was a "lesbian hairstyle". She has before with other hairtyles--too short or too boyish looking for women. Have to soften it otherwise people will think you're lesbian is her opinion. Yeah, right, mom.

I'm having to cut my hair somewhat even if I don't get the hairstyle I'm considering. I'm losing so much hair and I don't know why. I'm actually using hair loss products to try to stop it. My ends are looking awful due to the hair loss. I'll trim it by a couple of inches even if I don't get it "cut". I'm hoping it's just stress and that as soon as I get the house finished, it'll stop falling out so. If not, doctor here I come.

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2003-01-27 - 2:42 p.m.

I had Defensive Driving today. Blech. Most of it's common sense. It is good to get a refresher course every now and then though. I had to take it since I drive company vehicles and it was time to retake it. Just wish the chairs hadn't been so uncomfy and the classroom so cold. Made my already sore muscles stiffen up and hurt even more. I must have slept tense because I don't remember doing anything that would cause my body to hurt.

Chris........Chris is this charmer. NOT. I liked him at first, and he's very friendly. Mostly. He has a dark undercurrent though. He's always talking about threatening people. He used to own cats, but got rid of them.

Anyway, one day at work the staff found out someday out there had used one of the computers to look at something they should not have done on the company's time or property. That person was talked too. Who did it was never told to us. Chris decides (on his own) he wants to find out what that person looked at. So he's looking at the computer stuff trying to find it. He found it--a porn clip on RealPlayer. He sure found it easy considering the day before that I and the person who uses that computer the most had gone in and cleared out all the browers, history, cache, files, etc. Yet he found it. I walk in on him. He closes it in a hurry. Too late, buddy. I start to say something about it--that she wouldn't appreciate that being back on her computer--and he goes ballistic. He bitches me out about how he's not responsible (?!) for what's on the computer, and how he can't be held responsible for it, and on and on. Excuse me?! I didn't see anyone holding a gun to his head to look it up. He clicked on it, knowing it was not something we were supposed to look at while on company computers and time that someone had gotten in trouble for already, and he's not responsible?! Does this make sense to anyone? Can someone explain it to me? He said he didn't know it was a porn link. Yeah, right. The company is concerned about porn and monitors for porn usuage. It's the only thing that sets off the computer alarms. So what else could it have been? Pics of Bugs Bunny? Then, he threatened me and told me that if I told anyone he'd know it came from me, and he'd come looking for me. Then the second my boss is in, he's whining to her about the "misunderstanding". He's such an asshole. He's the injured party. Now if I say good morning to him, he ignores. He won't talk to me anymore. Immaturity rules where I work. I don't care about friendships as such, but I don't like rudeness. Courtesy rules with me. Hell, I wasn't even offended he was looking at porn to start with. It was only meant to be a joking comment. I'm actually pretty hard to offend that way. As long as it consensual porn (no one being raped, etc.), they're not doing it obsessively, and it's not harming the relationship, I don't care. He turned it into this big thing, and now he's a rude butthead.

And people wonder why I don't want to show up for after work stuff like drinks and parties?! I really want to be around people who won't talk to me and who threaten me. Yeah, right. NOT. Heck, I went to a company sponsored lunch one time, and no-one talked to me for the entire lunch! Rudeness prevails yet again!

I don't get it. I just want to come to work, get my work done, and go home. I just want to work in courteous atmosphere--not even necessarily friendly. I say good morning, you say it back. I'm not asking for an invite to your birthday party, people. I try my best not to offend anyone while I'm here. You can't believe the number of things I've never said anything about to any of them, and believe these people need to be taken down in their attitude. They act like they own this place and they don't. Most times, I feel like I'm trapped in the ninth grade social cicle of hell for eternity. It's so jr high out here.

Russ even gets mad when I place my sample bottles on the countertop in the front lab. It's "his personal space". No, no it's not. It's company property. It's not even his job to clean them. It's this other girl's job. She goes to the front lab to do the dishes. He actually complained to the boss about this!!!!!!! Unbelievable. Now, I have to take the bottles to the back lab for her to do.

Back lab girl has her moments too. She had to cover for another employee since they had the day off. They hadn't unloaded the dishwasher the day before. They didn't have too, but usually did before they left at the end of the day, but they didn't this time. It takes less than five minutes to unload the washer. Back lab girl threw a 30 minute temper tantrum about having to unload the washer before she unloaded the washer. She complained to the boss. Rolls eyes. Unbelievable. Back lab girl was pissed about it all day long......and was it long b/c of her attitude. And the washer had leaked, b/c it's not installed correctly. I cleaned it up myself.

Everyone out here backbites, except me. I don't go running to the boss over every little thing. I mean honestly. It's stupid, and no one will trust you afterward. I certainly don't trust my fellow employees. Why should I? I'm getting the attitude though do it first, before it is done unto you.

I've overheard myself being called a lazy bitch for not doing the recycling outside in the rain while I sick by fellow employees. And I wonder why I want to quit. Only reason I stay is b/c of the flexible job hours and the benefits. I'd like to get on in another department in the company, but then I'd lose my flexibility. I'm considering going back to school to get my graduate degree. These people are driving me to it. I'm think MBA/Healthcare degree right now. Health care field needs workers. I can set my own hours basically w/in reason. Do have to rotate weekend and holiday work.

Hopefully my cat will get spayed today/tommorrow. I'm hoping she's not pregnant. Fingers crossed. She's getting a belly on her. She's indoor/outdoor. She's the stray cat.

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Get your own diary at DiaryLand.com! contact me older entries newest entry 2003-01-24 - 9:25 p.m.

Mom's making me nuttier than I already am. Sigh. I love her to death, but honestly, you'd think she was born old the way she acts most of the time, and she's not even sixty yet. Wednesday night my friend Lyn called me at 9:30 p.m., and we talked until 10:30 p.m. Evidently I got a little too loud at one point, woke mom up, and she threw a hissy fit about it demanding I get off the phone. It's not like it was 1:30 a.m. in the morning! Sheesh! I don't think she ever talked to friends on the phone at night when she was young.

I have this crappy job where I sometimes get bleach/acids/etc. on my clothes at work and get holes in the shirts/jeans. Altough in my current job, it's mainly bleach, and I'm very careful with it, and don't get it on me much any more (it's been months). I got bitched out by mom for wearing a shirt she gave me for Christmas to work. Honestly. She said it was one of my few decent shirts!?! What? Most of my shirts are decent, it's my jeans that need work. I love to buy shirts, but hate buying pants. It's such a hassle to try them on.

Ever wish for list owners to actually enforce list rules? I'm so tired of one-liners in my emails I could scream. Or the rudeness in general on some of the lists I'm on right now. If they don't calm down soon, I'm unsubbing.

Could the show Fastlane get any slashier? I swear it's got to be a conscious decision to make it so subtext-y between the two male leads. It just leaps off the screen. I love it. Not to mention last week's Fastlane, where Billie pretended to be a lesbian to catch a couple of lesbian crooks or was it pretense? Hmmmm. The show doesn't tell you. The subtext on this show reminds me of Xena. Xena's coming out on dvd--yes!!! Heh. That sounds wrong, doesn't it? grin. Can't wait. I'm firmly in the Xena/Gabrielle camp myself.

Wish I felt better. I hope it's just allergies. My ears hurt, throat's sore, drainage going on. Big Sigh.

I miss Firefly. The best tv show on tv this season and it gets cancelled. It would take conventional movie crap and turn it on it's head. I loved all the characters. They were so strong in their personalities it was either love them or hate them. I just don't understand why people didn't like the show.

My job is so boring I can't stand it. Same thing day in, day out. I wanna quit so bad..........but I lack the nerve. I hate job hunting and in this economy........hard to find one. It's just that it's so repetitive, and requires no thought whatsoever. Trained monkeys could do it. I do like my boss, but my coworkers are another story and a great deal of why I want to quit.

Alice is "shy" (read rude). I was way shy all through school. I know how shy people behave. She's just flat out rude. If I say good morning to her, most of time I won't get a response. She ignores me. She's married to Sam, a charmer in and of himself who used to work out there before he quit. Called me an incompetent bitch on my birthday one year a few years ago. I guess that's why he couldn't handle his job, quit, and couldn't get rehired out there later. My immediate supervisor couldn't stand him either. And I'm so incompetent my boss (immediate supervisor's supervisor) gave me the highest raise possible last year. Never have had an unsatisfactory performance review. So there. sticks out tongue.

Randolph is okay. He talks to me, but doesn't go out of his way. Not friends with each other.

Suzy's okay. Very, very, deeply religious though. I'm not. She's kinda preachy, but I like her. We talk.

Mike's okay. Friendly enough. So is Lana, but she's very good friends with Alice. And they stop talking when I come up to them to talk with them usually on work stuff. Lana's also friends with Chris--more on him later.

2003-01-23 - 10:52 a.m.

I was adopted by this little, pathetic-looking, starving stray about 2 months ago. She looked so sad and you could count the number of ribs she had she was so thin. I've been taking care of her for the last 2 months. She saw the vet before Christmas, and the vet thought she was about 8 months old at that time. Ear mites. Had the very basic vaccinations done, can't afford anything more right now. She's an indoor/outdoor cat. I'd like to get all the vaccinations for her. She's now a healthy 6 lbs. Possibly a little more now. She looks like she's getting a belly on her. I hope she's not pregnant. I'm having her spayed this Tuesday. Unless she's pregnant of course. sigh. She's a calico cat. She's so calm and sweet natured. She'll curl up in your lap purring at you for a long, long time. Not at all like my other cat. We've been calling her Lil Sis.

I already had a cat. My other cat is part Ragdoll, part unknown. She's about 17 lbs. Vet wants her to lose weight. I call her Mervis. She's all white with gold eyes. Her body is such that she looks like a male lion--she has a ruff around her neck, and a long body, and short stubby legs. She can move though. Zoom, Zoom, Zoooooooooooooom. Faster than a speeding bullet. She's about 18 months old. She's been spayed and had every vaccination known to vet kind. She gets angry to easily it's funny--to me anyway. When I pick her up, I'll ask her for a kiss, and sometimes she'll turn her nose up for a kiss. Sometimes she ignores me, and sometimes it's NO. She'll put her paw up under my chin to hold me away. It's so funny. She's easily startled. No, she's not deaf. She's a beautiful cat.

My uncle who has an indoor/outdoor cat, Clyde, plays very rough with the animals. In one day, he played with my cat (to the extent he made her mad enough to draw blood) Mervis who is strictly an indoor cat, his cat, and 2 outdoor cats, all of who drew blood on him, got cat sractch fever (yes, it actually exists and is a serious blood infection) and tried to blame my cat. Not even!!! After being indoors only, having every vaccination, not to mention all the times she's drawn blood on me, I know she's not carrying the cat scratch infection. She's a biter, not a clawer. She doesn't claw furniture. Thank Goodness.

Mervis and Lil Sis have met a few times. Didn't go over well. Surprisingly enough, Lil Sis is the aggressor, and she intimidates my 17 lb cat. It's funny to watch. The thing is, is that I've bought a house, and Lis Sis has been living in it while it's being fixed up, and Mervis has been living with me where I live right now (with my mom). I don't know who they're going to react when I finally get to move into the house to each other being the same house. I guess they'll need to settle with each other before I get a dog.

I'll be so happy when I finally to get to move into my house. I bought it last week of August 2002. It had been used as a rent house or owned by people who didn't care for 17 yrs. It still has the original, 17 yr old wallpaper in the kitchen! And the original carpet in the bedrooms! It had held up better the newer carpet in the living room. The living room had holes in the carpet and looked like it needed to be re-stretched. So, basically we've gutted the house. It's mainly just been me and mom doing the work on it, with occassional help from other relatives. So it's been slow going, but it's getting there. There were 3 layers of linoleoum in the kitchen and laundry room. The last layer was the 17 yr old stuff. But the 3 layers were easier to get up than the linoleum in the bathroom that was mildewy. It was just one layer, but somebody went way overboard with the linoleum glue. Believe me, scraping up linoleum glue is tedious and hard back-breaking work. Made my body hurt in places I didn't know existed, and gave me really bad tendonitis in my arms.

I'm putting wood looking vinyl down in the entry, living room, kitchen, and some fabulous looking marble ceramic tile down in the laundry room and bathroom. I'm choosing my carpet right now for the bedrooms. I've painted my exterior doors a caramel color. My kitchen is sage green. I'm getting new appliances--fridge, microwave, stove, and eventually washer/dryer, but first comes furniture. Soon.


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