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Well, I worked the weekend of Feb 8-9. So I had this Friday off---whee! Badly needed. Even if the boss makes you take Friday off so that you're not paid overtime. Overtime would be very nice right now with all bills.

Dr. said Friday I have some sort of contact dermatitis. Mom thinks it's poison ivy. Don't know where I got into it if it was that. Mom said her mom was very allergic too it. Dr. gave me a cortisone shot---ick. Never again. Felt sick afterward on Sat. Nauseous. Headache. Really made my left knee hurt. Can't figure that one out. Made shopping hell. Complained about hair loss to dr. Got sent for blood test for iron and thyroid level. If normal, he's sending me on to a dermatologist who'll do further testing.

OH! Went to JcPenny's Sat. Bought my sofa! I've got a sofa. I've got a sofa. I've got a sofa!!!! My first sofa!!!! Now I just have to pay for it---ouch.

Went by the Cupboard on Saturday, bought some vitamins that are supposed to help with hair loss. Maybe that'll help it. Hope so. Cut 2 inches off my hair due to hair loss--the ends looked so ragged. Looks better.

Went to Home Depot Sunday. Bought blinds for windows. Mom is returning blinds cause they are too small and getting the right size. Mom bought a sofa at JcPenny's. Going back today to change her order.

Gave Mom a book of WWII photographs for Valentine's Day. She gave me a toaster oven for my house. I bought her book Friday at Hastings. Did a bad, bad thing too--bought me some Tokyopop mangas (Chobits vol 4(?), Dragon Knights vol 6, Island vol 7); Soultaker vol 1 dvd; Bouncer used (found cheaper at Gamestop by $6.00 later but I'd already opened it--grr) and Orphen, new but discounted, videogames. Total purchase $153. Yikes. Really shouldn't have spent the money. And then to compound the stupidity I bought 2 bottles of nail polish at Walgreens on Saturday, and wishing I'd gotten a third color. Sigh. Stress=buying for me I guess. Which is too bad b/c it just adds stress of how to pay for this shit! I have a car payment due tommorrow on my birthday! Damn! At least after the sofa purchase, I've kicked into fiscal conservative mode.

Haven't played Kingdom Hearts in a while--over a week. Been reading books checked out from library and watching stuff I'd taped up all week. Mostly caught up with the taped up stuff--or I was before I taped some more stuff. ^^;; Oh well.

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Kingdom Hearts is going. Grrrr. It's so frustrating trying to get the dalmation chest behind the Magician's House. I can't get a camera angle on it, much less a decent one that lets me know where to jump. It's pray, jump, *splash* into the water, back to the the freakin' movin' platforms that you can barely see to jump onto so you go *splash* again. ARGH! I've probably spent a combined 2 1/2 hours trying to get this chest. I need it for the secret ending. Oh, well, if at first you don't succeed, try and try and try again.

I want a new Buffy episode! It's been weeks! It's so aggravating. Heck last week wasn't even a repeat! It was pre-empted by some basketball game! And what's up with showing shows are the Superbowl! I missed a pivotal Alias b/c they showed it after the Superbowl, which I don't watch! Grrr.

The bathroom in my house is all together now. The plumbing isn't leaking. My appliances (stove, fridge, microwave, washer, dryer) will be delivered and installed on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2003. YES! My house is getting livable! All right! Whohoo! Now, I've just got to pay for them. Ouch. About $2200 + tax. Ouchie. I'll need to buy a sofa, but otherwise for now, I think it's covered. I've a dining table mom bought me, chairs for table given to me by an aunt, some chairs mom will give me until I can afford to buy some, my bed (although I would like to buy a bedroom suite), furniture that I can use until I can afford to buy some.

Need to call my bank to make sure everything account wise is correct. I won the battle to get my $43.09 from Payflex. Payflex=medical savings account. Wonderful. No one is answering the phone at the bank. Grrrr. Damnit! I need to make sure my automatic salary deposit went through since they changed the routing numbers on me! Not to mention the Payflex deposit. Whew! Payflex and Salary went through! wipes brow. Forget to ask for account balance. sheepish look. Not calling back right now. Will later.

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I've finished battling Captain Hook in Neverland. Successful on the third try. He kept killing me just when I was about to kill him on the other two tries. Very aggravating considering you all cut scene watching and re-battling you have to do to fight Hook again.

I'm now in Halloween Town. Yes, I know, I'm supposed to do HT before Neverland, but it wouldn't open up for me. Neverland did. Very strange. And the gummi ship crap is making me nuts. I don't care about the gummi ship. Anyway, I can't find the green door to fight Oogie Boogie. It's making me nuts. I've probably wasted close to an hour looking for it so far. Any suggestions on where it is? Anyone? Grrr.

My bathroom in my house is coming together. Cold water is hooked up, hot water needs work. Toliet is down, but needs new valve; it's leaking water out the top of the valve. My sink is in. My hardware is up. Need mirror.

It's time to go renew my useless manicurist license. I'm licensed, but I don't use it. Mom insisted I get one. Have to get TB Tine test to renew it. Stupid state board won't accept the shot version of the test. Not to mention pay 60 bucks for the useless thing. And it's time to get my car inspected/oil changed/new windshield wipers. Sigh. Bills aren't they fun? NOT.


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