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Watched Nina's Heavenly Delights. It's about a woman who is estranged from her family (Indians living in Scotland) b/c she didn't want the arranged marriage and refused to marry him. She comes back after her dad, a famous chef, dies and finds out he gambled away the restuarant to a former classmate of hers (a woman). They develop a relationship. It's a sweet movie. My only complaint is the lack of subtitles, which would help to understand what some of the actors are saying (they really have a thick Scottish accent and I can't understand them). Overall B+ to an A.

Watched Eureka DVD season 1 disc 1. The show is fabulous and inspired. I really liked it. I like the sherrif who doesn't have a science background in this show about a town full of genius science types. I like the black scientist actor person. I know I've seen him in other roles and I'm pretty sure one of them was another science type role. I just can't remember where. I think he's my fave chara on the show. I'd like to see Rodney McKay in Eureka or House. Hah. That's be fun. 

Watched The Brothers Grimm. Eh. I can't make up my mind about the movie. All of the bug scenes, well, they "bugged" me. Ha. I kind of liked it  and kind of didn't. I liked the charas in the movie but I kept thinking clean up! Use some raid! I think I kept waiting for it to be better than it was. It just didn't fully engage me the way Dresden Files and Eureka (even more so)  did.

Watched Dresden Files season 1 disc 1. It was fun. I have a lot of questions. I think maybe you really need to read the books to fully understand what I going on in the eps. I'm sad to realize that the show was canceled after 1 season. That's always the way it is though and why I don't watch much tv anymore. The shows that I like usually have a short lifespan (Firefly, etc.) so why should I invest time in watching them? 

More and more I realize that tv shows only exist to promote the commercials, which is why low viewership equals cancellation. I despise commercials. No, I don't have a DVR or whatever. I tape my shows with a VCR and fast forward through the commercials. Significant time savings. I'm really getting into watching tv shows on DVD (no commercials, better picture quality and sound). I love my library: free books, free dvd rental, etc.).
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I really like Google Chrome. It's better than Firefox in that I don't constantly get Not Responding messages, which freeze up my computer for as long as 2 minutes) and it loads webpages much, much faster. I hadn't realized until I played with Chrome yesterday how  much the the NR message and long loading times for Blackboard (online class system) were affecting me I think half of my dislike for my classes (past and present) has been browser frustration since they are online classes for the most part. I feel relieved and happier now. Still not completely happy with them but I am much, much happier. It's possible to use delicious buttons with Chrome. I wish Chrome would open up previous webpages you've visited after you've shut it down like Firefox allows you. I don't know how I missed the option before but I found it. Awesome!  I also wish Chrome was more customizable--I like Firefox's AdBlock, etc. Does anyone actually click on those damn ads? I don't unless I'm trying to help support a website/cause (click here and we'll donate money to feed the hungry, etc.). I've never bought anything off those sites I've clicked through. It still loads the webpages with ads faster than Firefox though. The interface just feels so floaty and lightweight to me. I can see more of my screen, which enables me to see more of the webpages that I visit. It's awesome. 

Typing of the Dead, which is an improve your typing program, is awesome. I may be fast but my accuracy isn't always the greatest so I found this and downloaded it. It's totally awesome. When you type a letter or word, you fire a bullet, which hits a zombie and eventually kills it. It's a zombie killing game that teaches you to type the QWERTY keyboard. It lets you explore and has levels. Too bad it doesn't teach DVORAK, which I understand is easier on the hands/less risk of carpal tunnel and which I want to learn since my hands start to hurt after typing for while. Decisions, decisions. Try to learn DVORAK (which I'll be slow & inaccurate with at first) or improve my QWERTY accuracy and keep my typing speed. 

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I did study to be biologist (B.S. in biology, minor in chemistry). Now, I'm changing career fields. Maybe. I'm graduating in Dec with 2 master degrees (health and library science) and now all I can think is that I made a mistake in selecting those fields........I hope I'm just burned out. To be honest though, I've enjoyed designed the flyers, PP presentations, posters, etc., more than I've enjoyed my classes, which are kind of interesting but also bleh to me.  I'm not that talented in drawing, etc., but maybe it's time I explored more my "artistic" side. I liked figuring out the design elements of the flyers, etc. Hmm.

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Yes!!!!!!!! I passed my portfolio (a major obstacle to graduating) on my 1st try!!!! I'm so excited. I thought I would be one of those who failed the 1st attempt and passed on the 2nd attempt. I really wasn't confident in my professional agenda section but evidently it was good enough. Now, all I have to do is pass with a B or higher my practicum class and my foundations of health science class, in which I just turned in my midterm exam.

I'm watching Kissing Jessica Stein. I'd forgotten how much I liked the movie. Went to a class today about how to set up/design a webpage. Definitely gave me ideas. Instructor had lots of free programs/options listed.


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