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Watched last night's showing of the second season premiere. Very impressed. I loved it. Wasn't sure I would. Kind of indifferent to last season's show but I liked the idea of the tv show. Still haven't watched all of last season--caught most of the season during the marathon they showed though.  Grad school really interferes with my tv watching schedule unfortunately. I'm so happy I'm graduating in December! Yay! I'll get my life back. Of course, I'll need a job, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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The show and the movies make my brain hurt when I think about the time travel involved. Kyle Reese, a soldier from the future, is obessed with and in love with Sarah Connor because of Sarah's picture and possibly posssesses knowledge of Sarah from John Connor, Sarah's son, so he's happy to get sent back in time to protect Sarah from the terminators. Kyle is the father of John Connor, who becomes the leader of humanity's resistance to rule by machines. So, John Connor, who knew his father was from the future and was Kyle Reese, actually sent Kyle back to not only protect Sarah but to become his (John's) father. So the son sent the father back in time so the son would be born?! If Kyle had not been sent back to the past to Sarah, John Connor would not exist. Quite likely, the terminators would not exist either.

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