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This is awesome. A male constant on American Idol is taking pictures of himself kissing other guys and then posting it on the Interweb. Nice pics.  ;-)

Scientists figure out the root cause of grey hair
. Now all they need to do is to figure how to stop it! Mom'll love that since she's a hairdresser and relies on dyes to color hair and to make a living.  :-) 

Oooh, free sci-fi and fantasy ebooks here: suvudu free library

This caught my attention since when I was younger I read this books as if they were going out of style: Harlequin celebrates 60th b-day by giving away for free 16 ebooks ($60 value). Ah, the memories. I still love you Anne Stuart with your fabulous writing (definitely a cut above the usual romantic novel dreck). I downloaded a couple of them (vampires/witches) and boy, I can say the download interface is frustrating and slow but it does work.

Oooooooh, finally, a post I can link to whenever someone goes off the deep end and says gays molest children! Are Gays A Threat to Our Children? Answer, hell no! Sexual orientation does not equal child molestation.
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I'm tired and sleepy but can't sleep. So. I found this comic, Planet Karen, which is funny, especially this panel about the word gay being used as meaning bad/wrong/etc. instead of homosexual or even it's dictionary meaning of cheerful, etc. I heart the goth girl's response to the guy using gay, well, gay-ly (wrongly). I'll have to borrow her response to these guys in the future when I hear the word gay as being used to mean wrong. Heh.

At my former job, I had a young assistant in her early 20s, who used gay to mean wrong, bad, etc. Drove me up the wall but I didn't do anything about it (I wasn't in a position where I could even ask her not use it that way due to the social and political environment of where I worked). She (AM) was awesome in every other way though (friendly, actually performed her job of helping me out (my former assistant (RT) was a bitch and went on the record stating that she would not help me during our so-called meditation)). I'm still ashamed of myself for not speaking to her about that but she was the niece of one of the big bosses in another department and I needed my job at the time.

I'm actually seeing tv PSA's now calling for people to stop and think about what they are saying when they use gay to mean wrong. It's awesome to see commericals/PSAs on tv dealing with this subject.


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