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Went to the doctor week before last. Spent $110 to learn that I had a viral respiratory infection and to not get any prescriptions. Bah. I'll be happier when my COBRA information comes so I file a claim and get some of my money back. I took Sambucus (black elderberry) to get over it. Mom's doctor is into alternative medication and that's what she told Mom to take for her walking pneumoniae the week before I got sick. I think the elderberry helped Mom and I get well.

Now, I've got a sinus infection. I had a nosebleed (a long one) happen last week. I was in the bathtub at the time thank goodness since it was easier to clean up that way. I bled so much it turned my bathwater a rust color.

Last week (the 18th) was my birthday. Yay. Didn't do anything for it other than be sick. Boy, I'm tired of being sick.Another year older and no longer to realizing my dreams and unemployed. Joy. Yesterday, I filed for unemployment insurance. I need to complete my workforce application registration. I missed an event (learning about music therapy) that I wanted to attend today since I couldn't find parking. Damn it.

Tomorrow, I'm running Mom's errands for her. I'm taking her car to be inspected, oil changed, getting gas, and returning stuff to Petsmart for her. The food she got for her dogs disagrees with them. The vet wants them to eat CD food, which the dogs don't like but the other brands of dogfood make them sick (Gertie gets crystals in her urine and pees everywhere when does and I think Boo's stomach gets upset).

Watched Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull today. What a meh, half-assed movie. Even the music was kind of meh--it didn't come across as powerful or dramatic to me. I kind of wished they hadn't made it if this was the best they could do.Indiana Skull movie spoilers: one major (?) one if you've not seen the movie )

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2004-01-06 - 2:35 p.m.

The maternal unit sure can make one crazy……I rented three movies from Blockbuster last Friday. Rented Gen Y Cops, loved Gen X Cops, haven’t watched Y yet. Got Snow falling on Cedars—don’t bother watching it—it’s slow and boring—unless you want to watch a movie about what happened to the Japanese during WWII, being rounded up and sent to camps, etc. Not a very good romance or trial pic. Rented David Lynch’s Mulholland Dr. which I liked. Well, I like it up until the twist and the ending, that I didn’t like so much, but I still liked the movie. Mom had to rant on and on and on about what a waste of time that was, and if you liked it something was wrong with you, etc. So sorry, Mom, but I’m not a duplicate of you. Fortunately. Although I know you think I am. By the way could ya, please!, stop whining/complaining about everything under sun, Mom? She rants on and on about cars that park to close to her, afraid they’ll ding her car. I had to listen to her rant about that for 15 minutes after LOTR: ROTK (excellent movie, not up to the previous two). I’m sick to death and tired of listening to people, including myself, whine and complain about everything, especially when it’s the same thing repeatedly.

I’ve made up my mind. This year is going to be a great year. A productive year. I’m throwing out stuff finally instead of saving it. I finally got my check from Farmers for my car on Wed, Dec 31, deposited it Friday the 2nd, and it has to be held for 3 business days, then I’ll get the funds. Tomorrow, Wed, Dec 7th. Next to deal with is the medical claim side. Funsies. Not. Called and cancelled my extended warranty on the Sunfire, so I’m getting $289 back from that, in a couple of weeks. Yes! I’ve made the last payment on my sectional sofa, so now it’s all mine! I get to start paying for my new car next month, oh, the fun. It’s a metallic red Hyundai Elantra GT 2004, with leather interior. I like the car but am not in love with it. I really, really, wanted the GT Hatchback, but I couldn’t convince anyone to take me to a dealership that had them so I could look at it. So, I’m already mentally planning on trading this car off in a couple of years, just as soon as I’m not upside down on the loan. I got a call from the State Board of Insurance asking me to call them back. Haven’t yet. Doubt I’ll get any satisfaction other than that of getting them, A All American Plumbing, into trouble in the first place. Heh.

I’ve been cleaning out my magazines by reading them and throwing them into the recycling container instead of bringing them to work for the last week. Heh. I feel good. I usually bring to work so others can read them before they are recycled, but I’ve been resenting it too, even though no one compels me to bring them. They love the fact I bring them, but consider me a bitch…….so, I think I’m going to stop bringing them. Heh. They can bring their own material from now on; well, I still might bring my Discover mags to work, but that’s it. I’m going to sell my stuff I’ve been wanting to sell—even if I don’t make a profit, I’ll at least get some of my moolah back, right? I’m wanting to go through my nail polish and throw out the ones I don’t want anymore. I’m wanting to write up my resume. I’m wanting to find another job. I’m wanting to take the GRE. I’m wanting to go to grad school, but major in what? And where? I’m wanting to move!!!!!!!! Away from where I am. I’m thinkin’ Florida, California, Georgia, or Louisiana. Yes, LA, people. I told Mom once I wanted to move to New Orleans, and her response, “The murder capital of the US?! Are you crazy?” I like the Cajun culture, food, and music, so yes LA, people. I’d like to move somewhere on the coast, next to the beaches and ocean, and fun times……..If I stay in Texas, maybe Corpus Christie? The one time I was there, I liked it. Not Galveston, fun to visit, but not to live there. Everything shuts down early. And I mean early. Like 9:30 pm early.

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2003-12-30 - 3:48 p.m.

Well, let’s see. I did it! No, really, I did it! I finally bought a new car! Mom and I are so tired of commuting together to work (different worksites) that she made the down payment herself on the car with her money! Whee! ‘Course I’ll pay her back when I get the check from the insurance company. I’d been without a car since Nov. 26. I bought it Saturday, Dec 27, 2003. Earlier in the day I’d test driven a Pontiac Vibe—cute car but it was going to be about $21,000 for it. Payments = $340.00 a month at 0% interest. I’d planned to buy in on Monday after I wrapped my head around the idea of those car payments. My Sunfire had been $335, iirc. My house payment has gone up by $60.00 and don’t get me started on my credit car bills, so I really didn’t want that big of a payment. Really didn’t want payments that big. Not to mention, Monday, Dec 29, guess what? Pontiac ads on tv/radio air talking about the $2000 cash back bonus! I’d have been ripped off by the car salesperson and his manager! They never mentioned the cash back to me at all on Saturday. Fuckers!

On the way home, Mom and I passed the Eckert Hyundai dealership and she pulled in for me to see if they had a 5-door Elantra GT in. Didn’t. I still wish I gotten one of those, but I couldn’t get anyone with a car to take me to a dealership that had one. They’d gotten in a crimson colored Hyundai Elantra GT and I liked it. Has leather seats, fancy radio(!), power open moonroof, etc. So I got it. Sent Mom into shock. I’d disliked the GT body before, but it was a “tidal blue” color, the body style is growing on me. I still can’t believe I bought a red car. A RED CAR. I’d always wanted one, but still…….the way I speed?! Stupid, stupid, stupid. Oh well, I like it anyways. Since Mom had a Hyundai, they were offering $2,000 cash back bonus on the Hyundai cars, plus a $750 rebate, so I got nearly $3000 off my car! Great deal. Plus, Mom and I put $3000 down, so I ended up financing around $11,000+change for the car. It had been around $17,000. Payments with gap insurance = $217.00. Much better deal. Anyway, I have transportation again and can do what I want when I want to again. Sings the Hallelujah chorus. I’m still not that fond of the Hyundai stripe down the car, but what the hell, right? It’s a metallic red color that the H people called crimson.

My credit card bills would come down a lot quicker if I stopped buying stuff, but it’s just so tempting……..rats……those fabu sales…….

Now all I have to do is get my check from the fuckers at Farmers Insurance. Bunch of assholes. I finally got my paperwork and signed and mailed it certified so they couldn't scream they never got it. They got it Dec 22. So, hopefully, I'll be getting a check soon since asshole, JR Vesaquez, was back from vacation today. My check will be close to $8000, minus $3000 for Mom of course. Bill pay off time.

I so want a different job. I'm gonna update my resume and apply for those jobs. Nods heads. 'Course they're all in different states, but I'd love to move from Texas. I've never felt there was anything for me here, and I don't think there ever will be. If I stay where I am, I will never get married, have kid, make money, or even date. Hell, I get asked out all they time when I'm on vacation, but at home, here?! Forget it. It's like I'm a leper, but I'm not. Hell, I'm much more attractive than most people I know. Can't figure it out.

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2003-12-22 - 8:08 a.m.

November/early December:

Mom and I have agreed to not spend more than $100 on gifts for each other. My idea. She always goes nuts buying crap for me, so I feel I have to match her……grrrrrrrrr. She wants to get the Xmas decorations down this weekend. Ick. I don’t know. I’m just not in a Chrismassy mood again this year. I don’t feel putting up decorations this year. Such a Scrooge I am.

My Mom’s oldest brother died about a month ago. They weren’t close, but she liked and respected him. She didn’t go to the funeral, it was near Houston, and she was sick and had back problems. He had kids 4 yrs older than my Mom.

I don’t know how much damage/cost was done to the city vehicle. No one’s mentioned it to me and I don’t wanna ask to remind them why it was damaged. ^^;; The Monday after it happened though, the people were out there working on the gate, so hopefully it’s fixed and won’t behave like that again.

The cat killer, creepy guy, who lived in the trailer next door………well, the owners were notified that he had to move, so about 2 weeks after that, he moved I think. I’d still see him during the day, but not over there at night. Last week, the trailer was moved; it’s gone from the driveway, for now at least. I believe he killed my cat Lil Sis. Won’t even look Mom or me in the eyes. Bastard! It’s been several days since I’ve seen him. Don’t see him around much anymore. The owners came back and are living in the house—have been for a while. I miss her –my kitty--so much……...

Oh, guess what? No, no, guess!

I didn’t get a raise this year and won’t next year. Grrrr. I want my raises! I earned a 5% raise last year I didn’t get. Pisses me off. You only get those for exceptional years. Usually, it’s a 3% raise for satisfactory work. I’ve managed to pay off my car this year, and two more payments and my couch will be paid for—YES! Then, it’s my other credit card time. Whohoo! Hopefully, everything will be paid off by this summer. I’m trying to pay down the credit cards now, but it’s hard—I keep using them. I’m trying to pay in cash/check more now though than I was.


Wah. The Wed before Thanksgiving, Nov. 26, guess what? I was coming home from work, when at the intersection of Sherman and Kings Row, this idiot ran a stop sign, and now, my car, my gold Sunfire, is totaled. Wah. I’d just paid it off this past July, and I’d planned on keeping it for a while yet. 2-3 yrs anyway. I really, really didn’t/don’t want a car payment right now. I wasn’t badly injured. Mainly airbag burns on my arms/face/under my chin, bruises, back/neck/arm pain. Saw the Dr last Thursday, Dec. 4, and he prescribed some muscle relaxers, and ordered x-rays of my spine. They came back normal.

When the accident happened, it happened right in front of the fire station, so I guess they heard the crash, and pulled the fire engine out, asked me how I was, and called the police. The police ticketed Mr. Pena for failure to yield right of way through the stop sign (doesn’t mean he ran it, the officer said, me, huh?), and driving with an expired drivers license. It had been expired for a year, and it was the guy’s b-day. The officer told him, “Mr. Pena, due to your extensive driving history, you may have a few problems.” Joy, I got hit by an idiot driver. Just my luck this year.

The guy’s insurance, Farmers Insurance, is trying to give us the run around. B/c the accident happened at 4 pm Wed, and it was the holidays, I couldn’t get a copy of the accident report until Monday. Monday, we called Farmers and they assign us to a guy in Aiblene—300 miles away from me! Then, closer to home, they assign a real bitch to my case. She was rude to me and grilled me like I was the one at fault and in a courtroom on trial! She came out last Tuesday, Dec 2, to Denton to look at the accident site and wanted me to meet her at Danny’s Autobody shop. Why? She can’t take pictures of the car by herself? She’s offered $750 for pain/suffering. I’ll take it, but haven’t yet. She’d said on the phone that she could get me a rent car Tuesday, then Tuesday at the Autobody shop, she said she didn’t have the authority to okay it! Lying bitch. Talk about dressin’ like a slut too. Usually, you only see cleavage like that at night. Said she had to give the info to the Auto adjuster guy. We finally had to call him yesterday, since we hadn’t heard anything, and we get his machine, but it gets him to moving. He came out today, Tues, Dec 9, to the Autobody shop to look at the car!!!!!!!! Why? The bitch already had and taken pictures! They want me to go ahead and release the car, but I asked Danny and he said no, don’t, until you’ve got the check. Danny who owns Autobody is a great car fixer/repairer and a family friend. So, I’m not gonna release it.

My Sunfire, according to Kelly’s blue book is worth $7440 plus tax, title, license. I know this, this, arrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh, insurance company is gonna lowball me on the estimate. It had premium sound, powered moonroof, low mileage—21,000 miles on it. If I road tripped with Mom, we took her car—more comfy on long trips. Live within 10 miles of work.

Tuesday night, by the time we got through with bitchy, it was too late to go rent a car, so we rented one Wed., after work. Should’ve done so, Wed, Nov 26. Bunch of assholes. I had to work Thursday thru Sunday afterall. Then Monday thru Thursday. I started getting sore Sat and Sun. I asked for a subcompact to midsize car to rent, and Enterprise gave me a Dodge Durango! Nice, but boy, are they gas guzzlers. If it gets 10 miles to the gallon, it’ll shock me.

I test drove 5 cars last Saturday, the one I like best is the Ford Focus, but given it’s history of 7 recalls in 2001 and 2002, I’m really iffy on it. I’m thinking of test driving the Pontiac Vibe. I don’t know what to get……..whine…..I don’t want to! I don’t like 4 doors much, but I need to get one, probably. If I had a kid a few years, I don’t want to have to start over with a new car. My heart wants another coupe. I want sporty, reliable, good-looking transportation. Only problem is, I think most cars are ugly, and those that really do appeal to me are in the $20,000 plus range which is way out of my money range. Why do they make ugly cars under $20k? It can’t be cost really. I’m just talking body shape, not the fancy interior crap. Surely they can design a car with eye appeal for the same money as an ugly car. I can get a car in the 17-20k range, but I’ll need to put down 3-4 k from the insurance settlement to make the payments within my range. I thought about one of under 13k cars, like the Toyota Echo, but they don’t look big in the front, smaller than my Sunfire. I’m kinda afraid now since the wreck of little fronts. If I’d been in one of those little front cars, I think I’d be much more injured or dead now. My car front is so crumpled…..poor little Sunfire. Ya know, I’d never taken a picture of my Sunfire. Rats.

Thank goodness this year is almost over. It’s been an evil year.


Well, let’s see. After not receiving the insurance papers as promised last Monday, Mom called the insurance company Wed, and they tried to claim that we didn’t release the car and that they didn’t have the car. Yeah, right. Called Autobody where the car was, and they said it had been picked up last Friday, the 12th. Bunch of liars. Called him back and said the car was picked up. He, J R Vesaquez said that it takes 2 business days to show up, yeah, right, it had been 3 business days, and then he tried to back down from the offer he’d made already of $7320 plus tax and title for my car. Said it hadn’t been a firm offer. We said too late, it had already been accepted. I tried to call again a 3rd time later on, and got his voicemail which said he’d be out of the office until Dec 29th! NEVER mentioned this on the phone to us. Prick. Left an emergency number, which I called, got the voicemail on, left a message saying that unless I get those papers, I was calling the State Board of Insurance to complain, the Better Business Bureau, and the police to report my car as being stolen. Finally, on Friday, the 19th, when I got home from work, the papers for me to sign were in the mail. Filled them out, sent in my title and keys, and sent them back the next day, Saturday, the 20th, by certified mail, so they can’t claim they didn’t receive the papers back. Hopefully, I’ll get my check soon. Haven’t settled the medical side yet. I’m undecided. Mom thinks that I may have to pay for the xrays/full cost of the prescription muscle relaxers, so I’m waiting to see if it’s true or not. If it’s true, then his insurance will pay for it. Not me. They’ve offered $750 so far. Too bad the medical claim woman is such a bitch. Gives bitches a bad name.

I’ve spent slightly more than the $100 agreed on by Mom and me. But that’s okay. Finally finished putting up my tree last week. It’s all decorated and everything. We, Mom and I didn’t put up a tree last year, it was my idea, and I’ve had such a bad year, that it spooked Mom into putting up a tree herself. We’d just planned on putting up mine. Heh. Yup, it’s staying up until after the 1st. Mom said she’d always heard it was bad luck to take a tree down before the first of the year. Both trees are artifical. Mine’s big, bought it last year at Hobby Lobby. It’s nice. Looks good, I think. Got Mom’s packages wrapped yesterday while watching the Lost Boys. Yeah, vampire flick, real Christmassy, huh?

I'm trying hard to not be a Scrooge this year, but it's hard for me this year. I'm so ready for next year. Next year will be a better year, I know it! Nods firmly.

I had my exam on the 18 by Dr. Cooper out at Walmart. Not impressed, probably won't go back, but at least I can get a new pair of glasses/contacts. Have to get it before the year ends, which is why I think I'm going to get contacts now, and I'm wearing my trial pair to make sure they're okay to wear. Right eye the same, but the left eye prescription changed slightly. I'd forgotten about the exam and contacts and my insurance for this year for them is about to run out on the first. Have to hurry, hurry. Which is why I didn't go to Total Eyecare, I really like them, but it can be hard to get in and they have to order the glasses/contacts which can take a week or two. EyeMasters here I come!

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2003-10-13 - 7:47 a.m.

Will this evil year never end? I had to work this past weekend Sat & Sun. Fine. Sat stuff went wrong. Sunday stuff really went wrong. Let's see. Woke up; stomach upset; actually at work by 8:30 am; gate closed when I pull up; punch open; gate won't open; hit operator button several times, but no one comes; hold button down and finally a response. I had killed my car to save gas while I was waiting as I getting into the red and needed to fill up. Guy came; couldn't open the gate either; he had to play with it. Tried to start my car; couldn't; battery was dead. They pulled up with jumper cables to start me; had to park in the pathway of the gate. Guess what? Gate started closing, so they pushed the open button repeatedly, but it closed on the company vehicle. Yikes. Then it opened up again. Let my car run about 40 or so minutes to charge the battery while I worked. Kept checking on it to check the gas level. Killed it; finished most of work. Went to Walmart; car oil changed; battery replaced; bill $85.00; gas $17.00; sigh; bought groceries; contemplating returning some other stuff I bought that was $15.00; total non car bill $98.00. Came back to work, finished up what I could. Went home; cleaned my floors/bathroom. Need to dust though. Need to bathe the cat. Funsies. Not. Also need to go back to Walmart to buy lightbulbs. What fun.

Bought a puzzle at Walmart. Started it last night. It's a very pretty puzzle that's going to be hard to put together. Need a calming challenge.

Enjoying Alias this season. Tarzan looks good. Charmed has lost it's mind I think. I still like the show, mainly 'cause of Piper, but the plots really, really need work. I think Adventure Inc was canceled. Pout. I liked that show. I'm liking the Lyon's Den so far. It's intriguing and Rob Lowe is fantastic in it so far. I can't wait to see where it goes.

Reading Balefire, it's okay so far; don't know if I'll finish reading it. Hasn't really caught my attention yet. And I've ton of other stuff to read.

My "vacation" starts Thursday. I'm taking off Thurs, get Friday off for working the weekend, Sat, Sun, taking off Monday and Tuesday next week. Why did I mention this to my mom? So she's doing the same except for Thursday. God. I want away from people, including her. Jeez. I can't afford to go anywhere, so I'm just staying home. Mom want to work on putting a garage sale together on "our vacation". Gee, what fun. I wanted to stay home, read, play my games, have what fun I could while not spending money. I bought Final Fantasy 10 for $20.00 at Walmart.

My self-tanner attempt looks pitiful. I'm trying to get the streaks to even out. Maybe I should just give up? I just don't want to look like Ross on Friends from last week's episode while it fades off. Hilarious.

I haven't exercised in about a week or so. My joints/muscles needed the rest. They hurt so. I've been stretching them out, so they hurt less. I'm going to exercise again tommorrow. I've too much stuff this afternoon--cat bath, buying lightbulbs, etc.

I have a Dr's appointment tommorrow with an ear, nose, throat person. I hope they can figure out why my ears won't equalize under water/in planes/ring. I also talk too loud I know, but I have problems hearing how loud I am to myself. So. It's like it's underwater. I'm not deaf or anything. Weird.


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