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Copyright in the Age of Youtube. HAH! Take that UMG! Go, Ms. Lenz! Take 'em down! What especially bugs me is that content providers want to make the hosts liable instead of the "pirate" because there is just so many, many "pirates!" The poor companies with their millions of dollars just can't afford to pursue the many, many pirates so let's make Youtube (or whatever host) liable instead and sue them instead. Yeah, no.

Ms. Lenz and UMG cont... )

OMG, yes!! Athetists and Anger. From the blog: "One of the most common criticisms lobbed at the newly-vocal atheist community is, "Why do you have to be so angry?" So I want to talk about: 1. Why atheists are angry; 

2. Why our anger is valid, valuable, and necessary; And 3. Why it's completely fucked-up to try to take our anger away from us.So let's start with why we're angry. Or rather -- because this is my blog and I don't presume to speak for all atheists -- why I'm angry." "I'm angry at the believers who put decals on their cars with a Faith fish eating a Darwin fish... and who think that's clever, who think that religious faith really should triumph over science and evidence. I'm angry at believers who have so little respect for the physical world their God supposedly created that they feel perfectly content to ignore the mountains of physical evidence piling up around them about that real world; perfectly content to see that world as somehow less real and true than their personal opinions about God."

OMG, yes. I'm a scientist by training and by heart--I especially despise religion b/c it discounts science so much. Marvelous article that explains why I'm also fed up with the Xtian religion even though I'm not quite an atheist.

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I just found and really like[info]ozarque 's (Ms. Elgin) blog on communication and it's various styles. She's written the books the Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense and other books that I'm now going to have to check out. It's been making me think about I communicate/don't communicate. Search on: ask guess hint and you'll find information about the "askers" vs. the "hinters", which has clarified a few things for me.

 If you're interested in ebooks, Calibre might be handy for you. It's some of ebook manager. I'm currently sorting, organizing, and discarding my (physical) books. I now see the appeal of ebooks. Gah--it's so time consuming--save this book? Don't save it? Wah, I'm out of room, these boxes are heavy, oh my god, is that more of them I need to sort in that there box over yonder?! Damn it, why did this book have to get yellow pages and a musty odor?! Why are these not ebooks and then all I have to do is move my laptop!!! .............Yeah, they'll have to pry my books from my cold, dead hands even with the hassle that they can be. I still can't believe people pay approx $350 for a Kindle to read ebooks. 

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Harvard Slams Google Settlement; Others React With Caution Well, Google folded and settled the lawsuit instead of fighting it out in court and determining copyright and fair use, which leaves the entire matter unsettled and for others to fight out at a later date. Is this good or is it bad? How does it affect libraries? Interesting article.

Beyond Youtube: New Ways to Find Videos on the Web talks about current developments in video searching. Google is trying to development technology that will index the content of the video itself. Other sites have developed that are trying to index the videos on the web such as, blinkx, meefedia (incorporates social blogging), videosurf, CastTv, funnyordie (comedy videos), etc.

Thought these were interesting.


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