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The 8 ugliest cats you'll ever see LOL, they called that one right. I think my fave pics are 3 and 4 from the top of the page. Those poor cats! ;-D

ROTFLMAO, these men. Why would you want to do this to your yourself?! It's hilarious though. Designs shaved into chest hair.

Want to remove Internet annoyances from your browser? Try bookmarklets for zapping annoyances. I'm thinking of adding a couple myself.

Right Brain vs Left Brain: Which One Are You? It's interesting. I don't know if it's sound but it's fun. I see the dancer going counterclockwise. Until I started typing this, I couldn't get the dancer to go clockwise at all. Hmmm. I guess writing shifts your brain from left to right? Weird. Before this, no matter how I tried I couldn't get her to go clockwise. I identify wih the descripption of the left brain functions and somewhat with the right. Mom can only see the dancer going right (clockwise), which kind of helps to explain our conflicts.

GLEE! A pink dolphin! If I didn't know better, I'd think April Fool's Day. How awesome is this?! The dolphin is actually albino with red eyes but still. AWESOME!

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When I checked my Chase Credit Card (Disney Reward Card) bill to pay it on Wednesday, there were several charges that I didn't recognize from elimit.com, elimite.com, besthelp blah, blah, blah. I'm freaked out. I called the credit card and reported it. They canceled the account and are sending me a new card, which should be here in about 5 days they said. I may just call them back up after I get the new card and cancel my account. I know Chase has had problems with having their information stolen. I never use that card for anything really. I only charge my Internet provider fee to the card and that is cause my other credit card (US Bank) was being replaced (I'd lost the card--I found it eventually in a book that I had been reading. I was using it as a bookmark. Is embarrassed). My US Bank card is WorldPerks and I like the airline miles it offers so I use it more. It's also more useful for temporary big payments (well, that I used to be able to afford before I quit my lab job to be a grad assistant) since my credit limit is larger than Chase (only $1,000--I couldn't even pay my tuition with it when I still could pay out of pocket for my grad classes). 

CC fraud & Medical Bills cont...... )
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Since yesterday, whenever I closed my laptop lid there was an audio feedback squeal that drove me nuts. It also sounded like the microphone was open for recording, which I didn't understand since I've never used the mic for anything. Laptop is Acer 5920 and runs Microsoft Vista. I solved the problem by going to Control Panel, under Hardware and Sounds I clicked on Manage Audio Devices, selected Recording from the Sound Menu, clicked on Properties, and selected Levels (general, levels, enchancements, advanced tabs). On the Level Screen it says Microphone and Microphone Boost (+20 dB). I slid the ruler over to 0 on the Microphone Boost ruler. Problem solved! Take that laptop! I've no idea what changed the settings.


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