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2003-05-22 - 7:57 a.m.

Well, Buffy ended Tuesday night after 7 seasons. RATS! I loved,loved, LOVED that show. Is depressed now. I've watched that show since the first first ep. There are very, very few eps I've missed. Maybe 2 or 3 over the years that I've not seen. One of which is an ep I missed this season due to it being pre-empted by a basketball game! Grrrrrrrr! Really wasn't happy that night. The station still hasn't played that ep. *is pissed off about this still*

Anyway, I'm not sure I liked the ending. I could swear my oh-so-reliable station was advertising a 2 hr series finale and it was only one hour. Disappointed about that.

I wish Buffy had had more of a fight with Caleb. I loved Caleb's character. I thought that Caleb would be leading the charge of the uber vamps. That actor was so excellent in the part it took to forever to realize he'd played the captain on Firefly. Why people didn't like that show I'll never know. I fell for it instantly.

I also wish that Angel had played a bigger part. I kinda thought he would given their past, but oh well. I guess it provided a kind of closure. Cookies, heh. *snicker*

I always thought Anya would be the one that was killed off. She was after all a human who became a demon willingly who became a human again. I liked her character, but also didn't. She was kinda irritating.

Why, oh why, did they kill Spike? *sniffles* I adored Spike, all the Spikes from the Big Bad to the one that sacrificed himself for Buffy. I feel like they'll bring him back to be on Angel. I hope so anyway.

I can't believe that Giles would ever betray Buffy the way he did this season, but he did. Ripper comin' out in him. Or any of Buffy's other friends. I'm not sure I'd ever trust them again totally if I was her.

I liked that part about all those with Slayer potential becoming Slayers thanks to Willow's spell. Does anyone else think she has actually become a goddess? No longer human? That was certainly very strongly implied, was it not?

Kennedy, eh. I really liked her at first, and wanted a spin-off with her character but as the season progressed I found myself disliking her more and more. No, it's not because she's involved with Willow. It's her obnoxious, know-it-all attitude. The way she kept challenging Buffy as though she, Kennedy, knew all the answers. Yeah, right, like she's been doing this for 7 years. Bitch.

Faith. *very excited to see Faith again on Angel and Buffy* I still the actress is making a mistake in not doing a Faith spin off. It's not like she's got much of a movie career. I know she's in another upcoming tv show right now. I'll probably watch it to see how it is. I've always loved the Faith character on Buffy. *wishes she had the actress's nice, long, hair* She was such an interesting contrast to the Buffy character.

Over all, the finale left me feelin' kinda disappointed. A "That's it?!" kinda feeling.

Mom watched the ep with me, she said she liked it. I kinda like it, but not. I thought it would be something else--what I'm not sure, but not that.

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2003-02-11 - 9:26 a.m.

What is people who can't do their job? My so-called assistant (yeah, right) while nice enough is ethically challenged (she sneaks into movies without paying for them for one), and doesn't help me. She's supposed to go out and get water samples for analysis--okay fine--for 4 days a week. She's in the lab on the 5 day. She could help me then, but does she? NO. She won't even clean up after herself if she spills something! I have to clean up after her! What's wrong with this picture?! What can I say though? My boss likes her. sigh.

Yesterday was the day for lead and copper samples. The samples have to be collected all on the same day and the pH ran. She didn't get the tap or run the pH. *I* have to go over to the water plant, grab the sample, and run all the pHs. Grrrr. I'm informed of this at 2:30 pm by my boss, I'd planned on leaving at 3:00 and ended up leaving at 3:30 grrrr. No, it's not overtime. I was planning on leaving 30 minutes early to go do some stuff, and making up the time another day this week. Pissed me off majorly.

Then I get home, catching the last few minutes of Digimon Frontier (an important ep to the series it looked like and I forgot to tape it today double grrrr errr) and my mom calls during it and yammers on and on and on. Shouldn't have picked up the phone. Aunt Bet's surgery went well. Thank Goodness. Hopefully she won't have any more back pain. I'm glad but I'm pissed I missed Takuya's mental dialogue. It was important to the show and his character. I did remember to set it to tape today.

My boss's boss is in her office with the door shut. I hope everything is okay and no one is in trouble for anything. We just had our performance assessments for the yr. No raise this yr due to the economy. Pisses me off. I want my 5% raise. I got an exceeds in all categories for performance and that's how much the raise is for an exceeds. I deserve it after all the shit I put up with from my co-workers and the customers I have to deal with.

I just hope no one, okay me (like I care about my coworkers), is in trouble for something, like say internet use (most of my diary entries have been at work when I've had nothing to do). The tracking program on the computers monitors for porn sites, and sounds alarms in that case, but not in other cases, although it does track where you go on the web. No supposed to get personal email at work either. I do from one friend. Heh. Don't like it, fire me. Besides the money this job gives me to pay bills with, along with flexible hours, I could give a shit less about it. Graduate school here I come. I'm thinking a health care degree of some kind. Management, physical therapy, who knows?

I wish I was in a better mood, but I'm not. I too stressed out with the house, the bills (moving out is much more expensive than I thought it would be, not to mention taking much longer due to all the work needed on the house), lack of sleep (stress, cat scratching at the laundry door, howling, wanting out during the night), stressing about my hair falling out. Maybe my thyroid med needs upping. I'm hoping it's just stress. Doesn't stop soon, I'll go to the doc to check. I'm irritable all the time.

God, I want the customers to stop coming in. Sick of it. I'm supposed to leave at 12:30 and they all choose this day to bring their damn samples in. ARGH! If I wasn't leaving not so many samples would be brought in today I know it. Kinda like, the fecals are usually brought in in the afternoon after 12. I was looking forward to missing it this month since they're a hassle to deal with. Oh, no, they decided to have them here by 9 am this morning. How fuckin' thoughtful. Wouldn't have minded otherwise, been glad of it, but dammit I wanted to miss it this month. Of course, either way I'm the one to read them back tommorrow. Sigh.

Why does my swearing increase when I'm sleep deprived? Not a clue. Even when I'm happy and sleep deprived I cuss. blinks.

I'm going to have to cut about 2 inches off my hair, at least, to make it look decent due to my ends being so scraggly from my hair loss. I'm trying to decide if I want to cut it shorter into a different hairstyle. Not really. I think I look fat faced and I think short hair just emphasizes fat face. I really need to lose weight. I'm 5"1' and 170 lbs. I feel like I can't breathe most of the time. How people who weigh over 200 lbs live, I don't know. It baffles me. I can't stand it now. Can't wait to move into my house to start my diet. And start cooking for myself. Whee!

New Buffy tonight. Hurrah! Mad I missed Smallville last week. Pout. I'm really liking Veritas, the Quest and Miracles right now. They'll probably be canceled soon since I like the shows. Firefly, MDs, and a couple of others I've liked this season (new) have been canceled. Buffy's ending this yr I believe. Faith the Vampire Slayer is a possiblity. The actress has been approached about it---Eliza Dushku (sp). She's a fool to turn it down, but she's not jumping at it either. Stupid. The only thing she's famous for is low budget movies and being Faith on Buffy.

Wouldn't mind Kennedy the Vampire Slayer show either. She's a slayer in training who is hitting on Willow. She's a lesbian. Whee! I think the possiblity of Willow getting another girlfiend is sweet. I'm concerned that it's too soon after Tara though, but since this may be the last season, shrug. Heck, I'd finally gotten into the whole liking Tara thing, when they killed her off! I wasn't against Willow being a lesbian or bisexual, I just didn't like Tara that much. Yes, I've watched the show from season 1 and ep 1, and I'm emotionally involved in it. In a lot of ways Willow reminds me of me--bookworm, shy, sweet, can be spunky. Seeing her grow and develop (all the characters actually) has been great. Wish I had her abilities with a computer though! :) I'm really going to miss this show when it goes off; it's going to leave a void in my life, and what am I going to watch to replace it?

In case anyone is wondering, I created this place to vent mainly. And keep friends informed of what's going on in my life.

Better get back to work now. Have miles to go before I leave. :)

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Kingdom Hearts is going. Grrrr. It's so frustrating trying to get the dalmation chest behind the Magician's House. I can't get a camera angle on it, much less a decent one that lets me know where to jump. It's pray, jump, *splash* into the water, back to the the freakin' movin' platforms that you can barely see to jump onto so you go *splash* again. ARGH! I've probably spent a combined 2 1/2 hours trying to get this chest. I need it for the secret ending. Oh, well, if at first you don't succeed, try and try and try again.

I want a new Buffy episode! It's been weeks! It's so aggravating. Heck last week wasn't even a repeat! It was pre-empted by some basketball game! And what's up with showing shows are the Superbowl! I missed a pivotal Alias b/c they showed it after the Superbowl, which I don't watch! Grrr.

The bathroom in my house is all together now. The plumbing isn't leaking. My appliances (stove, fridge, microwave, washer, dryer) will be delivered and installed on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2003. YES! My house is getting livable! All right! Whohoo! Now, I've just got to pay for them. Ouch. About $2200 + tax. Ouchie. I'll need to buy a sofa, but otherwise for now, I think it's covered. I've a dining table mom bought me, chairs for table given to me by an aunt, some chairs mom will give me until I can afford to buy some, my bed (although I would like to buy a bedroom suite), furniture that I can use until I can afford to buy some.

Need to call my bank to make sure everything account wise is correct. I won the battle to get my $43.09 from Payflex. Payflex=medical savings account. Wonderful. No one is answering the phone at the bank. Grrrr. Damnit! I need to make sure my automatic salary deposit went through since they changed the routing numbers on me! Not to mention the Payflex deposit. Whew! Payflex and Salary went through! wipes brow. Forget to ask for account balance. sheepish look. Not calling back right now. Will later.


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