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I really liked reading these essays by librarians about what they actually do at work. Librarians don't read books all day--if only! They deal with kids, their parents, the homeless, sick people (cleaning up vomit, pee, etc.), etc. Some of them have even been attacked (a friend of mine). It's really amazing what they do and what the accomplish especially in the current economic downturn when library budgets are stretched thin and cut. Some libraries are even being shut down because the city won't budget money for "non-essential" services and are cutting those "non-essential" services in order to save money and balance their budget. Support your local librarians and libraries. Let the city officials know you value them.

I've thought of taking the RealAge test but now I'm not going to. I really don't like the fact they're selling my information to drug companies, etc.

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Well, at least, CPSC has removed it's head from it's ass somewhat. Books published after 1985 are now okay: "On Friday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission exempted children's books printed after 1985 from the new law's enforcement provisions, which allow fines of as much as $100,000 per violation for selling or distributing products that contain more than 600 parts per million of lead intended for use by children 12 and younger. "

I mean, OMG, how did the human survive until now?! I should've been dead, dead, dead, shortly after birth. I guess I shouldn't even let any kid I know read my old childhood books, huh? Those Nancy Drews published before 1985 will kill 'em dead! 

The CPSC also decided that yarn is okay and lead-free! Whoo! Etsy has an updated article about the new requirements and the extension of the CPSIA act.

........Okay, yeah, the CPSA did need updating but the way it's been carried out has been un-necessarily aggravating and upsetting.

C'mon, doctor appointment. Get here. Boy, I hope I feel better soon. I'm tired of being sick. It's making me bitchy. ^^;;


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