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I really liked reading these essays by librarians about what they actually do at work. Librarians don't read books all day--if only! They deal with kids, their parents, the homeless, sick people (cleaning up vomit, pee, etc.), etc. Some of them have even been attacked (a friend of mine). It's really amazing what they do and what the accomplish especially in the current economic downturn when library budgets are stretched thin and cut. Some libraries are even being shut down because the city won't budget money for "non-essential" services and are cutting those "non-essential" services in order to save money and balance their budget. Support your local librarians and libraries. Let the city officials know you value them.

I've thought of taking the RealAge test but now I'm not going to. I really don't like the fact they're selling my information to drug companies, etc.

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You're Kishuu Arashi!
Always calm and composed, you aren't prone to dramatic outbursts or displays of emotion. You save your emotion for times when it is really necessary. Some might call you cold or distant, but on the upside, you're very emotionally strong and can take care of yourself. And when the right person comes along, they might just break your shell.
Which Dragon of Heaven are you?
Quiz by Kerianne

Okay, maybe, I might resemble this. When I'm not having a really, really, bad day/week/year.


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