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2003-02-05 - 11:15 a.m.

Lil Sis got spayed. Thank goodness she wasn't pregnant. She was very miserable afterward. She meowed ow at me. It sounded she said ow. Broke my heart. Hard to explain to her why she's hurting so. She's doing better now. Been romping and raring outside.

Is it just me or is Hollow Bastion in Kingdom Hearts part 1 kinda confusing? That maze stuff with the gates. And what's up with the "temporary" ownership of the Keyblade by Sora?! Argh! How not fair to Sora. And then to give him a wooden sword! Grrrr! How awful. I felt terrible for him.

My bathroom on my house is done! YES! And I now have carpet, Dubloon color, Barrier Reef style, in my bedrooms! Paid for! And I ordered my appliances, my fridge wasn't in stock, so they'll come in some time this week. Exciting. Then, of course, I'll have to pay for them. Yech. Money's getting low. And here I am contemplating buying a second memory card for my PS2 since I'm now out of room on my one and only one due to playing KH. I don't want to save over KH files that I have right now.

I'm currently websearching for Fastlane pics from the lesbian episode, the one where Billy kisses the other girl. The other girl has a hairstyle that I like and that I'm really considering getting. I didn't tape the episode and I'm having trouble finding pics of the hairstyle. Most involve the kiss, which I don't really want to explain to my hairdresser, who is my mom, yes she's a professional cosmetologist. She'd probably think it was a "lesbian hairstyle". She has before with other hairtyles--too short or too boyish looking for women. Have to soften it otherwise people will think you're lesbian is her opinion. Yeah, right, mom.

I'm having to cut my hair somewhat even if I don't get the hairstyle I'm considering. I'm losing so much hair and I don't know why. I'm actually using hair loss products to try to stop it. My ends are looking awful due to the hair loss. I'll trim it by a couple of inches even if I don't get it "cut". I'm hoping it's just stress and that as soon as I get the house finished, it'll stop falling out so. If not, doctor here I come.

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2003-01-27 - 2:42 p.m.

I had Defensive Driving today. Blech. Most of it's common sense. It is good to get a refresher course every now and then though. I had to take it since I drive company vehicles and it was time to retake it. Just wish the chairs hadn't been so uncomfy and the classroom so cold. Made my already sore muscles stiffen up and hurt even more. I must have slept tense because I don't remember doing anything that would cause my body to hurt.

Chris........Chris is this charmer. NOT. I liked him at first, and he's very friendly. Mostly. He has a dark undercurrent though. He's always talking about threatening people. He used to own cats, but got rid of them.

Anyway, one day at work the staff found out someday out there had used one of the computers to look at something they should not have done on the company's time or property. That person was talked too. Who did it was never told to us. Chris decides (on his own) he wants to find out what that person looked at. So he's looking at the computer stuff trying to find it. He found it--a porn clip on RealPlayer. He sure found it easy considering the day before that I and the person who uses that computer the most had gone in and cleared out all the browers, history, cache, files, etc. Yet he found it. I walk in on him. He closes it in a hurry. Too late, buddy. I start to say something about it--that she wouldn't appreciate that being back on her computer--and he goes ballistic. He bitches me out about how he's not responsible (?!) for what's on the computer, and how he can't be held responsible for it, and on and on. Excuse me?! I didn't see anyone holding a gun to his head to look it up. He clicked on it, knowing it was not something we were supposed to look at while on company computers and time that someone had gotten in trouble for already, and he's not responsible?! Does this make sense to anyone? Can someone explain it to me? He said he didn't know it was a porn link. Yeah, right. The company is concerned about porn and monitors for porn usuage. It's the only thing that sets off the computer alarms. So what else could it have been? Pics of Bugs Bunny? Then, he threatened me and told me that if I told anyone he'd know it came from me, and he'd come looking for me. Then the second my boss is in, he's whining to her about the "misunderstanding". He's such an asshole. He's the injured party. Now if I say good morning to him, he ignores. He won't talk to me anymore. Immaturity rules where I work. I don't care about friendships as such, but I don't like rudeness. Courtesy rules with me. Hell, I wasn't even offended he was looking at porn to start with. It was only meant to be a joking comment. I'm actually pretty hard to offend that way. As long as it consensual porn (no one being raped, etc.), they're not doing it obsessively, and it's not harming the relationship, I don't care. He turned it into this big thing, and now he's a rude butthead.

And people wonder why I don't want to show up for after work stuff like drinks and parties?! I really want to be around people who won't talk to me and who threaten me. Yeah, right. NOT. Heck, I went to a company sponsored lunch one time, and no-one talked to me for the entire lunch! Rudeness prevails yet again!

I don't get it. I just want to come to work, get my work done, and go home. I just want to work in courteous atmosphere--not even necessarily friendly. I say good morning, you say it back. I'm not asking for an invite to your birthday party, people. I try my best not to offend anyone while I'm here. You can't believe the number of things I've never said anything about to any of them, and believe these people need to be taken down in their attitude. They act like they own this place and they don't. Most times, I feel like I'm trapped in the ninth grade social cicle of hell for eternity. It's so jr high out here.

Russ even gets mad when I place my sample bottles on the countertop in the front lab. It's "his personal space". No, no it's not. It's company property. It's not even his job to clean them. It's this other girl's job. She goes to the front lab to do the dishes. He actually complained to the boss about this!!!!!!! Unbelievable. Now, I have to take the bottles to the back lab for her to do.

Back lab girl has her moments too. She had to cover for another employee since they had the day off. They hadn't unloaded the dishwasher the day before. They didn't have too, but usually did before they left at the end of the day, but they didn't this time. It takes less than five minutes to unload the washer. Back lab girl threw a 30 minute temper tantrum about having to unload the washer before she unloaded the washer. She complained to the boss. Rolls eyes. Unbelievable. Back lab girl was pissed about it all day long......and was it long b/c of her attitude. And the washer had leaked, b/c it's not installed correctly. I cleaned it up myself.

Everyone out here backbites, except me. I don't go running to the boss over every little thing. I mean honestly. It's stupid, and no one will trust you afterward. I certainly don't trust my fellow employees. Why should I? I'm getting the attitude though do it first, before it is done unto you.

I've overheard myself being called a lazy bitch for not doing the recycling outside in the rain while I sick by fellow employees. And I wonder why I want to quit. Only reason I stay is b/c of the flexible job hours and the benefits. I'd like to get on in another department in the company, but then I'd lose my flexibility. I'm considering going back to school to get my graduate degree. These people are driving me to it. I'm think MBA/Healthcare degree right now. Health care field needs workers. I can set my own hours basically w/in reason. Do have to rotate weekend and holiday work.

Hopefully my cat will get spayed today/tommorrow. I'm hoping she's not pregnant. Fingers crossed. She's getting a belly on her. She's indoor/outdoor. She's the stray cat.


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