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LOL. I feel so sorry for this skier--it would piss me off to have these pictures on the Internet and to have this happen to me. But it's funny as hell too! :-P  Evidently, the ski chair didn't open correctly and it dragged his pants down exposing him to everyone around him while he's hanging upside down!!! Yikes! Many people took pics of his naked butt!!!!! LOL!!!!

I haven't really played with this yet (downloaded it basically) but I'm going to. It's a free download of a word processing program for writers. yWriter is by a professional author who also writes programs. I've not read his books yet but I plan on giving them a try (he has free ebooks available) (more info quick start guide here ). If you have a Mac (not me--the few times I've tried one I've gotten so frustrated), then Scrivener might be up your alley (I must admit program envy--I like the sound/description of this program--wish they had a Windows version).

Ebooks: The appeal of.......... )

If you like ebooks, Fictionwise has free ebooks available and something called micropay--buy select titles and it gives you a rebate on a portion of the price (up to 100%) to your account so that you can apply the rebate to other purchases. Hmm. I'm not sure I like the website though or their policies. Also, if you have trouble with your book download, you may be out of luck. [livejournal.com profile] kaigou had trouble with them and their customer service. Have not dealt with them myself.

Loose Id is an ebook publisher. It looks to be like Ellora's Cave and Torquere Books--all 3 are erotic(a) ebook publishers. If you're into reading these books, I understand the appeal of ebooks--easier to hide from prying eyes than physical books.  ;-)

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It's been days but I still can't stop laughing at the reporter throwing his shoes (awesome cakes!) at Bush. ROTFLMAO. It's hilarious. Yeah, I know, the disrespect/contempt of the USA's President is a bad thing but it's Bush!!!!!! I especially love this article (has memorizing shoe throwing video on the page too) about it that compares his reflexes to Neo's Matrix reflexes. Hilarious. Been even more funny if he hadn't ducked in time. I feel so sorry for the reporter since he's looking a massive jail time (7 years minimum) for throwing shoes!

Heh. I don't think I've ever been happier than the SOB can't be re-elected and won't run anywhere else. That damn man has had influence over me for a significant part of my life (I live in Texas so I had him as governor--I have hated Bush forever--I have voted against him in every election he's ever run in and I have never understood one micron of his appeal at all--his wins made me believe in mass hypnosis/delusions). I'm such a happy camper that he's out of the office. Obama's got so much work ahead of him that it's unbelievable. 
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Hot chocolate used to distraction in thefts in Australia This is just too funny! Female thief spills hot chocolate on victims who have just left the bank and "helps" them clean up and herself in cleaning out the victim's money! I'm sorry for the victims but it's just too funny!

A how-to on how to suppress the gag reflex  Errr, okay. I wonder if anyone's tried these tips...... Helpful to slashers maybe? Now I want to read a fic where the character does this to suppress his gag reflex in order to make his mate/partner happy..............Hehehehe.

"Every two months, the inconspicuous North Shore brick home is converted into a sadomasochistic dungeon where like-minded people are encouraged to "go hard or go home". " ROTFLMAO. I'm glad I wasn't drinking when I read that. Ah, Australia, I love your wacky news.


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