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ROTFLMAO. Whatever gave these people the idea that this was a good idea to do their eyebrows?! World's worst eyebrows indeed. Why would draw on a unibrow and outline your mouth like that?!? What were these people thinking?!?

If your into urban fantasy, you may find this blog, Urban Fantasy Land,  useful. It discussed books, tv shows, and movies dealing with the subject. I'm finding books to read.

Having trouble figuring out your bra size? Try these sites: Fitting Tips (also a resource for people who sew clothes) and/or The Breast Form FAQ. I'm definitely doing this before bra shopping again. I'm tired of straps slipping down and painful bras.

For writers or anyone confused by the appropriate weight for someone's height, try here: Height/Weight Chart. Having someone 6'1" and 140 lbs is not a good idea. This chart is not completely filled in yet but it has pictures of people at their height and weight. IOW, it shows what someone who is 5'1" and 100 lbs look like, etc. Very useful. Wish it was completely filled in. Thinkin' of sending my pic in for not filled in weight/height. Found via an entry in [livejournal.com profile] kaigou 's LJ.

I like Factcheck.org. For people confused about civil unions vs. marriage.

Wanna know what botanists actually do? Careers in botany. I heart flowers and gardening. I don't know if I could be a botanist though (contemplating it). Maybe I should do Oprah's Career Course, which is supposed to help you figure out what do career wise. Heh. I'm only $20,000 in debt for 2 master degrees, which I don't think I really want. I graduated in Dec 08 with them. I'm thinking of going back to school (later--maybe in the fall) for another degree, this time in science (my first love). I have got to find a job though.

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LOL. I feel so sorry for this skier--it would piss me off to have these pictures on the Internet and to have this happen to me. But it's funny as hell too! :-P  Evidently, the ski chair didn't open correctly and it dragged his pants down exposing him to everyone around him while he's hanging upside down!!! Yikes! Many people took pics of his naked butt!!!!! LOL!!!!

I haven't really played with this yet (downloaded it basically) but I'm going to. It's a free download of a word processing program for writers. yWriter is by a professional author who also writes programs. I've not read his books yet but I plan on giving them a try (he has free ebooks available) (more info quick start guide here ). If you have a Mac (not me--the few times I've tried one I've gotten so frustrated), then Scrivener might be up your alley (I must admit program envy--I like the sound/description of this program--wish they had a Windows version).

Ebooks: The appeal of.......... )

If you like ebooks, Fictionwise has free ebooks available and something called micropay--buy select titles and it gives you a rebate on a portion of the price (up to 100%) to your account so that you can apply the rebate to other purchases. Hmm. I'm not sure I like the website though or their policies. Also, if you have trouble with your book download, you may be out of luck. [livejournal.com profile] kaigou had trouble with them and their customer service. Have not dealt with them myself.

Loose Id is an ebook publisher. It looks to be like Ellora's Cave and Torquere Books--all 3 are erotic(a) ebook publishers. If you're into reading these books, I understand the appeal of ebooks--easier to hide from prying eyes than physical books.  ;-)

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This actually sounds awesome! The ability to print out for $10 a copy of a book in the public domain. I'm not much of a fan of e-books. At large of the reason that I'm not a fan of e-books is because they're not easily portable (no PDA, only a laptop) and because I'll lack the ability to actually read them in a few years time whereas I'll still have the ability to read my "old-fashioned" printed books. I.e., technology advances and what you can read/open today with your current software, you won't be able to access in a few years time. Yes, I have books from my childhood that I've kept and read. Same for teen years and now adult years. I'm told I could open up my own library. I don't actually consider books to be disposable the way many people do. I either trade them, own them, donate them to the library, etc. rather than actually throw them in the recycle or trash bin. That physically hurts me unless the item is damaged (dog chewed it up, kid puked on it, etc.).


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