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Watched Nina's Heavenly Delights. It's about a woman who is estranged from her family (Indians living in Scotland) b/c she didn't want the arranged marriage and refused to marry him. She comes back after her dad, a famous chef, dies and finds out he gambled away the restuarant to a former classmate of hers (a woman). They develop a relationship. It's a sweet movie. My only complaint is the lack of subtitles, which would help to understand what some of the actors are saying (they really have a thick Scottish accent and I can't understand them). Overall B+ to an A.

Watched Eureka DVD season 1 disc 1. The show is fabulous and inspired. I really liked it. I like the sherrif who doesn't have a science background in this show about a town full of genius science types. I like the black scientist actor person. I know I've seen him in other roles and I'm pretty sure one of them was another science type role. I just can't remember where. I think he's my fave chara on the show. I'd like to see Rodney McKay in Eureka or House. Hah. That's be fun. 

Watched The Brothers Grimm. Eh. I can't make up my mind about the movie. All of the bug scenes, well, they "bugged" me. Ha. I kind of liked it  and kind of didn't. I liked the charas in the movie but I kept thinking clean up! Use some raid! I think I kept waiting for it to be better than it was. It just didn't fully engage me the way Dresden Files and Eureka (even more so)  did.

Watched Dresden Files season 1 disc 1. It was fun. I have a lot of questions. I think maybe you really need to read the books to fully understand what I going on in the eps. I'm sad to realize that the show was canceled after 1 season. That's always the way it is though and why I don't watch much tv anymore. The shows that I like usually have a short lifespan (Firefly, etc.) so why should I invest time in watching them? 

More and more I realize that tv shows only exist to promote the commercials, which is why low viewership equals cancellation. I despise commercials. No, I don't have a DVR or whatever. I tape my shows with a VCR and fast forward through the commercials. Significant time savings. I'm really getting into watching tv shows on DVD (no commercials, better picture quality and sound). I love my library: free books, free dvd rental, etc.).
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2003-04-21 - 8:42 p.m.

Oh, yeah, in a couple of weeks, I get an all expenses paid trip to another city (one night/day) to learn about algae, exciting, huh? Not.

And then that Friday, Mom and I are going to a town on the coast where they're having a hairdressing show. Mom's a hairdresser, so it's a tax write off for her. I'm going to get the hell out of town for a day or two. I'm actually a licensed manicurist although I don't do manicures anymore. We're leaving on Friday and coming back on Monday, so I'm using vacation time for those days. I've not called in sick all year this year (a miracle I'm tellin' ya) and I've not had a vacation since early last spring/summer when Mom and I went on a cruise. It was fun, loved it, do it again. Swimming with the rays was fun.

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2003-02-21 - 8:51 a.m.

Well, I went ahead and did the sweeping today. I'll see how Sarah reacts to it since it's her job. I think I'm going to take it up with Alice since she does the cleaning schedule. When Sara sweeps, it needs to be Rus and BLG who do the mopping. Both RT and I leave too early to be the ones mopping after Sara sweeps. Not having a repeat of the Friday before last no way. uh-uh.

Mom was in a lovely mood too. God, even the sound of her voice is grating on my nerves. This time, it's the same whining about George (a female). Mom rents space from George. George is basically an uppity snob. Pisses Mom off.

Bought Soultaker vol 1, Noir w/artbox, and Hyper Police vol 1 for my birthday. Seen all of Hyper Police--it's amusing and funny. The last ep made me want to see more of it, but it's definitely not a go out and buy right now. I think it's probably a lot more funny seen with other people. It's about this catgirl who is a bounty hunter who has this wolf man in love with her who is also a bounty hunter and her sometime partner. It's also about Sakura, who wants to be a Nint Tailed Fox. She has 8 1/5 tails now. So she wants to eat Natsui (the catgirl) to gain Natsui's powers so that she Sakura can use Nat's powers to become a 9 tailed fox. And everyone else in the show thinks Sakura is in love with Natsui.

Noir I think I'm in love with. Love it. It's about 2 female assassins who are searching for their past. I even like the t-shirt that came with artbox.

Haven't watched Soultaker yet. Will. Also need to get the last of Serial Experiment Lain, Cowboy Bebop, and Outlaw Star. Can't wait for all of my house to be finished so I have lots more free time to do stuff in.

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2003-02-17 - 8:08 a.m.

Well, I created my first mailing list! Wheee! So far there's about 9 members--good, considering I opened it up Saturday night late. Hope more join. I want it to be a fun list.

Well, I worked the weekend of Feb 8-9. So I had this Friday off---whee! Badly needed. Even if the boss makes you take Friday off so that you're not paid overtime. Overtime would be very nice right now with all bills.

Dr. said Friday I have some sort of contact dermatitis. Mom thinks it's poison ivy. Don't know where I got into it if it was that. Mom said her mom was very allergic too it. Dr. gave me a cortisone shot---ick. Never again. Felt sick afterward on Sat. Nauseous. Headache. Really made my left knee hurt. Can't figure that one out. Made shopping hell. Complained about hair loss to dr. Got sent for blood test for iron and thyroid level. If normal, he's sending me on to a dermatologist who'll do further testing.

OH! Went to JcPenny's Sat. Bought my sofa! I've got a sofa. I've got a sofa. I've got a sofa!!!! My first sofa!!!! Now I just have to pay for it---ouch.

Went by the Cupboard on Saturday, bought some vitamins that are supposed to help with hair loss. Maybe that'll help it. Hope so. Cut 2 inches off my hair due to hair loss--the ends looked so ragged. Looks better.

Went to Home Depot Sunday. Bought blinds for windows. Mom is returning blinds cause they are too small and getting the right size. Mom bought a sofa at JcPenny's. Going back today to change her order.

Gave Mom a book of WWII photographs for Valentine's Day. She gave me a toaster oven for my house. I bought her book Friday at Hastings. Did a bad, bad thing too--bought me some Tokyopop mangas (Chobits vol 4(?), Dragon Knights vol 6, Island vol 7); Soultaker vol 1 dvd; Bouncer used (found cheaper at Gamestop by $6.00 later but I'd already opened it--grr) and Orphen, new but discounted, videogames. Total purchase $153. Yikes. Really shouldn't have spent the money. And then to compound the stupidity I bought 2 bottles of nail polish at Walgreens on Saturday, and wishing I'd gotten a third color. Sigh. Stress=buying for me I guess. Which is too bad b/c it just adds stress of how to pay for this shit! I have a car payment due tommorrow on my birthday! Damn! At least after the sofa purchase, I've kicked into fiscal conservative mode.

Haven't played Kingdom Hearts in a while--over a week. Been reading books checked out from library and watching stuff I'd taped up all week. Mostly caught up with the taped up stuff--or I was before I taped some more stuff. ^^;; Oh well.

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Get your own diary at DiaryLand.com! contact me older entries newest entry 2003-01-24 - 9:25 p.m.

Mom's making me nuttier than I already am. Sigh. I love her to death, but honestly, you'd think she was born old the way she acts most of the time, and she's not even sixty yet. Wednesday night my friend Lyn called me at 9:30 p.m., and we talked until 10:30 p.m. Evidently I got a little too loud at one point, woke mom up, and she threw a hissy fit about it demanding I get off the phone. It's not like it was 1:30 a.m. in the morning! Sheesh! I don't think she ever talked to friends on the phone at night when she was young.

I have this crappy job where I sometimes get bleach/acids/etc. on my clothes at work and get holes in the shirts/jeans. Altough in my current job, it's mainly bleach, and I'm very careful with it, and don't get it on me much any more (it's been months). I got bitched out by mom for wearing a shirt she gave me for Christmas to work. Honestly. She said it was one of my few decent shirts!?! What? Most of my shirts are decent, it's my jeans that need work. I love to buy shirts, but hate buying pants. It's such a hassle to try them on.

Ever wish for list owners to actually enforce list rules? I'm so tired of one-liners in my emails I could scream. Or the rudeness in general on some of the lists I'm on right now. If they don't calm down soon, I'm unsubbing.

Could the show Fastlane get any slashier? I swear it's got to be a conscious decision to make it so subtext-y between the two male leads. It just leaps off the screen. I love it. Not to mention last week's Fastlane, where Billie pretended to be a lesbian to catch a couple of lesbian crooks or was it pretense? Hmmmm. The show doesn't tell you. The subtext on this show reminds me of Xena. Xena's coming out on dvd--yes!!! Heh. That sounds wrong, doesn't it? grin. Can't wait. I'm firmly in the Xena/Gabrielle camp myself.

Wish I felt better. I hope it's just allergies. My ears hurt, throat's sore, drainage going on. Big Sigh.

I miss Firefly. The best tv show on tv this season and it gets cancelled. It would take conventional movie crap and turn it on it's head. I loved all the characters. They were so strong in their personalities it was either love them or hate them. I just don't understand why people didn't like the show.

My job is so boring I can't stand it. Same thing day in, day out. I wanna quit so bad..........but I lack the nerve. I hate job hunting and in this economy........hard to find one. It's just that it's so repetitive, and requires no thought whatsoever. Trained monkeys could do it. I do like my boss, but my coworkers are another story and a great deal of why I want to quit.

Alice is "shy" (read rude). I was way shy all through school. I know how shy people behave. She's just flat out rude. If I say good morning to her, most of time I won't get a response. She ignores me. She's married to Sam, a charmer in and of himself who used to work out there before he quit. Called me an incompetent bitch on my birthday one year a few years ago. I guess that's why he couldn't handle his job, quit, and couldn't get rehired out there later. My immediate supervisor couldn't stand him either. And I'm so incompetent my boss (immediate supervisor's supervisor) gave me the highest raise possible last year. Never have had an unsatisfactory performance review. So there. sticks out tongue.

Randolph is okay. He talks to me, but doesn't go out of his way. Not friends with each other.

Suzy's okay. Very, very, deeply religious though. I'm not. She's kinda preachy, but I like her. We talk.

Mike's okay. Friendly enough. So is Lana, but she's very good friends with Alice. And they stop talking when I come up to them to talk with them usually on work stuff. Lana's also friends with Chris--more on him later.

2003-01-23 - 10:52 a.m.

I was adopted by this little, pathetic-looking, starving stray about 2 months ago. She looked so sad and you could count the number of ribs she had she was so thin. I've been taking care of her for the last 2 months. She saw the vet before Christmas, and the vet thought she was about 8 months old at that time. Ear mites. Had the very basic vaccinations done, can't afford anything more right now. She's an indoor/outdoor cat. I'd like to get all the vaccinations for her. She's now a healthy 6 lbs. Possibly a little more now. She looks like she's getting a belly on her. I hope she's not pregnant. I'm having her spayed this Tuesday. Unless she's pregnant of course. sigh. She's a calico cat. She's so calm and sweet natured. She'll curl up in your lap purring at you for a long, long time. Not at all like my other cat. We've been calling her Lil Sis.

I already had a cat. My other cat is part Ragdoll, part unknown. She's about 17 lbs. Vet wants her to lose weight. I call her Mervis. She's all white with gold eyes. Her body is such that she looks like a male lion--she has a ruff around her neck, and a long body, and short stubby legs. She can move though. Zoom, Zoom, Zoooooooooooooom. Faster than a speeding bullet. She's about 18 months old. She's been spayed and had every vaccination known to vet kind. She gets angry to easily it's funny--to me anyway. When I pick her up, I'll ask her for a kiss, and sometimes she'll turn her nose up for a kiss. Sometimes she ignores me, and sometimes it's NO. She'll put her paw up under my chin to hold me away. It's so funny. She's easily startled. No, she's not deaf. She's a beautiful cat.

My uncle who has an indoor/outdoor cat, Clyde, plays very rough with the animals. In one day, he played with my cat (to the extent he made her mad enough to draw blood) Mervis who is strictly an indoor cat, his cat, and 2 outdoor cats, all of who drew blood on him, got cat sractch fever (yes, it actually exists and is a serious blood infection) and tried to blame my cat. Not even!!! After being indoors only, having every vaccination, not to mention all the times she's drawn blood on me, I know she's not carrying the cat scratch infection. She's a biter, not a clawer. She doesn't claw furniture. Thank Goodness.

Mervis and Lil Sis have met a few times. Didn't go over well. Surprisingly enough, Lil Sis is the aggressor, and she intimidates my 17 lb cat. It's funny to watch. The thing is, is that I've bought a house, and Lis Sis has been living in it while it's being fixed up, and Mervis has been living with me where I live right now (with my mom). I don't know who they're going to react when I finally get to move into the house to each other being the same house. I guess they'll need to settle with each other before I get a dog.

I'll be so happy when I finally to get to move into my house. I bought it last week of August 2002. It had been used as a rent house or owned by people who didn't care for 17 yrs. It still has the original, 17 yr old wallpaper in the kitchen! And the original carpet in the bedrooms! It had held up better the newer carpet in the living room. The living room had holes in the carpet and looked like it needed to be re-stretched. So, basically we've gutted the house. It's mainly just been me and mom doing the work on it, with occassional help from other relatives. So it's been slow going, but it's getting there. There were 3 layers of linoleoum in the kitchen and laundry room. The last layer was the 17 yr old stuff. But the 3 layers were easier to get up than the linoleum in the bathroom that was mildewy. It was just one layer, but somebody went way overboard with the linoleum glue. Believe me, scraping up linoleum glue is tedious and hard back-breaking work. Made my body hurt in places I didn't know existed, and gave me really bad tendonitis in my arms.

I'm putting wood looking vinyl down in the entry, living room, kitchen, and some fabulous looking marble ceramic tile down in the laundry room and bathroom. I'm choosing my carpet right now for the bedrooms. I've painted my exterior doors a caramel color. My kitchen is sage green. I'm getting new appliances--fridge, microwave, stove, and eventually washer/dryer, but first comes furniture. Soon.


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