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I've been adding a lot of friends lately and without necessarily asking first. I'm adding people in the SGA fandom (and possibly other fandoms) whose journals I find informative, interesting, or that have fanfic/fanart that I'm interested in. If I've not left a comment, be assured that I love your comments, fanfic, and/or fanart or I wouldn't have added you. I did have most of you bookmarked but due to computer problems with my browsers, I've been friending you also so that I don't forget/lose you. It's been a long time since I've been as excited and passionate about fandom--mainly SGA. I just watched Season 1 during January 2008 and have the next 2 seasons ready to watch when I get the time. I'm a grad student taking 3 classes and working so that eats up most of my time and that's also why I'm friending. So that when I get the time to really read the fanfic, etc. I'll know where to look.

If anyone wants off the list, leave a comment and I'll remove you. Not a problem. Be warned though, I don't check this account very much so it may take a while for me to defriend you. I tend to log in (if at all) to add to memories entries that I find interesting or memorable and not to post to the blog. Removal may take a month or two (literally--I'm behind in everything from spending time on SGA--I'm trying to catch up), but in the end you will be removed. It may be after my semester is over though. :-)

SGA Quiz

Feb. 8th, 2008 01:07 am
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Which Stargate Atlantis character are you most like?
Your Result: Col. John Sheppard

Spunky, witty, brave, and surprisingly intelligent--these are all adjectives that describe John Sheppard. By being simmilar in personality to him, it means that you can do pretty much anything you set your mind to. You love adventure, na dyou know how to make people laugh.

Dr. Rodney McKay
Dr. Radek Zelenka
Dr. Elizabeth Weir
Ronan Dex
Teyla Emmagen
Dr. Carson Beckett
Which Stargate Atlantis character are you most like?
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