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So, Pirate Bay has been sold and is going legit. Eh. Best of luck to them but I think the people who bought it will end up regretting it. I don't blame the PB founders in the least for selling it though for 7.7 million. I would have done so myself. I never used it much but I did think it was an excellent tracking site.

This is just too funny! Rose, et al. "The bra-strap injury: should men have lessons?" British Journal of Plastic Surgery, 2001. Yes, it's an actual research, published article. Hahahahahaha. I mean seriously?! Here's an entry that explains it--sounds fishy to me! Physical therapy for that?! Hah.


May. 9th, 2009 09:15 pm
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The 5 most baffling sex-scenes in fanfiction. ROTFLMAO. Oh, God. Amazingly enough, I've not run across years in my years in fandom and I don't think I want to. :-D  Just the descriptions have me on the floor dying of laughter. I mean Indiana Jones and Voldemort?!? Rodney McKay and Jason Fox (comic strip chara from Foxtrot)?!? Hahahahahahahahhaha.

The 5 most unintentionally gay horror films. This was pretty amusing too. Especially since I've seen some of them and thought the same myself while watching and then pouted since I didn't find slash fic for 'em. :-P   Why isn't Cursed on the list--oh, yeah, right, it's not unintentionally gay........... :-) It's not like the popular boy decides he's gay, hits on the guy he's been bullying, and when he finds out bullied guy is straight, gives bullied guy his (popular guy's) girlfriend. I love that movie--it's so bad it's hilarious.  :-D Oh, did I mention bullied guy turns into a werewolf? Hahahahahhahahaha.

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A knitted brain?! Yes, indeed. It's awesome that this pyschiatrist knitted an anatomically correct brain. It's on display at the Boston Museum of Science.

A Klingon keyboard?! Yeppers. I'm a ST fangirl from way back, so this keyboard is awesome cakes even though I don't speak/write Klingon. IDIC, folks.

Obama's Blackberry replacement? I want one--it survives being dropped, the cold, etc. It would be fantastic to own one. Obama's Presidential limo puts Bond's vehicles to shame. Me want one.   :-)  

I'm all for fun, inexpensive weddings but this one at Taco Bell takes the taco the cake. Seriously, gettting married at TB?! Uh, no. Not for me anyway. That's just nasty.

Children: No longer welcome at libraries: Congress is a bunch of blithering idiots as demonstrated by the Consumer Product Improvement Safety Act. Talk about overreacting to things. I can see this applying to importers from countries, such as Asia, where product safety may not be as regulated to the extent to which it is in the USA but to apply it across the board to everything is just ridiculous. If you make items for children 12 and younger, then you must undergo extremely expensive product testing for contaminants such as lead. This is will drive small businesses and individuals out of the market and make toys much more expensive to purchase. Even books will need to be tested for lead, which means all current kid books and materials offered by libraries will no longer able to be accessed by children. Children may eat the books even 12 year olds, yeah right. What a bunch of morons. The article explains it better than I am.

I've enjoyed The Mentalist but their witchcraft episode really ticked me off and also a bunch of other people too. It kinds of makes me not want to watch the show anymore, which I've been enjoying. There are other things also competing for my attention so why watch this show? I'm trying to decide how to word my letter about this episode to the producers.

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Pirates and Ninja's Full Monte! Found it on youtube (talked about it before and linked to creator's webpage (flash--won't stop--keeps cycling through). I heart this vid--it ROTFLMAO. Probably NSFW unless your coworkers have a sense of humor.

Original video for Pirate Song  )


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