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2003-10-13 - 7:47 a.m.

Will this evil year never end? I had to work this past weekend Sat & Sun. Fine. Sat stuff went wrong. Sunday stuff really went wrong. Let's see. Woke up; stomach upset; actually at work by 8:30 am; gate closed when I pull up; punch open; gate won't open; hit operator button several times, but no one comes; hold button down and finally a response. I had killed my car to save gas while I was waiting as I getting into the red and needed to fill up. Guy came; couldn't open the gate either; he had to play with it. Tried to start my car; couldn't; battery was dead. They pulled up with jumper cables to start me; had to park in the pathway of the gate. Guess what? Gate started closing, so they pushed the open button repeatedly, but it closed on the company vehicle. Yikes. Then it opened up again. Let my car run about 40 or so minutes to charge the battery while I worked. Kept checking on it to check the gas level. Killed it; finished most of work. Went to Walmart; car oil changed; battery replaced; bill $85.00; gas $17.00; sigh; bought groceries; contemplating returning some other stuff I bought that was $15.00; total non car bill $98.00. Came back to work, finished up what I could. Went home; cleaned my floors/bathroom. Need to dust though. Need to bathe the cat. Funsies. Not. Also need to go back to Walmart to buy lightbulbs. What fun.

Bought a puzzle at Walmart. Started it last night. It's a very pretty puzzle that's going to be hard to put together. Need a calming challenge.

Enjoying Alias this season. Tarzan looks good. Charmed has lost it's mind I think. I still like the show, mainly 'cause of Piper, but the plots really, really need work. I think Adventure Inc was canceled. Pout. I liked that show. I'm liking the Lyon's Den so far. It's intriguing and Rob Lowe is fantastic in it so far. I can't wait to see where it goes.

Reading Balefire, it's okay so far; don't know if I'll finish reading it. Hasn't really caught my attention yet. And I've ton of other stuff to read.

My "vacation" starts Thursday. I'm taking off Thurs, get Friday off for working the weekend, Sat, Sun, taking off Monday and Tuesday next week. Why did I mention this to my mom? So she's doing the same except for Thursday. God. I want away from people, including her. Jeez. I can't afford to go anywhere, so I'm just staying home. Mom want to work on putting a garage sale together on "our vacation". Gee, what fun. I wanted to stay home, read, play my games, have what fun I could while not spending money. I bought Final Fantasy 10 for $20.00 at Walmart.

My self-tanner attempt looks pitiful. I'm trying to get the streaks to even out. Maybe I should just give up? I just don't want to look like Ross on Friends from last week's episode while it fades off. Hilarious.

I haven't exercised in about a week or so. My joints/muscles needed the rest. They hurt so. I've been stretching them out, so they hurt less. I'm going to exercise again tommorrow. I've too much stuff this afternoon--cat bath, buying lightbulbs, etc.

I have a Dr's appointment tommorrow with an ear, nose, throat person. I hope they can figure out why my ears won't equalize under water/in planes/ring. I also talk too loud I know, but I have problems hearing how loud I am to myself. So. It's like it's underwater. I'm not deaf or anything. Weird.

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2003-09-22 - 8:17 a.m.

Well, let's see. Thursday, I went to the company's benefit and health fair with my coworkers. We carpooled. Why did I agree to it? We could only spend an hour or less because of Amy's schedule. Grrrr. I didn't get to do much this year b/c of it. I spoke with a few people I know that I only see at the health fair, and got my picture taken, but I didn't get my fortune read or anything else done. It was a circus theme this year. We get paid to go and stay as long as we want. Pout.

Friday, Mom brought fried chicken (lousy chicken anyway), macaroni salad (yummy), and Hawaiian sweet bread (yummy) home. Didn't eat much of the chicken, ate the macaroni salad, and 2 rolls of the bread, and gained 3 pounds the next day! Yikes!

Saturday got up and ran some errands. Went to Walmart, forgot the returns, picked up the pictures of my house in various stages of remodeling and me in my Harry Potter costume from last year, picked up a few items, spilled fabric softener in one of the aisles. Was embarrassed. Nosy customer went off to find an employee to clean up the mess before I could. Went to the eyeglass place to get my glasses fixed. Said "What the fuck is taking so long?" as I waited to be waited on. Guy heard me. Was so very embarrassed. Glasses repaired. Is good. Not having a good day. Should've eaten breakfast before I left that day, as hunger/low blood sugar makes me very bitchy. So then I went to Arby's to get something to eat, ordered, waited, waited, and waited some more. There were 2 cars in front of me. For 15 minutes I waited, car in front of me gave up, and I gave up, left w/o my food. Was on my way home, get a call from Walmart saying I forgot to pick up my pictures. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Went back to Walmart, got the pictures, went him. Having hissy trying to find food at home to eat for breakfast. Ate. Mowed my yard and mom's yard. Forgot I was supposed to go to Uncle's to pick up brisket for mom. Uncle is smoking brisket to raise money for his grandchild to participate in going to Florida for Disney World (land?), MGM, Cocoa Beach. He's in the band, and they're marching at DisneyWorld next year. Did my Disco Sweat video. Showered. Went to Uncle's along with Mom. Mom almost backed into a car leaving her driveway. Said she was hoping my bad luck had worn off by now.

Went home. Ate brisket. Love brisket, be nice if it loved me back (heartburn).

Sunday: Got up, helped mom edge our yards, cleaned my house, did Disco Sweat, took bath, had kidney stone attack. Very painful. Managed to find some old pain pills from the last time it happened. Funsies. Not.

Monday: Holding breath waiting for pain to come back. I know it will. I feel "tender" there still. Will have pain until I pass the stone. Sniffles. Why me? This makes it my--what--sixth attack? I'm so sick of it. The pain is such that if a mugger said your money or your life: response: Here's my money if you take my life....

My vcr screwed up and didn't take the Yugioh ep with Yuugi dealing Bakura. The second part, the ending of the duel. Major grrr there--I've been looking forward to that ep for a very long time. Sigh. Got it straightened out now though.


Edit: My boss said last night she'd had a dream/nightmare about me quitting here and going to work for Tech Services. As if! Tech Services is worse than here! Talk about unpleasant people--Tech Service has a bad rep out here for not responding to calls and having an attitude when they do. And dealing with bitchy people 'cause they're comps are screwing up? Forget it.

Weight as of this morning: 157 I think. Old-fashioned, non-digital scale with hard to read hash marks. Whee! Though. Feel so lazy. Very, very sleepy. Don't wanna do my Disco Sweat--but I will though. Promised myself I'd do it everyday. If I don't then it's easy to talk myself out of it. Not gonna happen. I want my other tapes to come. I'm bored with DS every day--but it's working. Heh. Need to add weight training though--that's what increases your metabolism and makes you burn more calories all day.


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