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The NASA moon did succeed after all. Excellent. I'm looking forward to reading about the results.

The Tron Legacy trailer is up. I'm so excited. I can't wait for it to be released. Looking back, I think Tron may be responsible for my love of futuristic looking vehicles, especially motorcycles.

Oh, yeah, there's a femslash blogtalkradio show/podcast, called Femslash for Fans, hosted by Allaine. I liked his Harley/Ivy fics (needs a little work on his scene transitions but the fics are otherwise recced) so I thought why not give his show a try?  I've listened to most of the shows and I like it for the most part. He tends to speak quiet and his guests, fanfic authors, louder so I have to play with the volume a little but it's okay. You can download the podcasts.  I've found femslash fandoms that I'm interested in such as PepSi (Peppa/Silva, which is based on a Spanish soap opera show........I've watched some of the clips so far and it's much better than US portrayals so far of a lesbian relationship). It is a soap opera though so expect typical soap shenangians. Too bad I can't find a slash version/podcast, so far anyway.

Is it just me or is NCIS LA a redone, wannabe Fastlane? NCIS LA is  way less sexual than Fastlane.  I like the characters of LA  but the show reminds of a NCIS version of Fastlane, which I adored and was extremely pissed off when it was cancelled. I still miss Fastlane's slash sub(over)text. No, really. The main pairing was also an African American and white guy (in slash and on the show--police partners). They acted like they were a long-term married couple. Their boss, a woman, refused to discuss her sexual orientations, which fueled my femslash tendencies (she shared a kiss with a criminal she was tracking and it didn't seem to upset her). Wasn't the greatest show but I adored it anyway. I'm liking LA much more than I expected to. I think I even like it more than NCIS (hate Ziva, HATE her, she ruins the show!) even though I adore Abby, Ducky, and Gibbs.

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This is awesome. A male constant on American Idol is taking pictures of himself kissing other guys and then posting it on the Interweb. Nice pics.  ;-)

Scientists figure out the root cause of grey hair
. Now all they need to do is to figure how to stop it! Mom'll love that since she's a hairdresser and relies on dyes to color hair and to make a living.  :-) 

Oooh, free sci-fi and fantasy ebooks here: suvudu free library

This caught my attention since when I was younger I read this books as if they were going out of style: Harlequin celebrates 60th b-day by giving away for free 16 ebooks ($60 value). Ah, the memories. I still love you Anne Stuart with your fabulous writing (definitely a cut above the usual romantic novel dreck). I downloaded a couple of them (vampires/witches) and boy, I can say the download interface is frustrating and slow but it does work.

Oooooooh, finally, a post I can link to whenever someone goes off the deep end and says gays molest children! Are Gays A Threat to Our Children? Answer, hell no! Sexual orientation does not equal child molestation.
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A knitted brain?! Yes, indeed. It's awesome that this pyschiatrist knitted an anatomically correct brain. It's on display at the Boston Museum of Science.

A Klingon keyboard?! Yeppers. I'm a ST fangirl from way back, so this keyboard is awesome cakes even though I don't speak/write Klingon. IDIC, folks.

Obama's Blackberry replacement? I want one--it survives being dropped, the cold, etc. It would be fantastic to own one. Obama's Presidential limo puts Bond's vehicles to shame. Me want one.   :-)  

I'm all for fun, inexpensive weddings but this one at Taco Bell takes the taco the cake. Seriously, gettting married at TB?! Uh, no. Not for me anyway. That's just nasty.

Children: No longer welcome at libraries: Congress is a bunch of blithering idiots as demonstrated by the Consumer Product Improvement Safety Act. Talk about overreacting to things. I can see this applying to importers from countries, such as Asia, where product safety may not be as regulated to the extent to which it is in the USA but to apply it across the board to everything is just ridiculous. If you make items for children 12 and younger, then you must undergo extremely expensive product testing for contaminants such as lead. This is will drive small businesses and individuals out of the market and make toys much more expensive to purchase. Even books will need to be tested for lead, which means all current kid books and materials offered by libraries will no longer able to be accessed by children. Children may eat the books even 12 year olds, yeah right. What a bunch of morons. The article explains it better than I am.

I've enjoyed The Mentalist but their witchcraft episode really ticked me off and also a bunch of other people too. It kinds of makes me not want to watch the show anymore, which I've been enjoying. There are other things also competing for my attention so why watch this show? I'm trying to decide how to word my letter about this episode to the producers.

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Meh. Tonight's Supernatural ep is boring me to death tonight. I think it's the most boring ep of SPN I've seen. Up 'til tonight I've really enjoyed this season--especially Castiel. I'm all about the Castiel/Dean slash right now. I've crushed on Dean and now Castiel--Sam's okay. Sam keeps growing on me--like kudzu. :-) Hell, Smallville was much better than SPN tonight and that's just wrong.

When I watched last week's Smallville ep, I discovered a new girl crush--Maxima (played by Charlotte Sullivan). Maxima was fun and her kiss scene with Clark was very, very hot. *fans self* 

Note to producers: Keep Maxima and bring her back as a cast member. You finally got rid of Lana (Thank God! I think  it was the actress I couldn't stand and not really the character as such.). Now either get rid of Lois or improve her character/get a different actress for the part. I don't see romantic chemistry--I just see contempt and 2 people who barely like each other. Now, Maxima was fun and had chemistry with Clark, so follow the alternate comic book storyline where Lois dies and Clark marries Maxima, okay? Your viewing audience would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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Watched Fringe. Liked it. The actor who played Pacey on Dawson's Creek is on the show. Liked his character. So far, don't really dislike anyone. This show plenty of "horror" moments even in a pseudo-hospital-like setting. So why is this show is fine with me but what they are doing on One Tree Hill with the whole (babysitter/nurse runs over reformed bad buy and takes him home and tortures him in a pseudo-hospital-like setting) torture Dan thing makes my skin crawl and not want to watch the show at all?

I'll be checking out future eps of Fringe.

Currently watching Fashion Rocks atm.  Black-eyed Peas on. Still totally do not get their appeal. Talk about talentless and reading about Fergie pissing herself on stage doesn't make me like the music group any better.
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Watched last night's showing of the second season premiere. Very impressed. I loved it. Wasn't sure I would. Kind of indifferent to last season's show but I liked the idea of the tv show. Still haven't watched all of last season--caught most of the season during the marathon they showed though.  Grad school really interferes with my tv watching schedule unfortunately. I'm so happy I'm graduating in December! Yay! I'll get my life back. Of course, I'll need a job, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

T:SSC Sampson and Delilah review )
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The show and the movies make my brain hurt when I think about the time travel involved. Kyle Reese, a soldier from the future, is obessed with and in love with Sarah Connor because of Sarah's picture and possibly posssesses knowledge of Sarah from John Connor, Sarah's son, so he's happy to get sent back in time to protect Sarah from the terminators. Kyle is the father of John Connor, who becomes the leader of humanity's resistance to rule by machines. So, John Connor, who knew his father was from the future and was Kyle Reese, actually sent Kyle back to not only protect Sarah but to become his (John's) father. So the son sent the father back in time so the son would be born?! If Kyle had not been sent back to the past to Sarah, John Connor would not exist. Quite likely, the terminators would not exist either.

Brain hurt continues.......... )


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2003-02-12 - 7:39 a.m.

My entire body is so sore. Don't know why. I think it may be b/c my muscles are so tight--I really need to stretch them out. I finally got some sleep last night--can't wait until I'm in my own home. I slept from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am. Feel much better than I did yesterday, but still out of it. Didn't even hear the cat start scratching at 4 am the way mom did. A few more nights like this and I may be a human again. Maybe. I woke up with a headache. I may be trying to get a sinus infection or maybe it's allergies.

I had to work this past weekend. Sarah was pissed Monday b/c I evidently "messed up" and put some samples in the wrong incubator--no one told me the Sat and Sun samples went into the other incubator. She had to tell me in a angry tone. Good grief. Took what a minute or two move them? Big deal. Not that I did it; I was much too busy at the time she told me. Otherwise, I would have.

I like Sarah. Actually, no, I don't. I just keep telling myself and others I do. She gets on my nerves, and she can be likable though. She's just weird. She asked if I baked (yes), and now shw wants to get together to bake muffins! Why not a movie?! Weird. She's nice. She's very religious, Christian, blathers on and on and on and on when you ask her how her weekend was, twenty minutes later you're wondering why you asked, she's very detailed telling you how it was. She's also lazy or incompetent--I can't tell which. She's been in the position for about a yr--and she can't handle it. She's always whining about how much work it is and asking for help. I've worked that job for a yr. Doesn't take nearly as long or is nearly as bad as she makes it out to be. When I had the job, it was required that I be here at 8 am to get done by noon. Now, it doesn't matter. Sarah gets here between 10-11 am!! I can't imagine staying here that late in the evening to get my 8 hours in. Actually, since she needs help with the basic stuff, I think she lies on her time sheet and doesn't get her 8 hours in.

It's my belief that almost no one works their full 8 hours out here, they just lie on their time sheet. I know I'm guilty of it too to an extent. I may leave 10-15 minutes early sometimes b/c I have nothing to do to fill the time with. It doesn't impact my job, make me ask for help with stuff. It's b/c I have nothing to do and am so incredibly bored I can't stand another minute up here.

Oh, yeah, last Friday we were cleaning the work building (why my boss won't hire it out is beyond me). Me and R.T.=mopping; Sarah=sweeping. R.T. leaves early, she's a part-timer. Sarah arrives around 11 am to work; fine. Around 2, floors still not swept; R.T. says she'll sweep them. 2:30 comes around, R.T. left and didn't sweep the floors. Sarah finally starts sweeping around 2:40; I'm supposed to leave at 3:30; I really, really don't like working overtime on Fridays. Pisses me off. And I was hungry. She picks up this little broom, not the industrial big, wide broom, oh, no, have to use the one you'd use at your house. Bitch. So, since R.T. left I'm stuck mopping the entire work area by *myself*. Not happy in the least. She finally got the back area done, so I mopped that, and then I followed behind her with the mop. Mopping as she swept. Pissed her off. Poor baby. Not. She snapped at me, "Would you back off and give me some space? I need to finish sweeping here." Sure, I'll back off it's only 3:30 right now. I finally left at 3:40 pm. God. *rolls eyes* What's her excuse for not doing it earlier? Oh yeah, I forget, she can't get here any earlier since she just sleeps in b/c she stayed up so late the night before. Also, she wastes time, and can't do her job in an efficient manner. *heavy sigh*

To be fair, Chris actually did help me mop part of the back area (about half). His help was appreciated.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Buffy was new alright. I liked it, but I was a little lost. Initiative?! Spike's chip removed?! Willow/Kennedy a couple?! Evidently, I'd missed an ep or two thanks to damn UPN here. Two weeks ago--repeat; last week--basketball game==assholes. Pissed I missed my eps.

The teen, Nico, and his dad, Solomon, on Veritas are so cute. All of the cast is cute/handsome/pretty. The storylines are mysterious and intriguing.

I like Miracles too. Skeet Ulrich anyone? From Scream? Miracles is the darker of the shows, and is about an ex-priest investigating the supernatural happenings in the world. He's associated with this group that has been investigating these things for much longer than he has.

I hope these two shows don't get canceled. I'm enjoying them so far so they probably will.

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2003-02-05 - 11:15 a.m.

Lil Sis got spayed. Thank goodness she wasn't pregnant. She was very miserable afterward. She meowed ow at me. It sounded she said ow. Broke my heart. Hard to explain to her why she's hurting so. She's doing better now. Been romping and raring outside.

Is it just me or is Hollow Bastion in Kingdom Hearts part 1 kinda confusing? That maze stuff with the gates. And what's up with the "temporary" ownership of the Keyblade by Sora?! Argh! How not fair to Sora. And then to give him a wooden sword! Grrrr! How awful. I felt terrible for him.

My bathroom on my house is done! YES! And I now have carpet, Dubloon color, Barrier Reef style, in my bedrooms! Paid for! And I ordered my appliances, my fridge wasn't in stock, so they'll come in some time this week. Exciting. Then, of course, I'll have to pay for them. Yech. Money's getting low. And here I am contemplating buying a second memory card for my PS2 since I'm now out of room on my one and only one due to playing KH. I don't want to save over KH files that I have right now.

I'm currently websearching for Fastlane pics from the lesbian episode, the one where Billy kisses the other girl. The other girl has a hairstyle that I like and that I'm really considering getting. I didn't tape the episode and I'm having trouble finding pics of the hairstyle. Most involve the kiss, which I don't really want to explain to my hairdresser, who is my mom, yes she's a professional cosmetologist. She'd probably think it was a "lesbian hairstyle". She has before with other hairtyles--too short or too boyish looking for women. Have to soften it otherwise people will think you're lesbian is her opinion. Yeah, right, mom.

I'm having to cut my hair somewhat even if I don't get the hairstyle I'm considering. I'm losing so much hair and I don't know why. I'm actually using hair loss products to try to stop it. My ends are looking awful due to the hair loss. I'll trim it by a couple of inches even if I don't get it "cut". I'm hoping it's just stress and that as soon as I get the house finished, it'll stop falling out so. If not, doctor here I come.

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Get your own diary at DiaryLand.com! contact me older entries newest entry 2003-01-24 - 9:25 p.m.

Mom's making me nuttier than I already am. Sigh. I love her to death, but honestly, you'd think she was born old the way she acts most of the time, and she's not even sixty yet. Wednesday night my friend Lyn called me at 9:30 p.m., and we talked until 10:30 p.m. Evidently I got a little too loud at one point, woke mom up, and she threw a hissy fit about it demanding I get off the phone. It's not like it was 1:30 a.m. in the morning! Sheesh! I don't think she ever talked to friends on the phone at night when she was young.

I have this crappy job where I sometimes get bleach/acids/etc. on my clothes at work and get holes in the shirts/jeans. Altough in my current job, it's mainly bleach, and I'm very careful with it, and don't get it on me much any more (it's been months). I got bitched out by mom for wearing a shirt she gave me for Christmas to work. Honestly. She said it was one of my few decent shirts!?! What? Most of my shirts are decent, it's my jeans that need work. I love to buy shirts, but hate buying pants. It's such a hassle to try them on.

Ever wish for list owners to actually enforce list rules? I'm so tired of one-liners in my emails I could scream. Or the rudeness in general on some of the lists I'm on right now. If they don't calm down soon, I'm unsubbing.

Could the show Fastlane get any slashier? I swear it's got to be a conscious decision to make it so subtext-y between the two male leads. It just leaps off the screen. I love it. Not to mention last week's Fastlane, where Billie pretended to be a lesbian to catch a couple of lesbian crooks or was it pretense? Hmmmm. The show doesn't tell you. The subtext on this show reminds me of Xena. Xena's coming out on dvd--yes!!! Heh. That sounds wrong, doesn't it? grin. Can't wait. I'm firmly in the Xena/Gabrielle camp myself.

Wish I felt better. I hope it's just allergies. My ears hurt, throat's sore, drainage going on. Big Sigh.

I miss Firefly. The best tv show on tv this season and it gets cancelled. It would take conventional movie crap and turn it on it's head. I loved all the characters. They were so strong in their personalities it was either love them or hate them. I just don't understand why people didn't like the show.

My job is so boring I can't stand it. Same thing day in, day out. I wanna quit so bad..........but I lack the nerve. I hate job hunting and in this economy........hard to find one. It's just that it's so repetitive, and requires no thought whatsoever. Trained monkeys could do it. I do like my boss, but my coworkers are another story and a great deal of why I want to quit.

Alice is "shy" (read rude). I was way shy all through school. I know how shy people behave. She's just flat out rude. If I say good morning to her, most of time I won't get a response. She ignores me. She's married to Sam, a charmer in and of himself who used to work out there before he quit. Called me an incompetent bitch on my birthday one year a few years ago. I guess that's why he couldn't handle his job, quit, and couldn't get rehired out there later. My immediate supervisor couldn't stand him either. And I'm so incompetent my boss (immediate supervisor's supervisor) gave me the highest raise possible last year. Never have had an unsatisfactory performance review. So there. sticks out tongue.

Randolph is okay. He talks to me, but doesn't go out of his way. Not friends with each other.

Suzy's okay. Very, very, deeply religious though. I'm not. She's kinda preachy, but I like her. We talk.

Mike's okay. Friendly enough. So is Lana, but she's very good friends with Alice. And they stop talking when I come up to them to talk with them usually on work stuff. Lana's also friends with Chris--more on him later.

2003-01-23 - 10:52 a.m.

I was adopted by this little, pathetic-looking, starving stray about 2 months ago. She looked so sad and you could count the number of ribs she had she was so thin. I've been taking care of her for the last 2 months. She saw the vet before Christmas, and the vet thought she was about 8 months old at that time. Ear mites. Had the very basic vaccinations done, can't afford anything more right now. She's an indoor/outdoor cat. I'd like to get all the vaccinations for her. She's now a healthy 6 lbs. Possibly a little more now. She looks like she's getting a belly on her. I hope she's not pregnant. I'm having her spayed this Tuesday. Unless she's pregnant of course. sigh. She's a calico cat. She's so calm and sweet natured. She'll curl up in your lap purring at you for a long, long time. Not at all like my other cat. We've been calling her Lil Sis.

I already had a cat. My other cat is part Ragdoll, part unknown. She's about 17 lbs. Vet wants her to lose weight. I call her Mervis. She's all white with gold eyes. Her body is such that she looks like a male lion--she has a ruff around her neck, and a long body, and short stubby legs. She can move though. Zoom, Zoom, Zoooooooooooooom. Faster than a speeding bullet. She's about 18 months old. She's been spayed and had every vaccination known to vet kind. She gets angry to easily it's funny--to me anyway. When I pick her up, I'll ask her for a kiss, and sometimes she'll turn her nose up for a kiss. Sometimes she ignores me, and sometimes it's NO. She'll put her paw up under my chin to hold me away. It's so funny. She's easily startled. No, she's not deaf. She's a beautiful cat.

My uncle who has an indoor/outdoor cat, Clyde, plays very rough with the animals. In one day, he played with my cat (to the extent he made her mad enough to draw blood) Mervis who is strictly an indoor cat, his cat, and 2 outdoor cats, all of who drew blood on him, got cat sractch fever (yes, it actually exists and is a serious blood infection) and tried to blame my cat. Not even!!! After being indoors only, having every vaccination, not to mention all the times she's drawn blood on me, I know she's not carrying the cat scratch infection. She's a biter, not a clawer. She doesn't claw furniture. Thank Goodness.

Mervis and Lil Sis have met a few times. Didn't go over well. Surprisingly enough, Lil Sis is the aggressor, and she intimidates my 17 lb cat. It's funny to watch. The thing is, is that I've bought a house, and Lis Sis has been living in it while it's being fixed up, and Mervis has been living with me where I live right now (with my mom). I don't know who they're going to react when I finally get to move into the house to each other being the same house. I guess they'll need to settle with each other before I get a dog.

I'll be so happy when I finally to get to move into my house. I bought it last week of August 2002. It had been used as a rent house or owned by people who didn't care for 17 yrs. It still has the original, 17 yr old wallpaper in the kitchen! And the original carpet in the bedrooms! It had held up better the newer carpet in the living room. The living room had holes in the carpet and looked like it needed to be re-stretched. So, basically we've gutted the house. It's mainly just been me and mom doing the work on it, with occassional help from other relatives. So it's been slow going, but it's getting there. There were 3 layers of linoleoum in the kitchen and laundry room. The last layer was the 17 yr old stuff. But the 3 layers were easier to get up than the linoleum in the bathroom that was mildewy. It was just one layer, but somebody went way overboard with the linoleum glue. Believe me, scraping up linoleum glue is tedious and hard back-breaking work. Made my body hurt in places I didn't know existed, and gave me really bad tendonitis in my arms.

I'm putting wood looking vinyl down in the entry, living room, kitchen, and some fabulous looking marble ceramic tile down in the laundry room and bathroom. I'm choosing my carpet right now for the bedrooms. I've painted my exterior doors a caramel color. My kitchen is sage green. I'm getting new appliances--fridge, microwave, stove, and eventually washer/dryer, but first comes furniture. Soon.


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