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Pirates and Ninja's Full Monte! Found it on youtube (talked about it before and linked to creator's webpage (flash--won't stop--keeps cycling through). I heart this vid--it ROTFLMAO. Probably NSFW unless your coworkers have a sense of humor.

Original video for Pirate Song  )
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Since I graduated in Dec 08, I've been taking up my sorely neglected hobbies again like crocheting. So far, I've completed 2 scarfs and a hat. I've almost completed Happy Hooker's fat bottomed purse (need to line it and then add the handles) and buy jute to finish a planter. I've been learning Tunisian crochet and I'm thinking of learning knitting. I've so suppressed my artistic impulses the last few years that it now feels like I'm doing something wrong by doing these things when it's really not wrong. I think I'm tired of being logical atm. I just wanna have fun! anyone else remember Cyndi Lauper and the 80s? I've signed up for social sites such as Ravelry and Crochet Me (although I've not done anything yet on them (have barely set up a minimum profile).

This vid is hilarious--the guy sings the song better than Britney. I can't stand Britney Spears or her music but I do like covers of it--those covering her songs usually do it much, much better than she does:
Watch Other Singers Perform Brit's Songs Better Than Her )


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