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If you want to see what the Creation Museum is like without actually spending money to go there and go inside, go to the John Scalzi flicker page to see the photos of his visit to the so-called museum which has displays of dinosaurs peacefully coexisting with humans! Yes, the museum exists and it is not a joke. Read the explanations of Biblical history! Laugh and mock at how the mental gymnastics involved in their beliefs. Boy, are his readers mean. Hehehehehe. See, Scalzi said he'd go and visit and take photos if his readers gave him money to--paid his money. He said in less than 24 hours he had the money necessary to go several times to the museum. I forget what he said he did with the rest of the money--I want to think he said he gave it to a charity. I've never read his books, just his blog, Whatever, occassionally. Hey, he taped bacon to his cat!

The Amazon reviews of the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt are hilarious. I lol'ed reading the Dual Function Design review, which extolls the women attracting virtues of the shirt.

I've been playing American McGee's Alice videogame (PC version). I downloaded it via torrent--not paying past retail for a videogame (Amazon seller wanted almost $200 for a 2000 year videogame. No. Just. No.) . I'm really liking it. It got really fun after I set Alice to god mode. I prefer using my Playstations and handhelds in playing games--I usually don't play PC games since I really don't like controlling them via keyboard. I either was going to have to buy a joystick (no money--unemployed) or play God mode since I could use the keyboard controls quickly enough to control Alice's movement. I'm liking the darker version of Alice. Watch cutscenes here. I'm pouting 'cause I really can't find fic for the game although I get why (Alice is the only human so it'd be furry, which isn't to everyones taste (sometimes I like it sometimes I don't). I like the voice acting in the game--especially the Chesire Cat's voice. They did a really good job on it and Alice, I think. A new Alice game is supposed to come out for the consoles. I'll be looking for it. I hope I find I job soon.


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